“Clare” Unconventional Aunt Ch. 03 – {Jay opens Clare’s world up to Sex. Or does He?}

I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be. I have met almost his entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years. I don’t know how, I asked, he didn’t say.

They all have in one way or another committed incest. I doubted Daniel and others I talked to at first. I soon learned how naive I was. Over the last three years I decided to put them to paper. There are ten stories in all. I started submitting them here for your consideration.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long. Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Daniel insisted I talk to one person before any others. That person was JB.

This story is one that almost never saw the light of day. Jay at first rejected any attempt to publish this. Clare on the other hand encouraged it. They are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

This is the third chapter. With Odell gone Jay begins learning more about Clare.


Breakfast was really more like brunch. Clare was up and showered by the time I headed that way. Mom and dad were in the kitchen when I came in. The coffee smelled good but I decided on orange juice. Clare was serving pancakes and crisp bacon. The conversation was centered on the weather, and prospects of the upcoming football season. I had just finished eating when Jesse walked in. I cleared my plate and offered her my seat. I even poured her a cup of coffee. Clare stood up to serve her breakfast.

“You still tired?” Mom asked Jesse.

“Yeah a bit. We need to buy these two steeled toe shoes!” Jesse looked at Clare and me. “These two keep stubbing their toes!”

Mom looked at me first then at Clare.

“I thought we agreed you two would take it slow!” Mom scolded Clare.

“We did at first…”

I don’t know what she was going to say after that because Jesse and I burst out laughing.

Jesse actually slipped off the chair and was on the floor balled up she was laughing so hard. Even dad was cracking up now, at least until mom gave him the evil eye. Clare even caught on after a few minutes.

When the meal was finished I showed everyone Odell’s boxes and all of Clare’s old clothes. Mom and Jesse readily agreed to take her shopping again. Dad went with me to look over the job we were doing for the city. It was almost completed. Mike and I made a list of details we thought should be handled. Some were small but he always said under commit and over achieve. With the next job lined up I intended to do that.

Mike took us all for dinner. He and I just sat back and listened as the girls dominated the conversation. It astounds me they can be together all day and still have something to say all through dinner.

With the family gone Clare and I were home alone. She started washing the sheets all over again and cleaning the house. I went to my office and started to fold the futon up when she walked by.

“What are you doing?” Clare asked.

“Just folding it back to a couch.” I explained.

“Aren’t we sleeping together?” She looked at me oddly.

“Well I thought we would use the bed in the master bedroom!” I said confused.

“Jay I will never sleep in that bed again!” Clare informed me in no in certain terms.

She need say no more I lowered the futon and then went in the master bedroom and started removing the bed. Clare just looked on and smiled. When it was at the curb with the old carpet I came back in the house to face her.

“Is there anything else you don’t want?” I asked.

“Follow me!” By the time we were done the front yard was filled with stuff for the garbage truck. The house was empty but Clare glowed in happiness. I had spent part of my inheritance on Wrecker and now it look like a large part of it would be spent on furniture.

Sweaty from moving the furnishings out she took a shower in the master bath while I took one in my bathroom. Meeting me in the den she kissed me then instantly curled up inside me. I was happy to have her with me. I just held her. I wanted to initiate sex but she seemed intent on sleeping.

Monday dinner was on the table when I came home. With Odell gone Clare didn’t have a car to drive. She had been taking the bus or carpooling. I was driving a car but really with the business a truck would be more practical. I called Mike and he said if the business owned it we could use it as a write off on the taxes.

The next day I found a good used truck from an older man. It was nicer than I need for a work truck but it had low miles and was in perfect shape. That night I took Clare out in the new truck to shop for a bedroom set. I dreaded just the thought of it. High pressured sales people and an innocent woman. I could not have been more wrong. Clare was steadfast in her decisions and ruthless in negotiations.

I probably would have bought her anything but Clare chose a very modest but quality ensemble. When we were done I almost felt bad for the sales lady. More than that I was proud of Clare. She kissed me and rolled over to go to sleep again. I was a bit horny so I pulled her on top of me kissing her again. Clare seemed surprised by my attention.

“Jay what are you doing?” Clare asked seeming surprised.

“I am kissing you is that ok?” I pulled her close and kissed her passionately again.

