“Andi” Challenges to Triumph Ch. 03 – {Is Andrew’s love enough to overcome Andi’s fear?}


I started the coffee and set my laptop on the counter and began working. I felt the floor tremor and knew he was up walking about. A half hour later he joined me the freshness of his shower hidden behind the scent of his cologne. Leaning over my back he kissed my cheek.

“Good morning beautiful.” He whispered as I listened to a client on my headset.

I muted the microphone and kissed him chasing his tongue with mine. Drew squeezed my tit and then moved before I could hit him. I felt him walk away, when I found him an hour later he was on the phone.

Drew pulled me onto his lap and kissed me firmly.

“Ashlyn is coming to take you shopping after lunch.” He informed me. “You need to buy an evening dress, we’re going out tomorrow night.”

“Drew I’m not sure I’m ready for that?” I protested the pangs of fears immediately raced through me again.

“Lyn will be here after lunch, I expect you to be ready.” Drew said ignoring my objection.

He kissed me on the cheek and then left riding away on his bike. It took all the courage I had to be ready when she got there. Lyn led me to car and we started off. The car was quiet but I could smell the distinct odor of the baby.

“Lyn is Martin in the car with us?” I asked coldly.

“He’s in the car seat behind you. I dropped Karly off at Roger’s moms.” She said so matter of factly.

“But he can’t even walk yet.” I whined.

“He’s almost there, but I have the stroller, he’ll be fine.” Lyn replied facing me. She reached over and took my hand. “Trust me Andi, you’ll be fine.”

Easy for her to say. She doesn’t know what those creatures are capable of. They grip and grab everything, sticking fingers in places they don’t belong. They wiggle and contort, I never know where to hold or not to hold. They spread slobber and drool everywhere. Runny noses and burping all kinds of gross fluids I find repulsive.

Actually having Martin in the stroller worked out better than walking with Karly. We went to a few stores when we found a dress that Lyn said was the one. Basic black she said but it was so basic I’m not sure it covered all the parts it should. Basically backless is what I called it.

We were at the counter paying for it when I caught a whiff of the cologne Drew wears. I turned quickly searching for the source but it was gone before I could hone in on the direction. Ashlyn insisted on going back to the mall to look at a few more dresses and some new bras and panties. Martin was getting a bit cranky after we bought another dress.

Ashlyn sat on a bench feeding him a bottle. It was good to sit and relax. I thought about all that had gone on over the few days. Ashlyn and Roger. Andrew and me. What we had done and what I wanted us to do. I thought about Karly, Alex and Angie. I thought about mom and dad being gone and Bert and Ernie being around.

Something was going on, I didn’t know what but it scared me. They never let me in on any of the serious talk. Drew was changing all of that, but why? And why now? It was happening all so fast. We had kissed before but now it was so much more than that. I wanted more but that scared me too.

“Andi!” Ashlyn shook me.

“I’m sorry.” I answered as she shook me gently.

“Will you hold Martin while I go to the restroom?” Lyn handed me Martin.

NO my brain screamed. Instinct took over and cradled the baby as she placed him on my lap.

“Lyn this isn’t a good idea.” I protested not caring if she knew I was terrified.

“It will be just a minute, besides he’s sleeping.” Lyn released Martin into my care.

“What if he wakes up?” I hissed now concerned I might be the one doing just that.

“His belly is full, he will be happy for some time.” Lyn assured me. Then she was gone.

Panic didn’t really set in for about thirty seconds. After a minute I was concerned. After five minutes of holding Martin I was becoming down right terrified. Every twitch he made startled me. Every coo he muttered made me think he was going to wake up. I wanted to get my phone out and call her.

I listened for any indication she was heading my way. Then I smelled that familiar smell of cologne. I didn’t even think about if it was Drew, I was in the middle of a mall holding my worst fear. A baby! I just wished Lyn would come back.

“What if she was hurt? What if she was unconscious and couldn’t tell them who I was and where to find me? After fifteen minutes every scenario had played out in my brain. How would I protect this baby if someone wanted to snatch him from my arms? Every shoe stepping on the pavement was a potential kidnapper!

Then he reached up and gripped my blouse. Oh God Martin was awake! The only thing that kept me from melting down right there was his happy giggle when I gave him a finger to play with. His small hand gripped my finger and led it to the one place all kids want new things. In his mouth. I couldn’t tell you how long we waited after that.

“You two ok?” Ashlyn asked.

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I wanted to scream. My first question from fifteen minutes ago.

“We’re fine, but I think someone left a present for you.” I laughed holding my nose.

“Come with me you little stinker!” Lyn took Martin from me. “Mommy needs to do what mommies do.” She cooed.

“Can I go with you?” I asked surprising even myself.

There was a brief pause from Lyn as she processed what I just asked.

“Sure, but it can be a bit gross.” She stuttered surprised I would offer.

Lyn cleaned up the messy part but patiently helped me spread the baby powder and showed me the little tabs to secure his fresh diaper. I could write a chapter on just this one event in my life. But I won’t.

After cleaning up and shopping some more we headed home.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Roger asked one more time.

“I’m positive.” I laughed. He really was concerned. “The two of you need a night alone and we need one where we aren’t.”

“So you think Andi is ready for this?” Roger stopped at the door turning to face me.

“Guess we’ll find out, I really don’t have time to be gentle about it.” I sighed. “They’ll be home Sunday.”

We moved all the paraphernalia into the spare room. Roger shook my hand and drove off laughing. Later I watched Ashlyn pull in the drive, I looked at Karly and told her it was time to hide. She giggled and moved to the spot I showed her. I reminded her to be quiet.

I could see the strain the day had taken on Dee as Lyn guided her to the front door. I opened it and gave Ashlyn a wink. She beamed knowing what that meant.

“Drew you’re home!” Andi instantly perked up.

“How was shopping? I asked kissing her cheek. I was hoping to distract her as well.

“We bought a couple of dresses and some other things you will like.” Andi beamed.

Ashlyn, grinned a knowing grin as she sat down the first bags from their excursion.

“Marco!” The squeaky voice said from her hiding spot.

“Karly?” Andi asked stunned.

“Come find me!” Karly giggled.

“No cheating!” I teased them both.

“Polo!” Andi laughed.

“Marco!” Karly stood up laughing.

Andi smiled and slowly moved in her direction once she got her bearings. Ashlyn laughed and motion she would be back. I helped Karly avoid Andi as she moved about the room yelling Marco ever louder.

“Hey that’s not fair!” Andi protested.

I held Karly and told her not to move. I went to the door and kissed Ashlyn goodbye as she handed me the most precious gift of all. I turned to find Andi honing in on Karly. When she was close enough Karly jumped up and hugged Andi around her leg. Dee bent down and covered her with hugs and kisses. They were both happier than I deserved for what I was going to do to Andi.

“Martin!” Karly called out.

“Shh, he’s still sleeping.” I whispered.

Andi stood at attention silently searching for feedback her head wobbling in all directions looking for missing clues. She turned to face me her expression turning to fear.

“Drew where is Ashlyn?” She said scornfully.

“She went home.” I answered softly. “Roger is taking her out tonight.”

“You mean…” Andi stood visibly shaken.

“Just for the night.” I replied moving to take her hand.

“Don’t you touch me!” She hissed not wanting to yell but showing her displeasure with me just the same. “I’ll be in my room.”


“I WILL BE IN MY ROOM!” She growled still concerned about Martin sleeping.

I let her go knowing it would be a short lived freedom.

“Where is Annie going?” Karly asked mispronouncing her name.

“She is going to her room.” I answered as Andi reached the hallway.

“Has she been bad?” Karly asked looking on confused.

“No she is just being a baby.” I said just loud enough for Andi to hear.

“I am not a baby!” She yelled turning the corner.

It was just a matter of time. I held Martin as he slept through the beginning of what would be a long night ahead. Karly found her favorite doll and started walking to me holding it just like I held Martin.

“ANDREW!” Andi screamed the sound echoing through the house.

Karly looked down the hall and then back to me.

“Is Annie ok?” She asked concerned.

Even at three kid know what is going on.

“Annie is mad at me.” I smiled. “She is having a temper tantrum.”

“Oh.” Karly replied seemingly understanding what that meant.

Andi could be stubborn but we both knew she wasn’t to going to win this standoff. I set up the portable crib and put Martin down to nap longer. Dee held out for just over a half an hour. Then I heard it faintly.

“Marco.” She sobbed.

“Did you hear that?” I asked Karly.


“Say Polo.” I urged her on.

“Polo!” Karly said. It took a minute.

“Marco.” Came back a bit louder.

Karly jumped up smiling. She looked around no doubt forgetting where Andi was hiding.

“Polo!” She called out as she listened for the next clue.

“Marco.” Came clearly from the hall.

Karly took my hand afraid to go down the darken tunnel alone. I turned on the light and let her drag me as they exchange clues. When Karly turned the corner she found Andi slumped on the floor against the wall.

“ANNIE!” Karly cried out thrilled she found the elusive voice.

Letting go of my hand she ran to Andi and stopped.

“Are you sad?” Karly asked seeing the tears rolling down Andi’s face.

“She’s just acting like a baby.” I teased Andi.

“I am not a baby!” Andi protested.

Then just like kids do when you least expect it, Karly moved onto Andi’s lap and leaned back into her chest.

“I’m not a baby either!” She said folding her arms. “Martin is the baby!”

Andi wrapped her arms around her niece then hugged and kissed her. Andi may be mad at me but I knew she could never abandon the kids.

“In that case I am going to leave you two adults alone and go check up on the baby.” I said laughing just a bit.


“Andi.” I nudged her. “It’s time to eat.”

I kissed her forehead. Startled Andi sat up on the floor.

“Where’s Karly?” She asked in a panic.

“She waiting for us with Martin.” I explained.

“Why did you lock me out of my room?” She asked as I helped her up.

“Because I love you.” I kissed her firmly.

“But I don’t understand?” She protested.

“Sure you do.” I teased.

I would like to say the night was uneventful but of course it wasn’t. Still when it came time to put Karly to bed Andi was giving Martin his last bottle before we planned on putting him down for the night. There was so much more of course but that is another story.

