“But He’s Your Nephew,” I Blurted – {Jacob likes his aunt’s big boobs.}

Short and intense, I hope. Adele and Simon are on a visit to Australia. Adele fancies her nephew, and Jacob seems to like his aunt’s big boobs.

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GA – Cambridgeshire, UK – 10 April 2021


I looked at Adele across the space between the loungers. We were next to the pool, the Australian sun savage above the shade umbrella. It was so hot it felt like the air around us was capable of ignition. I swear it was searing my lungs.

“He keeps looking,” I said.

My wife turned her head, eyes masked behind sunglasses. She asked: “Who? Jacob?”

I nodded, eyes moving over Adele’s ripe, voluptuous curves, attention settling on her breasts. She was in a bikini, a skimpy two-piece I judged to be at least a size too small. My cock thickened and grew as I said: “Yeah, Jacob … I reckon you should go topless.”

Adele didn’t move for a couple of seconds. Then she shifted onto her side, weight on one hip and an elbow, tit-flesh jiggling.

“He’s my nephew,” she said. “Uhm, my sister’s son…”

She said it like I didn’t already know, not sarcastic exactly, but with a hint of disdain in her tone.

“You don’t know him at all,” I said. “You’ve met him what…? Twice in nineteen years?”

Adele shoved her sunglasses into her hair, a blonde bob she had caught up in a short ponytail against the heat.

I grinned when she said: “Oh, so that makes all the difference?”

“It’s just tits,” I said. Go on, I dare you. Nobody else is here. It’s just us and him.”

We were a week into a month-long visit to New South Wales. One of Adele’s nieces was getting married, Jacob’s oldest sister, the trip a combination of attending the wedding, a family visit, and a chance to see some sights. That afternoon we were next to the pool at Adele’s sister’s place. The family were at work: dele’s sister, her husband, and the two girls — which meant Jacob was at home, a strapping lad who seemed to have an eye on my wife’s boobs. Not that I blamed him. Adele’s breasts are quite spectacular, at least in my biased opinion. She’s a stunner to look at: blonde, busty, fit and lithe from a vigorous gym routine. An absolute goddess at fifty-two, aesthetically pleasing enough that a youngster like Jacob kept on hovering around, sunglasses over his eyes, no doubt a deliberate yet very obvious ploy so he could perv at Adele.

“Steve, no,” Adele put in. “I mean, I couldn’t…”

The way she said the last told me she wasn’t exactly against the idea. Experience had taught me she gentle persuasion might work, especially since she was halfway down a bottle of chilled white wine.

“You could. Imagine seeing his face if he came out and saw the girls.”

Adele giggled, the sound girlish as she then held her lower lip between her teeth, her expression a sign she was coming around to the suggestion.

“It’d be cruel,” Adele said as she glanced to the house.

“He’ll wank over it for a month,” I said.

Adele sighed and looked at me. “Fuck, you really think I should?”

Arousal squeezed my guts. It was a turn-on for me to see my beautiful wife showing off to other men.

“Yeah, go on,” I urged as my cock thickened and grew.

“God, I don’t know why…” Adele started as she sat up.

“Yes,” I sighed when her big tits swung free.

“God, where is he?”

I heard the anxiety in Adele’s tone, the sound tinged with a hint of her own excitement. I knew she’d be soaking, pussy wet with arousal. I knew it and thought about how it would be later after Jacob had seen his aunt’s bare breasts. Adele would be hot for sex, urgent and eager as she always was after some exhibitionism.

“I’ll go and drop a hint,” I said. “Maybe suggest he bring out some wine.”

Adele muttered something as I walked towards the house.

“Be right back,” I said.

I found Jacob in the living room. It was cool in there, the air-con silent and efficient. He was watching TV, a game of rugby league.

“Your aunt was wondering if there’s any more wone,” I said.

“Yeah, no worries,” Jacob said. “There’s the fridge in the utility room.”

I thought quickly and said: “Uh, would you mind? I just need the loo…”

He was up on his feet, shrugging as he said: “Sure, I’ll take it out.”

I paused, thinking about how long to leave it before I went out onto the decking. It would need a couple of minutes to be plausible: a quick pee, wash my hands, stroll out to the pool…

With a plan in mind, I went to the bedroom we were in during our stay. I picked up my phone and noticed a couple of messages on WhatsApp, the upshot being it was at least ten minutes later before I went returned to Adele.

I was moving towards the patio doors, closed to keep the cool air indoors, glass smoky as an added layer of protection from the sun when I stopped walking, jaw hanging slack.

“Oh Jesus,” I breathed, stunned to see my wife sitting uptight, her nephew’s shorts at his shins.

Adele was sucking Jacob’s cock, his hands on her head, fingers in her hair while Adele’s tongue swirled over the big swollen dome.

As I watched, staring transfixed, jealousy curdling my guts, I saw Adele with her sunglasses pushed not her hair, smiling up at Jacob.

Er hand moved over his shaft as she spoke, both of them laughing at whatever it was she’d said, Adele’s cheeks concave as she went back to sucking the cock.

I could feel the trembling in my legs and hands as my wife stood up and, holding Jacob’s hand, her big tits bare and swaying, she led him towards the house after he stepped out of his shorts.

“Oh,” Adele said in surprise when she opened the patio doors. “There you are.”

It sounded stupid even as I was saying it but what came out of me was: “What’s going on?”