“Yes!” She hissed as she broke loose from me. ‘Kiss me Jay!”

Just like the other night we started kissing. She took the lead her passion building quicker than mine. I reached for her ass she ground her pussy against my stomach just like before. She started inching up but this time I wanted all of her naked. I started pulling off her top and latched onto her tit. With my hands behind her back I sucked her nipple firmly.

“Jay! What are you doing?” Clare whimpered her breath sort and shallow. I pulled her top off.

She was straining to get free I moved my hands to her shorts and slipped them down her legs. She knew what this meant and soon she was sitting on my mouth all over again. With no one in the house but us I knew she could be vocal and vocal she was. The empty house echoed with my name as she came flushing my face with her cum. She moved back slowly recovering from her orgasm. I once again latched onto her tit and suckled as she quivered over me.

“Jay! Why are you doing that?” Clare asked her breathing coming in gasps.

Letting go I asked. “Does it feel good?” Before moving to the other one.

“Yeeesss!” She hissed. Clare offered her tit deeper in my mouth.

“That’s why!” She moved down to kiss me as I knew she wanted. She was a creature of habit. When she had cleaned my face and kissed me several times she slipped my boxers off raking her nipples along my body.

With limited experience she attacked my cock much like last time but now at a less frantic pace. Knowing this would be unorthodox I just laid back and let her bring me off. I warned her like before. Clare ignored it and swallowed all that my cock could give.

She moved up to kiss me like before. I thought of stopping her this time and explaining what she was doing. She looked at me with those big brown eyes I knew then this would be something I would do as long as she wanted me to. We shared cum like we shared our love, unconditionally.

Clare curled up inside me not even putting her pajamas back on. That night we slept naked together. Alone just the two of us. We did the same Wednesday night without any other activities to mention.

The new bedroom set didn’t arrive until Thursday afternoon. I left the job sight to let the movers in and help them set up. Clare arrived to make dinner but I offered to take her out for dinner and to shop for carpet. Once again she proved she was more adapt at buying than I was. Clare had been learning all about carpet, thread count and all that stuff. Again she purchased practical and durable instead of expensive.

I was planning on breaking in the new bed properly. Clare snuggled up to me, we were both naked like the last two nights. I had it all worked out. I started kissing her then slip between her legs to get her wet with my tongue. After she was thoroughly lubricated we would have real sex for the first time!

“I told her how nice the bed was she picked out. How it was big and comfortable. Clare turned to face me happy for the compliment. I figured she didn’t have too many with Odell, so I did every chance I got. I started kissing her. She wanted to say something but I held her lips.

Soon she gave into my manly advances and was kissing me with the passion I was accustom to. When I felt the time was right I slipped down and nipped her tit she groaned in response. My goal was lower so I moved down and with my hands under her firm ass lifted her pussy to meet my mouth.

“Jay!” Clare squealed. Her legs opened giving me greater access. I buried my tongue deep in her pussy.

“Jay!” Her hands gripping my hair. She was responding to my efforts. I almost had her where I wanted her.

“JAY what are you doing?” She yelled. I let her ass down and moved over her. She kissed me then licked my face. My hard cock poised to finally find comfort started to drag along her upper thigh.

Clare’s eyes opened wide. Her mouth opened but nothing came out! She was as desperately waiting for me to take her for the first time. Right here in our new bed. It was perfect!

“STOP NOW! It was an earth shattering scream that I feared would leave me deaf.

She was pushing me and trying to get away. My cock had just grazed her pussy lips so I know I couldn’t have hurt her. I move off her as she scampered to her feet.

“What were you trying to do to me?” She screamed. More than upset she was terrified.

“Clare I just wanted to make love with you!” I tried to remain calm but how could I? She looked at me like I broke in the house to attack her.

“You wanted to have intercourse?” How could you be so cruel?” She screamed.

“Clare please calm down. I thought you would like it?” Still stunned I couldn’t even comprehend what she was saying. All I know is she was now crying.

“Don’t you tell me to calm down!” She yelled back but more quietly. But mostly because she was crying now. “You know I can’t have kids! Why would you try to do that?”