Andi was in taking a shower when I put Martin and his crib in her room so we could keep watch on him. Karly slipped in Andi’s bed with me not doing a very good job of being quiet. She giggled when Andi came out to get dressed.

“Drew?” Andi whispered.

“It’s only one night.” I reminded her.


How could he do this to me? Andrew knows how I feel about babies and toddlers. Now they are going to spend the night? Karly curled up in my arms and snuggled closer. I pulled her tight needing to be loved. Exhausted from the stress of the day I had no trouble falling asleep.

I heard him rustle in the crib. I waited to see if Drew was going to get up. When Martin started to fuss louder I slipped out of bed and went to check up on him. I searched the crib only to find Martin was standing up hanging to the side. I wanted to go get Drew but the little guy seemed so helpless.

I picked him up and held him to my chest, I could feel the dampness of his diaper along the edges. I took Martin into the bathroom. Laying two thick towels down first, I laid him on the floor. I knew this way he couldn’t fall and hurt himself. I found the diaper on the counter and wet a washcloth to clean him up.

Martin seemed to know what I was doing, he is such a happy baby. It was all going so well, he was just wet. I applied a bit of powder, lifted his legs and slid the new diaper under his butt. Then it happened. I felt a warm stream of pee running down my arm. I’ll admit I panicked. Squealing and flailing around myself I found the source of the steady stream and covered it with my hand.

The little bastard pissed all over me and himself!

“I’ll get you Drew!” I cursed under my breath.

Martin seemed to be laughing at me still happily wiggling on his back. His clothes were soaked and so was the top of me! I wanted to cry but realized that wasn’t going to help. I cursed Drew one more time and decided it was time to quit feeling sorry for myself. Martin and I were both naked as I stood in the shower for the second time tonight. Martin continued to laugh at me as the water cascaded down over both of us.

Drying us with fresh towels I finally got his diaper on. I slipped on a long tee shirt, and found a small one to cover Martin with. He grabbed my tit as he rode on my hip to the kitchen. I heated up a bottle and sat down to give it to him on the couch. He cooed as his belly began to fill again.

There I was in the middle of the night feeding my nephew. I smiled to myself knowing that even if it wasn’t perfect I had done it. I could tell Martin was done eating and had drifted off again. I stood and headed to where Drew was standing looking on.

“You can burp him.” I offered Martin to Drew. “I’ve already had two showers tonight.”

Drew took Martin from me and the towel I had held him with.

“Goodnight Andi. I love you.” He whispered.

I wanted to hit him. I wanted him to know what he had put me through. But with those three little words he was telling me that he understood.

“Get some sleep, you have a busy day tomorrow” He said walking away.

I curled up beside Karly knowing Ashlyn was home with Roger and no kids to worry about. I can’t remember sleeping this well all week.

Friday morning Ashlyn and Roger came and picked up the kids. I still remember how I felt when Karly said goodbye to her aunt Annie. Andrew left a few minutes ago, the house is eerily quiet. What I once treasured now seemed what I feared most, being alone. I had just finished lunch when the phone rang. I answered it.

“Andi! This is Angeline, I’m with Anita and we are on our way over.” She squealed in the phone.

They had never come over to see me. If she didn’t sound so happy I would think there was a problem.

“Come with us were going to the salon.” Angeline barked out orders.

I found myself in the chair while some woman was doing my nails. I listened to all the gossip being bandied about wondering how often I was the subject of the conversation. We went next door and the stylist washed and cut my hair. It must look nice my sister in-laws seemed giddy with the results.

I never wear makeup much, so why it took almost thirty minutes to get it done made me wonder what I was missing. The whirlwind wasn’t over even when I got home. Ashlyn was waiting for me. She too squealed in delight as I was presented for inspection. Anita and Angeline left to go home after each gave me a hug and kiss.

Ashlyn took me in my room and started undressing me. It felt silly when she handed me the garter until I felt the stockings on my legs. The new sexy panties were pulled in place. Lyn helped me on with the black dress making sure I didn’t mess up my hair or make-up. She ran to mom’s room and brought back some jewelry.

“Andi you’re beautiful!” My sister gushed. We didn’t hug we embraced. “Andi you’re shaking?” Lyn whispered in my ear.

“Ashlyn, I’m scared.” I said pulling her tighter.

“I know baby. But you don’t need to be.” Lyn kissed my cheek. “Andrew would never do anything to hurt you.”

“I’m not a baby!” I squeaked trying not to cry.

“Yes you are Dee. You’re his baby.” Lyn replied. “You always have been. He loves you more than life itself.”

“You called me Dee.” I pushed back.

“Is that ok?” Ashlyn asked nervously.

Only Andrew was allowed to call me Dee. I would refuse to answer anyone trying to give me a nick name. It was like they were teasing me for being blind. But now when Lyn said it I felt closer to her than ever before.

“I think I would like that.” I pulled her close again.

“I love you Andi.” Ashlyn kissed me lightly then pushed back. “I need to go, will you be ok until Drew gets home?”

“Sure.” I replied.

Ashlyn left me in the living room. I sat and waited letting the events of the last days and week sift through my mind. Then I remembered something that bothered me days ago. I made my way through the house to Drew’s room. I moved very slowly and made sure to touch very little. I stood and searched for what I was looking for.

The scent was subtle at first but grew stronger the closer I got. I held it up to my nose. I found it! I unscrewed the top, this was definitely the source but it wasn’t exactly the same. I searched my memory remembering the subtle difference. It smelled better on him than in the jar. I closed the bottle and headed back to the living room when I had an idea. I waited in my room for him to call out.

“Andi I’m home!” Drew yelled. “Where are you?”

“I’m in my room.” I called back.

“I’ll be right there.” Drew said getting closer.

“Not until you are dressed and ready to go!” I yelled then closed the door.

“Let me take a shower and I will be ready in no time.”

I could hear the excitement in his voice. I paced nervously inside my room. The sexy dress barely contains the swell of my breasts, the hem so short I wasn’t sure I could sit in public.

“Dee I’m ready!” Drew called out.

I walked to my door and unlocked it. I stood back waiting for him to open it. The click of the latch and the squeak of the hinges announced his entrance.

“OH!” Drew gasped. “Oh Andi!”

I ran my hand over my hair and felt the font of my dress to see if I was missing something. “What? What’s wrong?”

“We can’t go out with you looking like this!” Drew replied sounding upset.

My heart sunk. All this time and money and he wasn’t happy? “Drew why?” I asked totally disappointed.

“You are so beautiful if I left you alone you’d be gone when I got back.” He laughed.

“You! You bastard!” I yelled at him as he scooped me up in his arms.

Drew kissed me with more passion than ever before. We hugged and kissed before I pushed him away.

“I want to see you!” I demanded.

Drew stood before me at attention as I ran my hands over his slacks to a smooth leather belt. He had a jacket on, the shirt was fine material, a dress shirt. Inside his lapels was a tie, something he seldom wears. The collar on his shirt was crisp and sharp. His face was shaven close and smooth. His lips were smiling he leaned down to give me another peck on the lips.

I could smell the cologne quite clearly as he moved in closer. It was different than when it was in the bottle. The distinct memory becoming clear again.

“Well beautiful it’s time we should be leaving.” He whispered as his hand slid over my ass and gripped it firmly.

“You wish!” I gripped his hand pulling it away.

“Is that a promise?” He teased.

“We’ll see.” I teased back.

I was giddy with excitement, I had never felt like this before in my life. So this is what it feels like to be a woman? To be the object of someone’s desire. A flush came over me realizing I was going out in public in a way I had never imagined. I would be seen as a woman, maybe even the sexy woman I felt like.

We took dad’s car again. This time there was someone opening the door when we stopped.

“Welcome to Michelle’s ma-am.” A male voice said with an accent.

“Andi, it’s the valet, offer him your hand.” Drew said.

I raised my right hand and a firm but gentle grip escorted me out of the car.

“Gracias Señor.” I said. Straightening out the hem of my dress.

“De nada (My pleasure).” The man replied in Spanish. “Enjoy your evening.” He said handing me off to Andrew.

Entering the restaurant I can’t tell you how many smells attacked my senses. I was surprised when my menu was in braille. Drew explained the location of every item on the sparsely decorated table. The waitress carded me when I ordered wine. I had never had calamari before. Drew suggested I just use my fingers to eat it.

I was so nervous when the meal came I didn’t want to eat it and ruin my dress.

“You ok?” Drew asked when the meal was set in front of me.

“What if people look?” I replied contemplating how he would feel.

“You are so beautiful they are already looking!” He teased. “It’s already cut up, just use your fingers to find the pieces.”

With Drew’s help I made it through dinner without any major issues. Drew was so attentive and patient. The food was fantastic, the waitress was there with anything we needed at a moment’s notice. She must have replaced my napkin five times. By the time Drew ordered desert I was feeling less self-conscious. But then the inevitable occurred, I needed the restroom.

“Drew, I need to use the ladies room.” I whispered.

“No problem.” He replied quietly.

He stood up and helped me to my feet. The next thing I knew the waitress guided me to a bathroom with only one toilet. She helped me get my bearings and then said she would wait outside until I finished. I pulled my panties up and straightened out my dress. I then made my way back to the sink to wash up. She led me back to the table where Drew was waiting.

“I want you to meet someone.” Drew said as we were walking to the door.

“Andi this is Michelle, Michelle Andi.” Drew took my hand and placed it in hers.

“Hello Andi.” A voice replied. It sounded older, soothing, just like my mom’s.

“Hello, pleased to meet you.” I answered back. She squeezed my hand.

“Would you like to ‘see me’?” Michelle asked in a way that was more of a request.

Drew moved my hand to her as she stepped closer. I searched her face with my hands finding the aged features of a woman that was once beautiful. She was smiling as I memorized every detail with my probing fingers. When I lowered my hands I thanked her.

“May I ‘see’ you?” Michelle asked not moving back.

“You’re blind?” I said so bluntly it offended even me.

“Since birth, like you.” Her comforting voice replied. “I made Andrew promise not to tell you.”

I found her hands and guided them to my face. Michelle mapped my face with calloused fingers just like I had done to her. Then holding me firmly she pulled me down and kissed my cheek.