My wife smirked and threw a look at Jacob. Then she said: “Mmm, well, I’m taking this lovely young man to his room. Then I’m going to take a good, hard fucking.”

“Shit,” Jacob blurted. “I don’t know if–” Jacob was trying to hide his dick, the size of the jib making it a difficult task.

“Shush,” Adele said, short and curt, cutting him off. “You don’t need to worry,” she added, looking at me while talking to her nephew. “Steve’s not going to do anything. It’s not like he hasn’t seen me fucking before.”

“Shit, Aunt Adele,” Jacob said on a gasp, face going slack.

My wife chuckled, the sound thick and rich and somehow very dirty. Then she said: “We’ve done some swinging. Haven’t we, dear?” she said with a smirk towards me.

“But he’s your nephew,” I blurted.

“Uh-huh, which only makes it better,” Adele put in. “Come on, Jacob, let’s get going. Take me to your room and show me what a lovely, fit, good-looking Australian boy can do for his aunt.”

I saw conflict in Jacob’s eyes until he looked at my wife. Then his expression turned suddenly feral.

“You’re just fucking awesome,” he said.

I watched my wife and her nephew as they walked away, his body lean and tanned while Adele’s rump jiggled, her hip-swaying walk bringing a groan of need and despair bubbling from me.

I followed a minute after they went, the sight confronting me all about my wife on her back, legs wide as she took Jacob’s cock up to his balls. They were already fucking, rutting and moaning, Adele’s focus entirely set on the young man working his dick in-and-out of her body with a vigorous action, the robustness of it making Adele’s big tits shiver and roll.

“Yeah, God, that’s right, you just give me all that good news. Fuck me,” Adele sobbed as Jacob worked at her pussy. “Smash me. Use my cunt like you’re wanking off.”

I hauled out my cock, shoving my swim-shorts down to my shins so I could get at the thing, excitement on me because I loved to hear Adele using the talk.

“Fuck, Aunty Adele…” I heard Jacob gasp.

“Yeah, your aunty. You’re fucking your aunt, you nasty, filthy perv,” Adele growled up to her nephew. “You like it? You like fucking your mum’s big sister?”

I groaned, stunned and aroused by the filth and depravity issuing forth. She was wild for the cock, crazy with need, hips shunting as she reached up to hook the nape of Jacob’s neck before she pulled him down for a kiss.

God, seeing them kiss…

That boy with his cock in my wife, her eyes ablaze with need and desire as she loved him through her stare when the kiss finally broke…

“I love it,” Adele gasped, clawing the bed while Jacob kept on banging at her like he wanted to shatter her pubic bone. “I love being a slutty wife and hot aunty. Fuck me, use me, fill me with cum. I want all you’ve got. Every last gooey drop of that spunk.”

By then I was working my hand over my shaft, teasing myself, tortured by the scene as my wife took the dick.

“I don’t fucking believe it,” Jacob groaned. “That stuff you’re saying…”

Adele blurted a laugh, eyes showing her urgent desire as she grinned up at Jacob.

“Oh, I can keep that going as long as you want,” she said on a growl. “Turns you on, does it?”

“Yeah, too right,” Jacob replied.

Then he kissed my wife again, gasping into her open mouth as they rutted together, minutes moving past until Adele gasped out she wanted the cock from behind.

“There you go, hold my hips and fuck me,” she said with her hands against the wall.

My wife was standing, hips angled as she offered her cunt, creased at the waist, big tits presented to me in three-quarter profile.

To tempt Jacob in, she splayed herself, parting her buttocks with the tips of her fingers, cunt gaping, the smudge of her rectum visible as she held herself wide.

“Get it inside me,” my wife said on a moan. “Uh-huh,” she went on as Jacob fed her pussy his length. “That’s it. Hold me. Fuck me. Let it go when you want. Come inside me, Jacob. God, I want to have you there for the rest of the day. I’ll feel your spunk slipping out and I’ll remember who put it inside me. I’ll smell that essence and it’ll make me hot for more cock.”

A moment later, Jacob was grunting, his taut stomach slap-thwacking against my wife’s bottom, the spare flesh at her hips rippling as he went at her.

“Uh, fuck, Aunty Adele, I’m gonna–” Jacob began.

Then I saw him convulse, his hands full of my wife’s weighty tits, his cock all the way in, the sounds coming from him a sign he was emptying all he had into Adele.

As that happened, while her nephew bathed her cervix with fluid, Adele was rubbing her clit, a hand sawing between her legs, her own orgasm breaking in synch with his.

I watched it happen, wanking my length until, on a rush of her own nephew’s ejaculate slipping from her cunt, Adele went to the bed and spread her legs wide.

She looked at me, lewd and crude, the cum seeping out as it also dribbled down the crease between her buttocks.

I had a moment in which to think, in a vague and abstracted way, how Jacob would need to change his bedding before his mother saw the cum staining the cover.

Then, pinning her loose labia back with the tips of her fingers, Adele mauled one breast, dark urges behind her eyes as she muttered: “Bring that here. Go on, Steve. Put it in. Fuck me. Stir his porridge up with that big-fucking-spoon.”

“Aw, shit, that’s just too fuckin’ nasty,” I heard Jacob mutter when I went balls deep into my wife.

“Oh, baby, we’re only just getting started,” Adele said to her nephew.

After that she fixed me with an intense, glazed-eyed look as her hips started to work.

“Mmm, threesomes with you and that lovely boy,” Adele managed to moan before she went wall-eyed and I started to rut.