Oh my God did she just say what I think she said? Never in a million years would I have guessed that. I was so stunned I was speechless. What could I say? Sorry I didn’t know you are so messed up? She went to the dresser and grabbed some pajamas and stormed out the room. I heard a door slam.

I sat weighing my options and none of them were good. I knew leaving her alone wasn’t going to happen. I slipped on my boxers, and headed down the hall. I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.

“Jay?” It sounded like a question. Who else would it be I thought? I turned the knob it was unlocked. I found her setting with her knees pulled to her chest her body shaking. I looked down the hall and saw I left the lights on. I went and turned them off and came back to join her. I turned the light off in the office and moved to hold her. Clare flinched at first but then clutched me tight.

“You never have to do anything you don’t want to. Ever.” I whispered as I held her tight.

“You mean that?” She whimpered.

“I do. Clare, I am not him” I moved the hair that always hid her scar from her face and kissed it. “I should be mad at you!”

“Why?” She seemed surprised.

“You promised not to leave me alone.” I was teasing just a bit, but deep down I was serious.

“I am sorry.” She was still weeping.

“Clare you can talk to me about anything. I will do my best to listen. We can work this out.”

“I love you Jay Brown but intercourse is for making babies!” She repeated again.

“I love you Clare.” I knew now wasn’t the time or the place to have this discussion. In fact I wasn’t sure there ever would be. I pulled her against me and there we slept sitting upon the futon. The new bed sat empty. I guessed it might be some time before that changed.

I was up first and was showered and in the kitchen when she came out to go to work. The night’s sleep had done wonders for her. She kissed me as she sat down to eat.


“Yes dear?” I called her. It was a tease but she loved it I learned.

“Why did we spice Sunday ‘and’ Tuesday?” She asked. For a moment I thought it was a trick question. But when I glanced over I saw that innocent look. She really was that clueless.

“Well Sunday was great and I thought you might like to do it again Tuesday.” I tried not to laugh.

“And last night? You wanted to do it again?” She didn’t bring up the drama. I guessed in her mind she explained it and that was that.

“Of course! You are a very sexy woman!” I laid it on thick hoping to build up some points. But when I looked at her she was deep in thought.

“So we can do it more than once a month? Like maybe once a week?” Then she stopped and thought about it once again. “Wait! This has been three times…”

“Clare we can do it whenever we want!” I sat down and held her hand. “Although when you are on your period it can get a bit messy so we may have to do something else for that week!”

“Oh…OH! Jay you are such a bad boy!” She kissed me, then jumped up to leave.

“Anytime?” She asked just to make sure.

“Anytime you want!” I replied. She turned to leave not saying a word.

Friday night I had a business appointment, in the direction of Dr. Nelson’s house along the river. I thought I might bring Clare along and let her visit Nancy and Butch while I was in the meeting.

I had talked to Nancy during the day asking her if I she would be around and she simply gushed at the idea of Clare visiting. Butch was due any minute and Nancy knew Clare would cheer her up. One thing led to another and I started to explain to Nancy Clare’s views on intercourse. We both knew Odell was behind this but as my parents found out, once Clare gets something in her head it is difficult for her change it.

I asked if she had any suggestions for professional help. Nancy assured me she would talk to Clare and explain what she was missing. Clare and I had dinner before I dropped her off. The ride was short and the meeting took much less time than I expected. Thrilled to have a contract in my hand I headed back to Nancy’s. I pulled up just as Albert was carrying in some groceries so I helped him.

He wondered why I was here and I explained that I dropped off Clare for a visit and was picking her up. We finished unloading the car putting the packages on the counter. Albert starting putting groceries away and I walked upstairs assuming they would both be with Butch in her room.

“Jay!” Butch called out as I walked over. “It is so good to see you!”

“You look…look big!” I teased her.

“Thanks, I needed that!” She teased back.

“So when is the big day?” I asked.

“Well the doctor says if it is not here by Tuesday he is going to induce labor.” She looked scared.

“A tough broad like you! This will be a piece of cake!” I teased her.

“Easy for you to say!” She sneered.

“Ah, we’ll make a man out of you yet!” I teased hoping I didn’t go too far. Butch looked at me for a moment not sure if I was making fun of her or not.