“Andi you can do anything or be anything you want if you want it bad enough.” She whispered to me. Michelle kissed me lightly one more time. “I want you to meet my children.”

I don’t even remember their names I was so stunned to know not only did Michelle own the restaurant but had children. It all made sense now, the braille menus, the attentive staff, meals prepared to make it easier for blind patrons. Knowing Drew it was no mistake we went there for dinner.

The valet opened the door and guided me into the seat of dad’s car. I clutched at my dress making sure to cover my legs as much as possible. I felt the cool air outside waft over my chest and my nipples harden in response.

“Um!” I heard the valet mutter.

“It’s ok.” Drew started laughing. “Dee you need to fix the top of your dress.” He said still chuckling.

I immediately knew what he was talking about. I had pulled down too far and my nipple was exposed up top.

“Andrew!” I squealed clutching at my chest. “That’s not funny!”

I was completely embarrassed flashing the valet.

“But it was very sexy!” He said as we pulled away from the restaurant.

We stopped at the corner and he pulled me in for a kiss to calm me down. He teased me the whole way home. When Drew parked the car in the garage he came and helped me out. Drew took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. I tried to be mad but he wouldn’t let me. We were embracing in the garage when the cologne he wears pieced through my senses.

“I am so proud of you.” Andrew kissed me one more time.

Why? I thought as he led me in the house through the kitchen to the living room. Proud of me for what? What had I done? , The cologne seemed to be the key. I couldn’t get over the thought there was something I was missing.

“What have I done?” I asked my thought process still spinning at full speed.

“Well you went shopping with Ashlyn. Angeline and Anita took you to the salon.” He pulled me tight to himself. “And you wore that dress!” He kissed me firmly.

“YOU!” I pushed back. “You were there!” I yelled.

“What are you talking about?” He asked his voice uneven.

“You were at the stores!” I screamed in disbelief. “You picked out this dress! You were there all the time!”

“Dee…” He started to explain.

“Don’t you lie to me Andrew!” I started backing away. “You were in the food court, you were there when I watched Martin at the mall.”

That is why the cologne smelled different in the bottle, it wasn’t on Drew! Only when he wears it did it match the scents when we were shopping. I bet it smells different on every man! My head was spinning. I was going to be sick. How could he spy on me like that? Why was he stalking me? Then I thought of the night with the kids.

“That’s why the kids came to stay? And I thought it was so Lyn could be with Roger?” I said accusingly.

“Well that was part of it.” Drew laughed. “I figured it was the least we could do, considering.”

“You conniving bastard!” I snapped at him. “Did you find out what you wanted to know?”

“Did you?” He asked chuckling. “I already knew.”

Drew kissed me on the cheek, then smacked me lightly on the ass. He was teasing me and I was just getting madder. Doesn’t he get it yet?

“Andrew, I am fucking BLIND!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “I can’t take care of babies!”

“Bullshit!” Drew yelled at me. “You can do anything you put your mind to.”

The words rang out in my mind just like Michelle had said earlier.

“AHHH! That’s why you took me to dinner there? To show me what a blind person can do?” I screamed.

I pulled away from him heading to my room.

“Not a blind person, a blind woman.” He snapped back at me. “And she raised kids!”

That was the arrow that pierced my heart. He was attacking my biggest fears with truth. This was all too much. What did he want from me? I retreated to my room leaving Drew where he stood. I moved down the hall closing the door behind me. I flung myself on the bed sobbing and feeling betrayed. Feeling sorry for myself I had a good little cry expecting Drew to come looking for me.

The house was eerily quiet as I lay in the bed. Drew was either watching or had given up on me, I wasn’t sure which. Then the phone rang. When he didn’t answer it I did.

“Andi?” Mom said when I answered.

“Mom! When are you coming home?” I sobbed in the phone.

“Andi are you ok?” She asked softly.

“Mom. Drew wants me to have babies!” I blurted out.

“Did he say that?” She asked.

The question took me off guard. I thought about it.

“No.” I answered honestly.

“Do you want kids?” Mom asked calmly.

“But mom I’m blind!” I sobbed even louder. “I can’t raise kids!”

“Andi I didn’t raise you kids alone.” Mom’s voice became more stern. “I had your dad’s help, then your brothers and then Ashlyn. You know it’s not easy raising a blind child?”

There she said it. She said what everyone had always avoided saying. She finally admitted what I always knew.

“But you had no choice!” I protested.

“We could have put you in an institution. We had choices.” Her words cut deep. “Andi I love all of my children but there are none I am more proud of than you.”

“But mom…” I sniffled at the revelation.

“Andi, do you want to have kids?” Mom asked sternly. “Because if you do, you have a whole family that loves you that will help.”

“What are saying?” I asked perplexed. Did she just tell me it was ok if Drew and I had kids? “You’re ok with that?”

“Of course, you will be great mother. I wouldn’t have suggested he have Lyn bring the kids over otherwise.” I could hear her laughing at me now.

“That was your idea?” I asked confused.

“It was Drew’s idea. He was concerned you might get upset. I told him it was time we stopped pampering you.” Mom said lovingly.

“Mom I have to go!” I said. “I love you.”

“We love you too baby.” She giggled.

Where was he? I searched his room and then the living room. I went through the kitchen and started down the stairs. The smell of his cologne ascended the steps.

“Marco” I called out.

“Are you still mad at me?” He answered.

“Marco!” I replied instead.

“I need to know Andi.” He said moving around the room. I was about half way down and took another step.

“Marco.” I called out ever louder ignoring his question.

“Andi, I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Drew’s voice hauntingly quiet.

“Marco.” I called out his scent getting stronger. I took another step. “Please Drew?”

“Polo.” He replied directly in front of me. I took one more step, there was only one more to go.

“Marco.” I whispered my voice echoing from the paneled walls.

His hands resting on my thighs startled me.

“Polo.” He replied.

“Drew, I love you.” I whispered as his hands slid further up to grip my ass.

“I love you Dee.” He stated kissing my lower neck.

I squeaked as it tickled a bit.

“Can we have babies?” I asked.

“Are you sure?” He asked as he nuzzled up higher under my ear.

“I know I trust you.” I wrapped my arms around him.

His hands slipped under the edge of my dress and pulled it up over my ass. He pulled me tight against his hard cock.

“Do you now?” Drew pressed his lips hard against mine.

He lifted my ass, my legs naturally went around his waist. My arms tightened around his neck.

“Drew!” I cooed as he started carrying me up the steps. I remembered going through the kitchen and the hall he took me in my room and stopped at the bed.


‘Shhh. I trust you!” I latched back on his lips.

My body shivered in anticipation as he set me down. He unzipped the back of the dress. He tugged at my nipples with his lips, I pulled his belt loose. I stepped out of my panties as I tore off his shirt. I reached for the garter.

“No, leave it on!” Drew giggled.

I felt so wanton as I pulled at his briefs. These were desires I had never acted on before. His cock felt so big and hard all of a sudden. A twinge of fear washed through me wondering if it would fit. My pussy was damp his cock was dripping, I could smell the sexual aromas in the air, my mouth was dry, my hands gripping his biceps.

Drew laid me back on the bed, my heart pounding so loud I couldn’t hear him whisper his love to me. I spread my legs opening up myself to him. I felt his hard cock drag along my thigh. God it felt so heavy. Drew kissed me and continue to tell me how much he loved me but all I could think of now is how much it would hurt.

My brain was on pins and needles. Every time he sucked a nipple or kissed my neck I wanted to scream for him to stop. My body on the other hand desperately waited for his next touch, his next caress, the next kiss. I arched my back offering him the tits he coveted. I reached down and gripped his cock.

“Fuck me Drew!” I begged hoarsely hoping to get this over quickly.

He reached under my ass and pulled my pussy up to his cock. I lined it up to the opening and gritted my teeth. Drew pressed in gently. I felt his cock start to separate my pussy lips, it felt so big! Instantly I panicked and pushed back on his hips. Drew stopped and waited then forced himself in me deeper. I didn’t expect to feel how hot his cock would be as he thrust it in. I braced for the worst.

My brain was hesitant but fortunately my body wasn’t. He pulled back slightly but I gripped his hips and pulled them back into me. I felt his cock drive deeper and then there was this need for even more.

“Yes!” I hissed.

I wanted him deeper but Drew pulled out slightly.

“NO!” I protested.

I frantically pulled at his hips, Drew pressed forward filling my pussy and with it sending feelings of pleasure words can’t explain. It was so big it felt like he would split me apart but I knew there was still more and I needed it all in me. Drew pulled back once again, panic set in he wouldn’t finish what we started.

“Drew I want it all!” I begged.

“Patience my love.” He whispered.

That’s when I knew he was in control the whole time. This feeling of accepting the inevitable flushed over me. I began to hear and smell everything around us again. I started to let my body feel all the pleasure he was giving me. This was nothing like I dreamed it would be…it was better!

There was this yearning to make him as happy as he was making me. I could hear our excitement as he steadily fucked in and out. There were feelings coming from places I didn’t know I had. Drew was being so gentle and patient.

Desperate to get him all inside I wrapped my slender legs behind his and urged him to be more forceful. He took the suggestion and plunged deeper.

“OH!” I responded feeling the first twinge of discomfort. Drew read this and backed off but I pulled at him harder encouraging him to resume.

“Fuck me!” I hissed. “You wanted a woman then make me one!”

Drew thrust harder and after a couple of strokes his pelvis slapped against mine. He was in me! Drew grunted as he bottomed out and at that moment I knew he was as happy as I was.

“YES!” I squealed. “We did it!”

I know, it’s a bit childish, like I won a race and deserved a prize. But for me it was just that. There was feeling of accomplishment for us both. I didn’t just lose my virginity but I lost it the one person that I love and loved me. I was in Heaven.

My pussy was being stretched in ways my fingers never did. I could feel every twitch of his cock. The head dragged along my slippery walls, my pussy contracted sending waves of pleasure to the rest of my body. As Drew pulled out I arched my back not wanting to let him go. When he thrust down I could feel him press me deep in the mattress. There was never any pain and what slight discomfort was replaced with a slowly building desire to cum.

“Faster!” I pleaded not knowing what else to say.

“Andi maybe we should go slow for…”

“Fuck me faster!” I hissed cutting him off. “I need to cum Drew!” I added in desperation.