“Jay if it was anyone else but you I would get out of bed and fuck you up!” She glared at me. “But you really do care don’t you?”

I realized at that moment something I had never thought about. Butch really doesn’t have any friends. She had no one to tease her, put her in her place. No one that accepted her for who she is. I could see she was affected and now so was I.

“Of course I do! If I didn’t care I wouldn’t tease you!” I bent over and kissed her forehead. “You deliver a healthy baby and after you heal you can kick my ass then? How about it?”

“Deal!” She was getting all emotional.

“So where is our significant others?” I teased again. Butch gripped my wrist firmly but not hard.

“So Clare is your aunt? And you fell in love with her?” Butch asked now seriously.

“She is and I am.”

“Do you really love her?” Butch still held firm.

“More than I can stand. I know I shouldn’t but I do.” I replied assuring her I was serious.

“Jay she is in love with you too. She really is. But she is confused. I was like that before. Before Nancy that is.” Butch was looking at me making sure I understood what she was saying. “If you really love her remember she will test your limits, but in the end she will reward you!”

Butch released my wrist and she rubbed her belly. Her point was well taken but I didn’t have the nerve to tell her Clare could never repay me in the way she was repaying Nancy.

“So do you know where they are?” I asked again.

“If you want to go look you might start in the sun porch. They went to go talk about something.” I knew what that was.

As I started to the door Albert walked in with some fruit for Butch.

I went downstairs and was heading though the house in the direction of the sun porch. I could see Nancy laying on the wicker couch looking flush. Clare was standing over her saying something. Clare saw me through the window. She burst through the door walking quickly in my direction. Something was amiss even though she was grinning. Her bright white teeth contrasted with her dark skin and lips. She looked absolutely giddy.

“Jay…!” Nancy called out. She looked stunning in her short summer dress. I noticed the moisture on Clare’s face just as she pulled me down for a kiss.

“NO! Clare!” Nancy yelled from the other room.

It was too late! The tangy taste hit me first then the aroma of another female filled my nostrils. Locked in a kiss with the woman I loved my mind was spinning out of control. What had she done and why? Clare broke the kiss and pulled me close.

“Nancy spiced me!” Clare was so proud! The twinkle in her eyes let me know she had been successful in her efforts.

“Really?” Still shocked I was searching for words. “Did she enjoy it?”

Pretty lame I agree but it was the best I could come up with on such short notice.

“I think so. She spiced me all over!” She looked back at Nancy.

Nancy was already blushing before now. There was no way of knowing if she was doing it again.

“It was perfect!” Nancy smiled at Clare as she approached. She then turned her gaze on me.

She dared me not to say anything. Nancy had the way of letting you know what she wanted without words. I ignored her suggestion but accepted the message. I kissed Clare again. Not taking my eyes off Nancy. I then licked her cheek.

“Honey why don’t you go say goodnight to Butch,” I said to Clare. “She looked tired. We should go then. I will wait for you here.” Nancy gave me a wicked grin knowing she had made her point.

“Ok, I will be back soon.” Clare bound upstairs as I waited for Nancy to explain what just happened.

“Not sure that was the conversation I was expecting you to have with her?” I started.

“Now before you jump to conclusions…well it did take a turn that I wasn’t expecting.” Nancy began. “I was asking about what you two did. You know kind of starting off slow. She said you spiced each other.”

“I am listening.” I said as I moved closer.

“Well I figured I need to know what that was before I could go further. Clare said she couldn’t tell me.” Nancy’s hands were waving around in excitement. “Then she said she could show me!”

“So you expect me to believe that? A horny lesbian with an innocent woman?” I teased her. We both knew she was bi.

“Jay I know you and I had a misunderstanding but I am telling you the truth!” She was defensive now, and vulnerable. “Before I knew what was happening she was between my legs licking my pussy!”

“Really? And you resisted?” I challenged her.

“Jay she …wanted to do this.” Her eyes cast down. “And I wanted her to! She is so …unconventional! It was so frustrating it was so good!”

I moved closer and took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. Nancy was flustered all over again as she looked to me for an explanation.

“That is to let you know I believe you and thank you for letting her pleasure you.” Nancy seemed relieved that I wasn’t mad. “And I want you to know that her blowjobs are just as frustrating…and appreciated.”