He stabbed me hard and pulled back quickly. Two or three strokes later there was a feeling he knew exactly what I wanted. My pussy must have been gaping or he was moving so fast I couldn’t register the pleasure fast enough. Oh Andi, I thought to myself, this is too much! The noise of our excitement churning was offset only buy the feeling of fluids gushing around his cock.

Then I felt it. First one contraction and then another. “Ahhh!” Was all I could manage to exclaim as the first wave of my orgasm started to spread outward from my pussy.

Drew plunged in as deep as he had dared so far and I felt my cunt grip his cock. He moaned and then I felt an inner warmth add to my already overloaded brain.

“I’m cumming!” He grunted near my ear.

“Oh Drew!” I cooed.

He pulled out slightly and thrust back in emptying his balls in the depths of my pussy. I wrapped my legs around him holding him close. I could feel the perspiration beading up on our bodies. My nipples almost hurt they were so hard. Drew’s lips found mine we kissed erratically still gasping for oxygen. I felt his cock soften in my pussy and I knew we need to do this again and soon. I was so happy I was giddy.

Drew was heavy on my frail body, sensing he was too much he rolled us over placing me on top. He wrapped his strong arms around me and held me tight. He stroked my back comforting me. As I listened to his heart beat I shifted on him uncomfortably. Out of nowhere something started to bother me. Then I realized I just had sex with my brother!

But why? I am not only his sister but his blind sister. How could I have let him seduce me? How could I have let it get this far? All at once the guilt that I had enjoyed it took over all of my thoughts. I started to get up. The truth is I was terrified he would think of me as just another piece of ass. How could I face him in the morning? What if he left me now? What will mom think when I tell her?

“Are you ok?” Drew asked.

“I need to get cleaned up.” I said rudely.

“I see.” He replied stung by my words. “Here let me help you.” Drew said softly.

“NO!” I screamed at him. “Don’t you see what we’ve done!” I yelled pulling away.

“Look at me Dee.” He said firmly.

“I can’t see you! I’m fucking blind!” I yelled at him defiantly. I don’t know why I wanted to hurt him.

“Look at me Andi.”

Drew grabbed my wrists pulling me in front of himself as I struggled. He pulled my hands to his face pushing them hard against his cheeks. My fingers trembled as I searched to see how he felt about me now. He held my wrists until I quit struggling. I could see the concern he had written all over his face.

“It’s not going to happen.” Drew whispered his hands gripping my waist.

“What’s not going to happen?” I asked nervously mapping his face again.

“I love you Andi. I’m not going to leave you again.” He said tugging on my waist.

“Drew we just had sex. You’re my brother.” I started to cry.

“And now were lovers.” He stood firmly as my hands continued to look for what I feared. “Is that a problem?”

“You won’t think less of me?” I sobbed as he broke into a grin. “That’s not funny.”

“No I guess not. Is that how I made you feel? I made you feel less of a woman?” He asked in a surprising turn.

“No.” I replied honestly.

“Tell me then, how did it feel?” Drew asked.

“I can’t do that!” I answered embarrassed.

He was happy now, Drew had me backed in a corner and he knew it. I expected him to take advantage of it or at least tease me. Instead he pulled me close and kissed me. I felt his cock brush up against me. My pussy responded with the need to have him back inside me.

“Drew I’m dripping!” I blurted out.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” He replied leading me to the shower.

“Drew I need you in me!” I clarified my previous outburst as he turned on the water.

“Oh” Drew said in surprise. “So now you’re begging?”

“ANDREW!” I squealed as he picked me up and carried me into the shower.

His strong hands slipped under my thighs, I felt his hard cock slide along my clit. He placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and held me there. The anticipation was too much. I was his and he knew it.

“Drew please!” I begged my legs wrapped around him my arms slack hoping he would impale me. “Fuck your slut!”

“Please what?” He asked not happy with my choice of words. He teased the mushroom head poised just outside me greedy cunt. He was just starting to spread my lips, the water pelting us just added to the excitement. My body shuddered in need. “Andi please what?” Drew repeated.

“Drew please fuck your sister!” I pleaded no longer caring why he wanted me.

“My blind sister?” He asked turning and forcing my back against the wall.

“Yes, your blind sister.” I said happily knowing I was the one in his arms.

“The one I will marry?” He taunted me. Oh god I need him in my cunt.

“Yes I will marry you!” I cried out in desperation.

“The one that will have our kids?” Drew teased lowering me over the head of his cock.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I pleaded again. I arched my back against the slippery wall hoping to impale myself over his cock. “Andrew I love you please fuck ME!”

He let me down on his cock and I almost passed out with pleasure. I thought surely he would tire before we could climax again. Although he struggled to hold my slippery thighs the sounds of my ass slapping the wall echoed in the shower enclosure. My pussy was sore when we were done but I was never going to let him know it.

He went to the bedroom first. I followed several moments later slipping on an oversize tee shirt and panties.

“Just a minute she just came in.” Drew said to someone. “It’s for you Dee.” Drew handed me the phone as I sat on his lap at the edge of the bed.

“Hello?” I said concerned.

“Andi its mom.” She said. I was in a whirlwind of emotions just hearing her voice.

“Mom! What’s wrong?” I asked stunned she would be calling at this hour, that and she didn’t call me baby.

“Drew called and said you wanted to talk to me.” Mom replied.

“He did he?” I should have been mad, instead I loved him even more. Drew reached up and grabbed my tits. I swatted him giggling in the phone.

“You sound happy.” Mom replied.

“Mom I need to tell you something.” I offered nervously.

“We can talk when your dad and I return. For now I just want to tell you we are happy for you both.” Mom answered.

“So you know?” I asked confused.

“We’ll talk later. We love you Andi.” Mom said convincingly. “Tell Drew to remember what I said.”

“I love you mom!” I said as she hung up.

“You told her?” I accused Drew.

“She worries about you.” Drew replied pulling me back in bed with him.

“I should be mad at you.” I pouted.

“We need to get some sleep, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.” Drew pulled me into a big kiss ignoring my threat.

“I love you Drew.” I said.

He knew I would fret about this until I knew what mom would say. That is why he called her. I don’t remember a happier time in my life as Drew held me close as I drifted off to sleep.


After a week of false starts Andi and I made love last night. I wanted to keep it simple for now but the second time in the shower was pretty hot just the same. I had concerns as she seemed conflicted with what she really wanted. I was not surprised she was a passionate lover, I even expected her to be subdued vocally, as she took in all that was happening.

Andi lashed out at me, no doubt testing me to see if I truly lover her or was just using her. Maybe she was feeling guilty I am her brother. Whatever the reason I expected it and let her know I was not going to leave her now.

Andi is so beautiful but as strong as she is deep inside she is still a scared little girl trapped in a world without sight. She has come so far, but I knew there was only one person she really trusts and that is our mother. Andi would never be able to relax until she knew mom approved.

As I look at her sleeping I wonder if she is up to the last task I must put her through. Mom thinks she’s ready, I’m not so sure.

“Good morning Dee.” I whispered.

“Drew you’re awake?” Andi asked.

“I am.” I replied reaching over and brushing her hair with my hand.

“Drew where do we go from here?” She asked nervously.

“To the kitchen for breakfast.” I teased.

“You know that’s not what I meant!” Andi protested.

“Where do you think we should go from here?” I asked snuggling up against her.

“Andrew I’m not sure.” Dee pushed her head against my shoulder.

“I know baby.” I pulled her up for a kiss. “Now about those eggs?”

“You’re mean!” She protested pressing her head harder against my shoulder.

Andi was telling me she wanted to understand. She wanted clarification. She wanted to trust me.

“You get cleaned up and I will cook today.” I explained. I grabbed her ass making her squeal.

“Drew that’s not fair!” She pressed her head harder.


Drew was awake when I woke this morning. I wasn’t sure if things would be different between us now that we were lovers. I was scared at first but then he started teasing me. I pushed my head against his shoulder, I can tell so many things about him when I do this. Drew pushed back steadily letting me know he wasn’t going to leave me. He left to go make breakfast. I hoped he would join me in the shower but he never showed.

After breakfast Drew took me in the truck to go grocery shopping and then back to the house where we cleaned and did laundry. It was lazy day for us until around 5 pm. Drew told me we were going out again tonight and he wanted me to dress up again. He led me into my room and helped me pick out the dress he wanted me to wear tonight.

This is a very conservative dress compared to last night. It is long and flowing, Lyn told me it was a bright print and brought out the color of my hair. Drew patiently waited as I got ready. We took dad’s car again and before long Drew had taken me downtown. We were riding up on an elevator when I finally asked.

“Where are we going?”

“I want you to meet some people.” Drew said dryly. I detected a hint of apprehension as he said it.

“Some people? What kind of people?” I asked concerned this would be another test.

“Just some people I have worked with, they asked to meet you.” Drew leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Relax we won’t be eating or staying long.”

“Why do you never tell me before we get there?” I whined.

“You know why. Just be yourself. This is no big deal, they just want to meet you.” Drew kissed me on the lips this time. I could tell he was nervous.

The elevator doors opened and Drew led me down a tiled floor. We are in a skyscraper I remember thinking. Drew stopped and opened a door and guided me through. The floor was now a wood of some sort.

“Andrew!” I heard a man call out with an accent.

“Mr. Wang, how are you?” Drew called back happily.

“How many times have I asked you to call me Joe?” Mr. Wang chuckled.

“Joe this is Andi.” Drew presented me to Mr. Wang.

“Wanshang hao!” (good evening) Mr. Wang said.

“nĭ hăo!” (Hello) I replied quickly offering him my hand.

We shook lightly Joe holding on for a good ten seconds as is the custom in China.

“Impressive Andi.” Joe said in English. “Please come with me I have some people for you to meet.”

Joe offered his arm like a gentleman and escorted me down the hall further. We entered a large room where several people were talking. I listen closely as they each had an accent. Joe sat me in a comfortable chair at what seemed like a large table. Drew sat on one side Joe the other.

Joe spoke and called their attention and for the next thirty minutes we sat and talked. More precisely they talked and I translated. Very little English was spoken but all seven languages I spoke were represented. They all seemed impressed but I reminded them Noah Webster, the man that wrote the American dictionary spoke twenty languages.

Then just like it started it was all over. Joe escorted Drew and I back to the front of the office. Joe shook my hand goodbye and said he was pleased to have made my acquaintance.

“Andrew we will talk soon.” Joe said as they shook hands.

“Thank you for meeting us here.” Drew replied.

“I have a feeling it won’t be the last time.” Mr. Wang chuckled.

Drew and I were in the elevator heading back down. He was holding my hand, I could tell he was excited now.

“What was that all about?” I asked feeling there was something Drew wasn’t telling me.

“It was a job interview.” He said too happily.

“What do they want you to do?” I asked confused. Except for talking to Mr. Wang, Drew said little.

“They weren’t interviewing me.” Drew chuckled. It was only then that it hit me.

“You mean they were interviewing ME?” I shouted.

“Let’s just say they were meeting you.” Drew laughed, he pulled me around for a kiss.

I head butted his shoulder I was so mad. Drew groaned as I smashed against bone.

“Dee what’s the matter?” He moaned. I was pressed hard against his shoulder.

“I’m not ready for that!” I protested. I smashed his shoulder again as the elevator stopped.

“Mom thinks you are?” Drew pulled me tight.

Just then the doors opened. With all the strength I had I pushed Drew away. “She would never send me away!” I screamed

I heard him hit the marble floor outside the elevator with a thud. I fumbled to read the buttons on the elevator and pushed the button closing the door.

“Andi, wait…”

I pushed several floor buttons and felt the car move up quickly. When it stopped for the third time I got off and waited for it to leave.

I was so mad at Drew for deceiving me I didn’t even realize I was alone without a clue of where I was. Still determined to punish him I searched about what seemed like a small lobby to an office. There were two large pots with some kind of trees. I reached glass doors but they were all locked. I moved around the corner of one plants and slid down against the wall and started to cry.

Panic quickly set in, as I sat there and fumed. What if he just left me? Let him I thought! Serves him right I decided. What if he doesn’t find me, I worried. Why didn’t he tell me why we came here?

How could she possible think I would want to get another job? Then I remember that last time I went to a job interview. I hid in the bathroom and cried until mom came and got me. Doesn’t she remember that?

I could feel the elevators moving from the vibrations in the floor and wall. I could hear it stopping and starting in the quiet of my hiding place.

What if wasn’t Drew, what if it was maintenance or even worse security? Defiantly I pushed back against the wall making myself smaller.

I vacillated between mad and scared until I heard the elevator door open.

“Marco!” Drew called out.

I held my breath not knowing if he saw me or not.

“Please Dee.” Drew pleaded. “Marco?”

“Go away!” I yelled too scared to stay quiet any longer.

“Marco!” Drew shouted coming closer.

“I don’t want to see you!” I screamed.

“Get up!” He barked.

“No!” I screamed in defiance. “You don’t love me!”

It all happened so fast I can’t even tell you how he did it but before I knew it I was over his lap with my dress up.

‘SMACK’ Drew spanked me.

“Ow!” I replied more shocked than hurt.

“You spoiled little brat!” Drew cursed. “You want to act like a child I will punish you like a child!”

‘SMACK’ he spanked me even harder. This time it stung deep.

“Drew your hurting me!” I yelled.

Then just like when Drew put me over his lap to spank me he pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me.

“Andi please don’t do that again.” He whispered, but this time it was Drew that was crying. “I can’t lose you now …”

Then and there it dawned on me. Drew was just as scared to lose me as I was to lose him.

“I’m sorry Drew.” I sobbed.

I found his lips and kissed him passionately. I have never felt so loved as I did right there in his grasp sprawled on some random office floor. Drew held me for a long time as we kissed and confessed our love. When he started kissing along my neck and chest I suggested we go home.

“How about eating first, I’m hungry.” Drew replied reminding me hadn’t eaten.

“Pizza?” I offered up.

“Sure.” Drew agreed.

Drew let me taste his imported beer when the pizza came to our table. I decided to stick with wine. The events of the night had been conspicuously ignored as we ate. We were heading home when I brought it up again. Drew tried to change the subject several times in the car. I had an uneasy feeling Drew was holding back something. When we got into the kitchen I grew bolder knowing I was on my home turf.

“What aren’t you telling me?” I asked risking another flare up.

“Dee we can talk about this later.” Drew moved in behind me and wrapped me up.

He was trying to cuddle up and kiss the back of my neck.

“No, I want to talk about it now Drew!” I pulled away. “Don’t think you can get out of it by seducing me.”

“I see. So you don’t trust me?” He sounded hurt. “I just thought…”

“You just thought I would jump into bed with you and forget all about it?” I crossed my arms and faced him. Drew pulled out a chair and sat at the table.

“No, after last night I thought you might be a bit sore and we could just cuddle. But if you want to talk we can do it now.” He was mad at me I could hear it in his voice.

“Tell me why we went there?” I insisted.

“Will you come sit with me?” Drew asked softly.

“No! Now tell me!” I spat back in defiance. He was not going to manipulate me again.

“I am a consultant for several large companies. I was offered a job at one I made a recommendation to.” Drew started to explain. “They ran some numbers and agreed with my proposal.”

Drew waited for a response. “What’s that have to do with me?” I asked rudely.

“Mr. Wang called and asked what it would take to get me to come work for them. He even offered more money.”

“So!” I asked harshly. “Why did you turn them down?”

“Because of you.” Andrew said.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

“I don’t understand?” I protested.

“I recommended they hire you as a translator.” Drew reached out and took my hand. “They have an anti-nepotism clause. Relatives can’t work in the same facility.”

“Oh Drew!” I started moving closer.

“Dee there’s more.” Drew said tentatively. He gripped my hand firmly.

“Tell me!” I said impatiently.

“I am buying a house and want you to come live with me.”

“No! This is my home!” I yelled pulling loose.

This was all too much. I bolted out of the kitchen through the living room and into the hall. I closed the door to my bedroom behind me and headed straight to the bed. What is he doing? Doesn’t he know I can’t live someplace else? Agitated now I got up and paced my room.

I knew every inch of this place. Dad had it built just for me, my own sanctuary, this is MY home I thought. It has everything I need, my own bathroom, a walk in closet. Heck I even have my own little patio outside. Privacy fence makes sure no one can see me when I am out there. But there have been times I thought someone was.

No,no,no! I thought to myself. I have a job right here, it doesn’t pay much but I don’t need much. I have my family, mom and dad are just down the hall. They surely love me and want me around. I’m happy here. Why does Drew have to change all of that?

Oh Drew! I ran away again tonight didn’t I? How can I make him understand I love him but I can’t do this? I opened the French door leading to the patio. The cool breeze took me by surprise. It reminded me of the rides on the motorcycle. Then I remembered the fun we had when we went out with Stacy and Boomer. Drew took me to dinner at Michele’s and her words came back to haunt me.

The whole two weeks Drew has been home it’s been one thing after another. Ashlyn is closer than ever. Anita and Angeline came to help me. We took care of the kids. Last night we made love, Drew taking my virginity. I rubbed my pussy feeling the wonderful soreness within me.


Drew was in the pool no doubt doing laps. He did this whenever he was stressed. I went back to my room and found my dresser. I stood in front of it, there was mirror on it against the wall. I know, what’s a blind girl doing with a mirror? I use to dress up when I was little and pretend to see myself and how pretty I was. Sad isn’t it? This time I stood in front of it to see if I was the woman Drew saw. I wanted to cry.

I made my way down the hall through the living room, I went through the kitchen. I could feel the breeze come in through the screen door. I heard Drew splashing through the water. I opened the door and went outside. He must not have turned the lights on since he didn’t see me right away. I stood silently at the edge of the pool my toes bent over the edge.

“Marco.” I called out softly. From the sounds of the water I could tell he was swimming away. “Marco.” I called out as he made the turn.

“Andi!” Drew called out. “Here let me come get you!” His voice filled with concern.

“No! Stay right there!” I demanded.


“Drew please stay there?” I pleaded.

“Ok Dee.” He answered.

I unzipped my dress and let it fall around my ankles. The cool breeze made me shiver but I was determined. I reached back and unhooked my bra letting it fall at my feet with the dress.

“Dee…” Drew started to speak.

“Shhh!” I commanded putting up my hand.

When he didn’t respond I reached down and slipped off my panties.

“God you are beautiful!” It was but a whisper but in the still of the night it reached my ears.

“Shhh!” I repeated.

Naked and shivering I sat down and slipped into the tepid water.

“Marco.” I whispered.

“Polo!” Drew replied his happy voice echoing within the pool walls. I swam closer to him in the deep end.

“Marco?” I called out again.

“Polo!” Drew laughed as he had moved to one corner.

He was teasing me and we both knew it. He was making this hard but I knew I deserved it. I heard him duck under the water. I knew him, he would stay in the deep end. I headed to the corner he would swim to.

“Marco!” I called out when he broke the surface.

“Polo.” Drew whispered hoping he would be able to avoid me. He was just feet in front of me now.

“I love you!” I said facing him.

“That’s not how the game is played.” Drew chuckled.

“No more games Andrew. I love you.” I said my body starting to shiver again.

“Is that why you’re naked?” I could hear the happiness in his voice.

I was treading water and my arms were getting tired. Drew moved closer I could smell the faint scent of his cologne floating on the surface of the water.

“I am sorry I left you again.” I said struggled to staying afloat.

Drew wrapped his arms around my back my hard nipples pressed against his chest. I felt so sexy swimming naked. Drew caressed me as we moved closer to the shallow end. His hand slipped down and gripped my ass. God I wanted him to fuck me. There was only one problem. My teeth were chattering now.

“Andi we need to get you out of the water and warmed up.” Drew pulled me to the side of the pool.

“Not …until… I ask… you something.” I stuttered.

“What is it?” Drew whispered as his lips parted from mine.

“Will you shave my pussy before you make love to your baby tonight?” I gasped.

“Well we better get you warmed up first, if we do while your shivering it could be painful.” He teased me then picked me up and carried me through the shallow end and up the steps.