“So you’re ok with this?” Nancy was confused.

“This who she is. Who am I to change that?” I tried to explain. “I just worry she has no filter. She may do something with someone that will take advantage of her innocence.”

“Jay you know I would never do that!” Nancy defended herself.

“I know. Now what about this other issue?” I inquired.

“Jay I am so sorry I never had a chance to talk to Clare about it!” She replied meekly.

“Talk to me about what?” Clare appeared from the stairs.

“Jay and I were just talking about having you come over when the baby is born. Would you like that?” Nancy lied but was trying to be nice. Clare looked at me I could see the anxiety well up inside her.

“I was going to tell her we would discuss it and let her know. Would that be ok?” I said. Clare immediately calmed down.

“Can we do that?” She looked to Nancy. Picking up there was a problem Nancy just nodded.

“Did you say goodbye to Butch?” I asked.

“I did. In fact I kissed her and Albert both goodbye.” Clare declared.

“Come honey we need to go.” I laughed.

Nancy moved closer and kissed me on the cheek and then Clare. Her eyes opened wide in shock.

“I told you!” I laughed. Nancy was speechless as we let ourselves out.

In the car I could still smell Nancy on Clare’s face. I knew Nancy wanted Butch to know what they had done, but it never occurred to Nancy that her dad would know too.

We were almost home, again I knew she wanted to say something.

“What do you want to know?” I asked. My guess is Odell would not let her ask questions, and she was waiting for permission from me to do so.

“Last night you said we could talk about anything…” Clare hesitated.

“I would hope we could talk about anything. If I don’t know the answer I will help you find out.”

“You said we could, you know, do it anytime. Did you mean that?” She asked meekly.

“I did.”

“Can we do it when we get home?”

“I think I would like that!” I smiled. We drove in silence for some time. There was more, I knew it when she kept looking at me. This time I decided to let her ask when she was ready.

The moment we walked in the door she drug me to the den and stripped me and herself. She was extremely passionate this night and justifiably so. Clare want to do me first. She started working me over but the thought of her and Nancy kept flashing in my brain.

“Jay what are you doing?” Clare complained as I shifted our positions.

“I thought you might like to try this! It’s called 69,” I explained as she now faced my feet lying on top of me. “Tell me if you want to stop.”

The moment I spread her legs and licked her clit she pushed firmly against my mouth. I knew there would be no stopping her now. I was right! She came quickly pulling off my cock to announce her shattering climax. With renewed vigor she latched back on me urging me to cum. She came so quickly I started back on her pussy.

“Jay what are you doing?” Clare sat up as she cried out startled. I ignored her question. I licked her asshole as she presented it to me. “OH! OH!OH! JJAAAAAYYYYYY…!

With my arms I pushed her back to my cock I was getting close before she stopped. Clare raked her pussy over my nose and mouth took my cock deeper than she had ever attempted before.

With anyone of even the slightest experience, I would not have lasted until she was ready to cum again. But just knowing Clare would cum again was enough to keep me in the game. My jaw was sore my tongue was rubber, but I was going to follow this through.

Just as she started to peak again Clare gripped my cock with her hand a jerked me with her mouth just over the head. I was in heaven at last! When the first squirt left my balls I sucked on her clit and Clare had her second orgasm for the night. I wiggled below as she trembled on top. I thrust up she pushed down. When it was over we were completely spent.

Clare didn’t even move to kiss me. I gently rolled her off. Clare laid on her back her eyes shut. I kissed her belly and then licked and sucked each tit. She responded only slightly. I made my way to her lips. I kissed the edges of her mouth and worked out. I kissed her scar.

“I love you pretty woman.” I whispered.

“Why do you love me?” She was crying again.

“Don’t you worry about that just know I do!” She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Jay!” She sniffled.

“Yes love?”

“I like your spice better than Nancy’s…” I grinned from ear to ear. “Do you think I will hurt her feelings if I tell her?”

“I think she will understand.” I said. “But maybe you shouldn’t tell her unless she asks you to do it again. Just in case.” I suggested.

“You are so smart!” Clare smiled.

With that she pulled me and started kissing and licking me like she loved to do. I tasted my cum yet again. I realized it wasn’t just her juices she desired. She licked me to clean my face and show me she loved me. We fell asleep on the futon in each other’s arms.