We kissed through most of the house. Drew took me to my bathroom and turned on the shower. We rinsed off the chlorine and when I was sufficiently warm Drew wrapped me up in a couple of towels. Setting on the counter Drew spread my legs and started to trim my pussy. I giggled when he used scissors, he suggested I hold still when he grabbed the razor.

My pussy was damp with excitement by the time he finished. He let me feel my naked pussy for the first time, teasing me I was not allowed to play with it. I felt all so decadent as he watched me touch myself.

“Do you like?” I asked as I spread my lips open for him.

“Oh yes!” Drew said hoarsely.

I dragged my middle finger deep between my gash and felt my lubrication build. I offered him my finger and Drew quickly sucked it clean. I had brought him this far and I wanted more. I plunged two fingers in my pussy and worked them in deep.

I pulled them out and offered them to him, Drew sucked them both taking longer this time.

“Eat me.” I whispered.

I gripped his still damp hair and guided him to my cunt. His smooth cheeks on my bald pussy started me moaning the instant his tongue probed my depths. I leaned back and rolled my hips giving him access to my entire sex.

“I love you!” I repeated several times as he brought me close to orgasm.

Each time I pushed him back savoring the journey and not wanting the ride to end. I was guiding him back to eat me when I had a devilish idea. I pulled his hair until Drew was just inches from my face.

“I want to be on top!” I hissed. “Take me to the bed!”

Drew gathered me in his arms and when he did I started kissing him. I tasted myself on his lips. I thought it might be disgusting for him, but it only added fuel to the fire between my legs. Drew placed me on the bed, he laid down and guided me above him.

“Are you sure?” Drew asked concerned.

“Fuck me!” I demanded.

I grabbed his cock and placed it at my pussy. He was leaking pre-cum so I smeared it over my hairless lips. I rubbed it over my clit then guided it to my opening. I settled over Drew’s throbbing cock letting him fill my tender cunt again.

“Ahhhh!” I gasped in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Drew sensed my discomfort and gripped my hips stopping my descent. He held me firmly not letting me move lower.

“We don’t have to do this tonight!” Drew explained.

“Yes we do!” I protested.

“But why?” He asked I felt his cock start to soften.

“To show you I’m not scared anymore!” I replied. “Now fuck me!”

“But Andi…” Drew was going soft on me, his concern for me was more than his desire to make love.

“Give me your hands!” I demanded. He hesitated. “I said give me your hands!” I yelled.

Drew did as I requested, I placed them over my tits and squeezed hard. His cock throbbed back to life instantly. I plunged down filling my cunt.

“You’re baby needs to cum and don’t stop until you fill my pussy!”

I was so excited to be in control that even as Drew thrusted up deeper in me that the soreness from last night didn’t even register. What did register is that Drew was mine! My brother was the man I was in love with.

I leaned forward mashing my tits against him. Our lips met our tongues danced with passion. My pussy had adjusted to his cock and now the familiar sizzle of an impending orgasm started to build.

“Andrew!” I gasped.

I raise my ass and slammed down the length of his erection. Drew responded and soon my ass and his cock were a blur of passion.

“Hurry Andrew!” I pleaded. I raised up slightly and pressed my head against Drew’s shoulder. “You’re baby needs to cum!”

He gripped my ass just as the first spark burst in my pussy. He grunted and slammed my ass down hard over his cock. I felt the warm gush of his cum fill my cunt but instead of dousing my orgasm it only provided more fuel to burn hotter and quicker.

“Yes!” I moaned pressing harder on his shoulder. “Andrew I’m cumming!”

I felt Drew’s body shudder in time with the cum filling my pussy. I heard Drew groan as the fire in my pussy lit every nerve ending in my body.

“Andi!” Drew groaned again.

My body stiffened as my cunt clamped down hard on his cock.

“Andi!” Drew said his voice sounded desperate.

“What?” I finally asked as the feeling of all that pleasure escaped through my pores.

“You’re hurting me.” Drew laughed.

I was so lost in my own pleasure I was oblivious to his pain. Drew lifted me up and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Why didn’t you stop me?” I asked knowing he could of at any moment.

“Are you kidding me…?” He chuckled. “…and stop you from a climax you worked so hard for? Baby that was impressive how you took charge.

Drew was teasing me but in doing so let me know we were equals in bed. He rolled me over and kissed me passionately.

“Goodnight my love.” He whispered.

“Goodnight.” I remember saying before I drifted to sleep.


The night started out on shaky ground, I expected that. It wasn’t fair taking her to See Mr. Wang without telling her, but the last interview she had was so traumatic she locked herself in a bathroom until mom came and got her. I hoped by just having her sit and talk to these people she wouldn’t be nervous. She saw through it in the elevator. When she pushed me out and I fell on the floor I knew she was terrified.

I could have stopped the elevator but decide to see what she would do. I finally found her cowering behind a planter on the eighth floor. None too pleased with her actions I spanked her twice. It should have gone on longer but I couldn’t really punish her for what I did. I tricked her after I asked her to trust me. Mad at myself and scared I would lose her I broke down and made her promise not to leave me again.

I thought things were back to normal when we got home but she was on her turf now and she started all over again. Instead of being upset, this time I was glad to see her stick up for herself like the old days. Andi accused me of seducing her to avoid the drama. When she bolted to her room I decided to let her go this time knowing she would be safe. I headed out to take a swim and clear my mind.

The next thing I know she is standing at the end of the pool in the light of a full moon. I watched her undress in front of me. This woman who would refuse to go bra-less just weeks ago was standing naked for all the world to see. Damn is she beautiful.

We just made love and Andi is physically and emotionally drained now. Inwardly I’m smiling, happy she found the courage to take over in bed. It’s good to see the signs of what she was like when she was younger and determined to lead the life of people with sight.

I rubbed my shoulder where she probably left a bruise. Watching and feeling her body as Andi battered my shoulder was worth the discomfort. She gritted her teeth as the convulsions took over her petite body. Andi’s titties danced on her chest as she shuddered above me her pussy contracted firmly on my cock triggering my own orgasm. Andi was so focused on her pleasure she didn’t even hear me try and get her attention.

When it was over she lay on me. I knew at that moment she was mine and I was hers. I had finally awaken the fighting spirit she once had. She is sleeping now as I lay awake contemplating if I should tell her what’s in store tomorrow.


“You’re up early.” Drew mumbled as I slipped out of bed.

“Shhhhhh. You’re asleep.” I giggled as he reached over and grabbed my ass.

“If you’re in my dreams don’t wake me up.” Drew squeezed my ass.

I started the coffee and opened the loaf of bread for toast. I waited until heard him stir before I pulled out the eggs and bacon. When the shower turned off I dropped the first piece of bacon in the pan. I smelled him before he stepped in the kitchen.

“How would you like your eggs?” I smiled.

“Scrambled?” He teased.

“Over easy it is!” I corrected him. “That’s the way my brother likes them.”

“Do you need help?” Drew asked.

“You could get the orange juice.” I replied letting him know I wanted to do this alone.

Drew opened the fridge, then I heard him slide out a chair and sit down. I nervously placed the first egg in the pan. Drew watched silently as I listened to the sounds of the egg frying. With only one to cook it was easy to locate it in the pan. When I flipped it I had no idea if I was successful. I added another egg to the other side of the pan, this way I could keep them separated.

When all three were cooked and on the plate I took them to the table with the bacon. I sat them down and Drew grabbed me around the waist and pulled me on his lap.

“I love you Dee.” He kissed me.

“How do they look?” I anxiously waited.

“They’re perfect.” Drew replied. “Give me your hands.”

“Why?” I asked putting them behind my back.

“Andi your hands!” He demanded.

I knew he could overpower me and get them. I slowly pulled them from my back and presented them to him. As he kissed the palms I felt the tears roll over his cheeks to the areas that still burned from cooking.

“Promise me you will never do that alone again.” His voice cracked.


“Promise me!” Drew pressed my palms against his cheeks.

“I promise.” I sighed knowing he was still protecting me, even from myself.

“Thank you, now let’s eat.” Drew said happily.

His demeanor changed immediately letting me know that was settled. He had let me prove to myself I could do it, at any cost. But he also let me know there were some costs too high to pay.

“Can I trust you?” I teased knowing the last time we had eggs.

“Today you can, we may be having guests.” He kissed me.

“You’re not going to tell me who, are you?” I asked.

Drew didn’t answer we just ate breakfast together. Out of the three eggs I cooked only one was even close to over easy. The bacon was cold, the toast was soggy from setting so long. Drew never complained, just the opposite, he praised me for the meal. He fed me like last time but never spilled a drop or made a mess. We were laughing when it was all over remembering the carnage from the last time

Drew offered to clean up while I went and took a shower and got dressed. Sitting on his lap I peeled off my top and let him suck on my nipples. He grabbed my ass but I told him I was too sore for sex now. I jumped up and slipped off my panties and walked naked back to my room. I could feel his eyes watching me leave. Not knowing if he would follow me or not got me excited.

We cleaned the house, did laundry and washed dad’s car after lunch. It was early afternoon when Drew asked if I wanted to go out for a ride on the motorcycle. It was perfect afternoon for a ride. I was warm in my new leather jacket as Drew headed out of town. I held on tight as he powered through the long winding road. Even in my helmet I could smell the freshness of the farmland we were riding through.

The sun was starting to get lower in the sky when we reached the edge of town. Drew pulled the bike up outside the garage. I became concerned when the alarm wasn’t set as we opened the door.

“Drew, someone is here.” I turned back to face him.

“Give me your helmet.” He replied ignoring my warning.

“But Drew…”

“Now your jacket.” He started to unzip me.

“Did you hear me? Someone is in the house!” I repeated trying to get him to understand.

“I know.” He said as he pulled the coat off my arms.

“Who is it?” I asked. My instincts started working in overdrive.

“It’s us.” Mom said across the living room.

“MOM!” I yelled totally shocked.

“And Dad.” He said laughing, knowing I only focused on mom.

I started across the living room when mom met me. I was so excited I was shaking when she pulled me close and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ve missed you!” I whispered holding her close.

“We’ve missed you too.” Mom passed me off to dad.

“Dad I’m glad you’re both home!” I said as he hugged me.

“You should thank Drew for that.” Dad laughed kissing my cheek.

“Drew why didn’t you tell me?” I turned back and scolded him.

“I wasn’t sure they were actually coming.” He replied. “Maybe we should go eat now?”

It was an odd question. They just got here. What’s the rush I thought?

“Maybe we should.” Mom said uncomfortably.

Drew backed dad’s car out of the garage. Drew drove us to dinner with dad sitting in the passenger seat, something he never did before. Mom and dad told us all about their time in Honduras and the work they were doing. At dinner I sat beside Drew, occasionally he would take my hand and hold it. Other times he helped me with dinner something mom had always done before.

We were on the way back home when I had an uneasy feeling. There was something that they weren’t telling me. I could feel it. I could hear it in mom’s voice all through dinner. It sounded like they really enjoyed their time away from home. Dad was especially jovial.

We were all setting in the living room talking. It was just after eight, I know, I just checked my watch when I came out of the bathroom. There was an awkward silence as I entered the room. Drew got up and led me to sit with him in the overstuffed chair.

I was surprised he would be so blatant if front of our parents. Up to this point we had been politely discreet. When he took my hand and held it firmly I knew this wasn’t good.

“What?” I turned to face him and asked.

“Andi your dad has something to tell you.” Mom spoke quietly.

Drew tightened his grip.

“Andi honey, your mom and I have decided, well I have decided…” His words stopped abruptly.

“Decided what?” I pressed getting agitated.

“Honey please just hear me out…”

“Drew what’s wrong?” I pleaded turning to face him. “What is he trying to say?”

“Andi I, I, I just…” Dad stuttered.

He never was good at telling bad news.

“Anthony!” Mom chastised him. “What your father is not trying to tell you is we have decided to extend our stay in Honduras.” Mom blurted out.

“Oh?” I responded. That didn’t seem so bad. But when Drew still held on tight I knew there was more.

“For how long?” I asked nervously.

“We don’t know?” Mom replied. “We’re selling the house and moving down there for the foreseeable future.”

I tried to get up but my legs didn’t work. Drew leaned close to my ear.

“Polo.” He whispered so only I could hear. I knew what it meant.

“NO! You can’t!” I yelled.

Drew wrapped his arms around my waist holding me tight.

“Polo.” He whispered again. I am here he was telling me.

“Drew?” I turned to face him. “Tell them they can’t leave.”

“Andi look at me.” Drew said firmly. “It’s time.”

He took my hand and framed his face. I feel how worried he was.

“Marco.” He whispered as I held his face.

He was pleading with me to trust him. I shook my head in defiance but he just pressed my hands harder to his face.

“Marco, Dee.” He whispered again. “Where is that brave girl from last night?”

“But Drew its mom!” I reminded him.

“It is isn’t it?” He challenged me.

He was right. He was telling me it was time to let her go. To let her live her live without a blind daughter to constantly watch. To spend time with dad. I owed him that much too.

“Polo, Drew. Polo.” I sobbed. In front of our parents he kissed me. He kissed me long and hard giving me the strength to do what I needed to do. “I love you I whispered in his ear.”

“I’m happy for you both.” I turned back to my parents. “Drew is right, it’s time for you to take some time for yourselves. I’m happy for you. When do you leave?”

“Were on the way to Ashlyn and Rogers for the night, tomorrow we are meeting the boys before we catch the plane.” Dad said happy as always.

Drew steadied me as I took the news they were leaving now. We stood up, I heard mom approach.

“Oh Andi!” Mom came and took me from Drew and hugged me.

She pulled me tight, I could feel the tension in her body. She was as emotional as I was. I took in her scent knowing it may be some time before I would again. Her hair was brushing against my cheek, her ample bosom was pressed against my much smaller chest.

“I love you Andi. I will think of you each day.” There was a calmness that came over me as she spoke. I turned and kissed her cheek.

“I’m not your baby anymore?” I teased.

“No darling, you’re a woman now.” She kissed me on the cheek. “A very special woman.”

Shortly after that they left like they arrived, suddenly. Drew asked me if I wanted to talk about it but after they were gone but I declined. We went to bed but I couldn’t sleep.

Something was bothering me. I tried to push it out of my brain but I couldn’t. The longer I thought it over the more upset I got.

“Get up you bastard!” I yelled at Drew as I shook him in bed.

“What?” He moaned. “What did you call me?”

“You! You sick son of a bitch! You used them to get to me!” I yelled.

“Andi what are you talking about?” Drew protested.

“You knew this was happening, you knew they were leaving. Was the plan to seduce me so the poor blind girl would fall in love with you?” I accused him. “That way they could slither off and I had someone to baby sit me?”

“Andi you’re not making sense!” Drew argued. “I am in love with you. And I didn’t know they were deciding to stay until just the other day.”

“So you admit it you knew!” I shouted at him.

“Yes I knew.” He admitted.

“And you knew they were coming yesterday?” I yelled.

“I bought the tickets, mom wasn’t sure dad would take the time off.” Drew replied.

“You! You bought the tickets?” I screamed. “Bullshit! I don’t believe you! You don’t have that kind of money!”

“Andi, you really think I would lie to you about a couple of plane tickets? You think I lied about knowing when they decided to move to Honduras?” Drew asked, I could hear the pain in his voice. “You truly believe I seduced you just to get laid?”

“I don’t know what to believe!” I screamed back. “All I know is you are here and they are leaving!”

“Do you love me Andi?” Drew demanded to know.

“I don’t know!” I screamed.

“Do you even trust me?” He asked sounding defeated.

“I want to!” I sobbed.

“Get dressed we’re going for a ride.” Drew yelled. He was mad now.

“Where to?” I asked.

“To get your answers.” He yelled. “Now get dressed or I will dress you myself!”

Drew left the room in a huff. He was mad but so was I. I didn’t want it to be true but it’s all that made sense. I heard him in the shower as I got dressed. He was on the phone when I came out to the kitchen. He must have seen me as he hung up abruptly as I walked in.

“Here you will need something warm.” Drew handed me my old coat, not the new leather one.

“Where is my new coat?” I whined.

“I don’t want you to think I am seducing you!” He muttered. I had seldom seen him in such an ill mood. “Hold on!” He barked as the bike fired up.

“Drew where are we going!” I yelled at the first stop.

“Just hold on I don’t want to lose you now!” He yelled back.

It was the first nice thing he said since I accused him of taking advantage of me. It was the bike, I felt it too. Holding on to him made it difficult to think he could do what I was accusing him of. I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with my position on the matter.

The wind whipped through the coat I had on, I was getting colder by the mile. Drew reached over and gripped my hands as they slipped around his waist. At the next stop he turned to find me shivering.

Drew pulled over and forced me to put his leather jacket on.

“But you’ll freeze!” I complained.

“It’s not much further.” He replied zipping me up.

His coat was way too big but it kept out the worst of the cold. He had to be freezing in the crisp morning air. We pulled into a drive and I felt the sun starting to beat down on my back.

“Come with me.” Drew helped me off and removed my helmet and his leather coat. He sat them on the motorcycle and walked me to the door. Drew rang the bell.

“Drew, Andi you’re here!” Roger greeted us.

“Drew, why are we here?” I asked embarrassed to be at Lyn’s.

“Do you trust our mother?” Drew asked rudely.

“Of course I do!” I replied surprised he would ask such a question.

“Good! Since you don’t trust me you need to ask her what you need to know!” Drew handed me to Roger. “I’m leaving.”

“Andi!” Ashlyn called out. “Roger said you were coming. Here let’s go in the back, the sun is out and it’s warming up.”

“Can I use the restroom before I go?” I heard Drew asked.

“Sure use the one off the kitchen.” Roger replied.

Ashlyn ushered me to the back of the house to the sun porch.

“We sent the kids to Roger’s moms last night, you should be safe in here.” Ashlyn said. “Mom will be here in a minute.”

“Thank you.” I blushed.

“Can I help?” Lyn asked.

“What did Drew say when he called?” I asked her.

“I’m not sure. He would only talk to Roger and he’s not talking.” Lyn whispered. “That and he said you and mom needed to be alone. You ok with that?”

“For now I think its best.” I replied still embarrassed.

“Ok then I will leave you alone.” Ashlyn walked quickly out of the room.

“Andi!” Mom spoke up as she stepped down onto the porch.

I hadn’t heard her as she crossed the carpeted floor. I did hear the motorcycle start up in the back ground.

“Wait I want to go too!” Lyn called out.

“Andi?” Mom moved closer.

I was jealous now. Lyn was leaving with Drew, why Andi? I asked myself. That is your spot, you should be holding on to him not her.

“Andi!” Mom touched my arm. Just then I heard Drew pull out of the drive, the exhaust reverberated off the windows.

“Mom!” I sobbed.

“What’s the matter darling?” Mom gave me a quick hug then sat back in the wicker couch facing me. “Why are you here?”

“I need to know!” I sobbed.

“Know what honey.”

“Does he really love me?” I sobbed harder. “Mom I’m blind. How can he love me?”

“You’re dad asked me the same question Andi. I don’t know why but he does. Surely you know that by now?” She whispered.

“When did you and dad decide to move to Honduras?” I asked as she handed me a tissue.

“Oh I see.” Mom sighed. “What you really want to know is when did Andrew know? Am I right?”

“Please tell me.” I sniffled.

“Your dad has had this dream of helping others his whole life. I promised him when the time was right he could do it. Well the time came but we had a problem. It seems our son was in love with his sister. So we stayed.” Mom explained.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because your father didn’t believe me when I told him you were in love with your brother.” Mom chuckled. “Maybe like you he didn’t believe it either.”

“I don’t understand.” I said.

“I never answered your question.” Mom laughed. “I sent your dad down to chase his dream. We were miserable apart, so I followed him. To answer your question. When did we decide to move there for good? Is that your question?

“Yes, please tell me!” I pleaded.

“I agreed to move there the night Drew called and said you needed me. The night you lost your virginity.” Mom whispered.

“Why that night?” My mind swirled.

“Because the minute I heard your voice I knew, even your father knew as he listened in you were in love with Andrew.” Mom leaned in and kissed my cheek. “Tell me I’m wrong.”

It all played back in slow motion. Every moment of that night was imprinted on my brain. Mom was right. But there was something else that has bothered me for some time.