It seems every day with Clare is another learning opportunity. It was just the next day when my love for her was tested yet again. I had not lived with women for some time since I left home for college. My antennas were not as sharp as they were in the past. Clare was moody all day. When it came time to go to bed she kissed me good night and went to the bathroom. She would occasionally do this during the week when she figured I was tired and had to work the next day.

I was on the futon waiting for Clare to come in when I heard my old bedroom door close. Confused I went to see where she was. I knocked on the bedroom door.


“Yes?” She replied.

I opened the door to see her lying on my bed going to sleep.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked as if I wouldn’t remember it if I did.

“No, Why?” She seemed completely calm.

“Can I ask why you are sleeping in here and not with me then?” I tried to be neutral.

“I can’t.” She said plainly. I was still confused.

“Can you tell me why?” I still tried to stay on the level.

“I am dirty.” She said matter of factually. I was really stumped now.

“Couldn’t you just take a shower?” I couldn’t fathom what she did to get dirty but if she felt that way ok.

“No silly, I am menstruating!” She explained as if I was a child. “I am dirty.”

I stood in utter silence for the longest time. Walking to her I sat on the bed with her.

“Remember we said we could talk about anything?” I asked.


“I think this is one of those times.” I tried to be gentle. “There is nothing ‘dirty’ about menstruating. In fact it is just the opposite. It actually flushes out your system and cleans it for another month.”

“But it is messy!” Clare explained.

“You do use feminine products right?” There was just no delicate way to ask that.

“Jay don’t be silly of course I do, I am a woman!” She replied.

“Clare you need to trust me.” I stood up and held out my hand. “Come with me.”

“But Jay we can’t spice!” She sat up but didn’t take my hand.

“Well we could but we won’t. Now please come with me. Please trust me.” Clare took my hand and followed me to the den. We laid down with her in my arms. “Good night honey, I love you.”



“Why do you love me?”

“Don’t you worry about that just know I do!” I repeated.

“Why won’t you tell me?”

“I will someday. Just not today.” I pulled her close and kissed her shoulder.

We slept together every night. I hoped Clare would offer to get me off but it wasn’t in her nature. Still I had won a minor battle. I feel good that her trust has been rewarded.

Monday night news arrived that Butch delivered a healthy baby girl. I offered to take Clare to go see her but she asked if we could wait and go when they left the hospital. I didn’t want to push, and besides I was swamped at work.

All the work was done except the inspections and any small details. We had to replace some bushes and re-sod some spots but damage was minimal. We were on to the next job starting all over again. When it was all said and done all the loans except the business loan was paid. After replenishing my trust fund and paying interest, I stood to make a fair sum. I paid good bonuses to those that stuck with me. That and I paid myself a fair wage.

It is amazing how many people need to get paid on a job like this. Insurance, workman’s comp, contractors, vehicle maintenance, cost overruns, waste, trash pickup, payroll and so much more. I felt like we worked to pay bills for everybody else. College never prepared me for all of that. Fortunately I had Mike and some company men to help me along.

Odell didn’t go away quietly as you can imagine. As I laid out for him there wasn’t that much to split up. It will be months before its final but we came to an understanding.

Fortunately Clare’s one major investment, her retirement account at work, she was allowed to keep. Odell had cashed his in for gambling debts. Clare did get the house but the mortgage to go with it, in exchange Odell kept the car, and the payments. Since he is no longer sucking her dry Clare started a savings account for herself. It’s not much right now but it grows every week.

Friday night we went to see the baby. Clare she was apprehensive but agreed to go. Nancy greeted us at the door Butch and the baby were relaxing in the den. Albert ever present. I had asked Nancy not to try and hand the baby to Clare but to offer to bring it to her if she felt it was right.

Alice was her name. She was small and beautiful from where I stood. Clare held me like she thought I would run and leave her. We sat on the love seat and listened as they told the story of how it all took place. When the baby started fussing Nancy handed her to Butch to feed her. Expecting Butch would want some privacy I started to look away but she pulled her bra flap down and a large milk filled succulent breast with the biggest nipple I have ever seen came into view. Quickly I looked at Clare. She was engrossed in what I would guess is the first time she saw a baby suckle.