“If he loved me why did he leave?” I asked seriously.

“I wondered when you would ask.” Mom chucked.

“What do you mean?” I replied confused.

“Andi, Drew never left.” Mom took my hand. She squeezed it firmly letting me know she was telling the truth.

“How can you say that? He was never around!” I argued.

“Wasn’t he?” Mom replied. “Think Andi, surely there are clues.”

“It was him on my patio!” I yelled out.

“Almost every night.” Mom confirmed.

“And the hotel! Why was he staying in a hotel when Roger took his motorcycle for those rides?” I asked. “Why not just come home?”

“Drew had been living in that hotel since he left.” Mom explained. “He only left town occasionally for business.”

“You mean …”

“The reason I left to be with your dad was Andrew couldn’t stand to see you wither away in that room any longer.” Mom pulled me in for a hug. “He made me leave.”

“So when Lyn …”

“He was there.” Mom informed me again. “We hoped the two of you would work it out.”

“But Bert and Ernie came? Why didn’t Drew just come in earlier?” I asked confused.

“Drew wanted you and Ashlyn to know how much you mean to all of your brothers.” Mom replied.

“Oh mom! I am such a fool!” I started crying again. “I pushed him away again this morning!”

“I think he will forgive you.” Mom suggested.

“No he won’t. I accused him of terrible things. He left on the motorcycle!” I sobbed. “What if he doesn’t come back?”

“Andi are you sure he left? This is Andrew we are talking about.” Mom kissed my cheek and stood. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

I heard her walk out and sat silently. I used everything I could think of to locate him without success.

“Marco.” I called out.

I waited, there was no reply.

“I’m sorry Drew, please be there.” I whimpered. “Marco.”

Even the house seemed to know I was listening. I flared my nostrils and drew in another lung full of air. There was no cologne to be found. Then it dawned on me.


“Marco!” He whispered.

“You! You are there!” I cried. “Andrew I am so sorry!”

“I love you Dee.” His voice was closer but I still didn’t hear him move across the room. I breathed in again and couldn’t smell him either.

I stood up literally shaking in fear it was just a dream.

“Polo Drew!” I yelled. “Polo!”

Drew slipped his hands over my hips and gripped my ass. His lips pressed to mine and I realized he wasn’t wearing his cologne. In the background I heard the motorcycle pull back up the house. I realized Roger must have taken it, but I didn’t care.

I had him in my arms and wasn’t letting go. Not now, not ever.

“You’re not wearing your cologne.” I whispered as I leaned my cheek on his chest.

“No head butt?” Drew teased.

“I know all I need to.” I nuzzled closer.

Drew held me tight letting me come to grip with all I had accused him. He gently kissed the top of my head letting me know I was forgiven.

“Drew will you take your baby home?” I asked.

“You’re no baby.” Drew lifted my chin to kiss me.

“I will always be yours” I kissed him back passionately.

“Get a room!” Ashlyn called out from the doorway teasing us.

It was after supper when Drew and I headed back home from Bert’s. He invited the whole family over to spend more time with mom and dad. Saying goodbye was still emotional but I knew we would be seeing them again sometime soon. I held on tight as Drew drove the motorcycle back to the house.

Drew was in the living room on the couch watching TV. He had recently come from taking a shower and just had workout shorts on, and his cologne. I came out in my sleep wear and snuggled up beside him. I rested my head on his chest and promptly went to sleep.

“Hey sleepy head it’s getting late.” He whispered.

I maneuvered on top of him lying on the couch. I kissed him softly. His hands instinctively reached for my ass.

“Mmmm.” I cooed rubbing my pussy over his crotch.

Drew pulled the hem of my top up and grabbed each cheek over my lace panties.

“What no cotton panties?” He teased giving me a quick kiss.

“And here I thought you’d prefer none at all!” I teased back.

“What? Where’s the fun if you can’t take them off?” Drew chuckled.

His hands slipped inside my panties and massaged my butt. I could feel his cock growing below me. I rubbed my pussy even harder on him. Drew worked a finger deep between my ass cheeks brushing my anus and perineum. I opened my legs as he slipped it in my pussy.

“I need you in me!” I hissed.

“I think I am?” Drew teased.

“Bastard!” I moaned. “Not that part of you!”

I pushed my ass up forcing his finger deeper. I pulled at his shorts forcing the elastic band down below his hard cock. Drew moaned as I stroked him in payback. His hands left my ass and slid along my sides under my top. When his thumbs reached the bottom of my tits he gripped me and lifted me up. I tugged my panties to the side and in one fluid motion Drew lowered me over his raging hard on.

“Yes!” I murmured as he let my torso rest back on top of him. “Goodnight.” I teased my pussy full of cock.

Drew pushed up and I gladly pushed down. We did this a few times before it was clear there were too many clothes.

“Let’s get naked.” I suggested.

“Right!” Drew promptly agreed.

“I pulled my top off but had to stand to remove my panties. Drew pulled his shorts off and grabbed me. He turned me facing away from him.

“Drew what are you doing?” I giggled.

“I want you to ‘see’ us making love!” He explained.

“What?” I asked confused.

Drew ignored my question and placed me back on top guiding his cock in my pussy from behind. He pulled me back slightly. His hands moved up and gripped my tits.

“Ah! I know what this is all about!” I laughed as my hands moved to his hips to support myself.

It took a minute to get everything situated but we soon found a rhythm that worked. Drew kneaded my tits and tweaked my nipples sending ripples of pleasure enhancing the ones in my pussy. I was just getting to that point of intense pleasure when he moved his hands back along my ribs. I groaned in disappointment as my nipples protested being ignored.

Drew moved his hands between my legs and spread them wide. The sounds of his cock churning in my pussy now clearly evident. I felt so nasty with my pussy exposed and his cock plunging in it. Drew grabbed my ass with both hands taking the weight from my hands.

“Do it Andi! See it, see what it’s like!” Drew hissed just behind my back.

I instantly knew what he meant. My hand quivered as it moved over my pelvis. The second I touched the slimy fluids of our excitement I almost started to cum. I felt his cock swell my cunt as he thrust deeper inside me. My fingers continued down until they felt my naked pussy lips part. Drew thrust up and my fingers felt the head of his cock pass by on the way to filling my cunt.

“OH DREW!” I moaned. “You’re fucking me!”

MY pussy clenched tight feeling every blessed thrust. My other hand gripped my tit and tweaked my nipple sending the familiar ripples along my body again. I let Drew fuck my fingers and pussy together, the world around me no longer existing. I leaned back into him and when I did it happened. I touched my clit!

“AAAHHHHHHHHH!” I yelled as an immediate orgasm rocked through my body.

My legs closed trapping my hand. My stomach tightened, my body stiffened hard as pleasure consumed my body. And still Drew continued pump me from behind. The back of my neck and my pussy were the only points of contact with Drew.

“Do it again Dee!” Drew insisted.

“I can’t!” I groaned as he plunged deep inside me.

“Do it baby!” He kissed the back of my neck telling me I was his.

I open my legs slowly, I could feel our excitement dripping from my pussy. Tentatively I let my fingers return to my naked and exposed cunt. I spread the juices flowing out of me over my bald pussy lips. I pressed down on my lips making Drew moan. I even reached down and stroked his balls.

“Andi I’m going to cum!” He growled after that.

“Not yet!” I teased. “I want to cum with you!”

“Hurry baby!” He moaned. “Spank it!”

“What?” I asked rubbing my pussy.

“Spank it, spank it when I pull out!” Drew explained.

He pulled out and I gave my pussy a light tap. The sound of wet flesh coming in contact was nothing compared to the small jolt I got. Drew moaned and drove his cock deep in my pussy. He pulled back again and hesitated. This time I gave my pussy a firm smack with my fingers.

“Oh Shit!” I cursed as the jolt this time got my attention. Now I was going to cum!

Drew buried his cock deep against my ass smacking his pelvis. His hand came up to my pussy. The instant he rubbed my clit another orgasm exploded like an M-80.

“Drew No!” I pleaded as he strummed my clit.

My hand gripped his wrist but didn’t pull it away instead holding it firm in conflict with my plea. I could feel him unload in my cunt as his orgasm ripped through him as well. Finally I pulled his hand from my pussy, my clit was just too sensitive now for any contact. Drew pulled up his legs and wrapped his arms around me.

“I saw it Drew!” I squealed. “It was so beautiful!”

It’s been over six months since then and much has changed. I accepted the position at the company Mr. Wang runs. My office is on the tenth floor and rarely a day goes by when I don’t remember my first night here.

Several times a day a smile crosses my face as the familiar smell of his cologne wafts into my office. Drew works two floors up but comes down at least three or four times a day to check up on me.

He also works for the company, well in a way. Technically he works for a different company but he and his assistant are the only employees, and we are his only customer. All that to get around rules about family members working together.

I suggested we get an apartment close to work but Drew bought mom and dad’s house instead. He also bought dad’s car to drive. We still have the truck and the motorcycle of course. I offered for us to move into mom and dad’s room but Drew said my room was bigger. We bought a king sized bed and new dressers.

Oh and he let me paint the bedroom. I of course have never seen it, and never will. I chose yellow because they say that is the color of the sun. I like the sun and how it makes me feel warm and cozy. I thought Drew would paint where I missed but he says he loves it just as it is.

I guess it’s true because the kids can’t wait to see it when they come over. Actually the entire family is closer now. We usually ‘see’ everyone at least once a week. I see Ashlyn more often as she takes me shopping regularly.

Through mom we have an older woman with family in Honduras come clean the house. She also helps me cook something Drew likes. Maybe that is why he suggested she move in and live here. She has stayed overnight a couple of times when Drew needed to leave town. We get along great she reminds me of my mom.

Drew and I are completely in love. I don’t even think of him as my brother anymore. We have talked about the future, but for now were are taking it one day at a time. Our friends and family all know the situation and have come to accept it.

I need to go now. Drew promised to come to bed early tonight. My pussy needs shaved and after my first attempt doing it alone I made him a promise not to do that again. After he shaves me he promised we could make love in my new favorite position. Doggy style.

Drew gets to grope my tits while I get to ‘see’ his cock slam into my pussy. I better go, I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I don’t want to start without him again!