I looked back many moments later expecting Butch to have a blankest covering her breast but she didn’t. She saw me staring.

“Never seen a breast before?” Just like I zinged her she was getting me.

“I have. But never one so big on a guy!” I teased. I thought Nancy was going to faint.

“Well now you have. Pervert!” Butch zinged me again. “Take a picture it lasts longer!”

Alice was latched on and sucking so we all could hear. Starting and stopping she attacked then rested.

“Is she going to save any for me?” I teased. Nancy again was shocked.

“Dream on pervert! You couldn’t handle these tits!” Butch challenged me.

“Well if you feed her enough maybe she will grow up and be as beautiful as her mothers.” I replied. Butch wasn’t expecting a compliment. She started to reply but was truly taken back by what I said. She was at a loss for words for the first time I had known her.

“Butch I think he really means that!” Nancy added.

“Of course I did.” I looked over at Clare she was still mesmerized by Alice nursing. I got her attention. She looked at me. “Clare and I are so happy for you all.”

Alice had finished nursing and had drifted to sleep. Nancy picked her up and walked around with her resting on her shoulder.

“Clare would you like to hold her while she is sleeping?” Butch asked. I could feel Clare tense up she gripped my wrist.

“May I?” I looked to Nancy she knew what I was doing.

“Only if Butch says you can.” She teased.

Nancy walked to me and gently handed me the baby. I laid her along my thighs supporting her head. She was a beautiful baby. She fussed a bit in her sleep waving her arms. Clare had a death grip on my wrist. I knew better than to spook her by offering her to hold her. Butch and Nancy looked on. Albert stood and moved next to Nancy.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Alice jerked her arm near mine and her tiny hand grabbed Clare’s thumb. She opened her eyes and looked right at Clare for several minutes then closed them.

It was then I saw something. Alice looked so much like her mother. Names at times elude me but I recognize people instantly. I had seen those eyes before and they weren’t Butch’s.

With Alice holding her thumb Clare suddenly relaxed melting in beside me.

“You are such a cutey, aren’t you?” Clare whispered. The room was suddenly quiet.

Taking a leap of faith I slowly lifted the baby and placed her in Clare’s arms. Alice cooed the moment she took her further bonding them together. Nancy started talking just to break the silence. Not knowing what to say she asked if I would consider driving again. With work and all the drama. The situation with Clare. We both knew the answer but I said if she got in a pinch I might drive on occasion.

“Alice was starting to fuss just a bit. Clare started to get nervous. Nancy wanted to step in but I spoke up first.

“Maybe she is not full just yet.” I said to Clare. “Maybe Butch should hold her for now?”

Clare stood up and walked across the room. This little pink baby cradled in her rich brown arms. Nancy seemed concerned. I myself thought she might bolt with the baby. Instead she kissed Alice in the forehead.

“You drink up sweetness. You will be beautiful. And if you are lucky you too might find a guy like Jay!” She handed Alice to a stunned Butch.

She walked back so matter of factly it was like she spoke so only Alice could hear. Nancy looked at me then Albert and Butch. Of all of them I was shocked the most. I thought we would stay but Clare made it clear she was ready to go.

We said our goodbyes. Butch asked if I wanted wait and see her other breast. I told her I wasn’t gay. Nancy was now almost in tears laughing. Albert escorted us to the door. Clare stepped out. I turned to Albert and looked in the same eyes I looked into earlier that night.

“You have another beautiful daughter Albert. You should be proud.” Shocked he sized me up then his tight lips turned to a slight smile.

“Good night Jay, please come again soon.”

We rode in silence like always it seemed. Clare deep in thought.

“Why did you hand me the baby?” She didn’t wait for me to ask her now.

“She wanted you to hold her, not me.” I answered. Clare stayed silent for another mile.

“Jay you know I can’t have children?” She was getting upset with me.

“First we have covered that. So you can’t give birth to a baby. But you ‘can’ have a baby. Second I don’t love you any less. I am in love with you not your uterus.” I said firmly. “I think you would make a wonderful mother if you chose to be. But if not I respect that too.”

“She is so beautiful.” Clare said mostly to herself.

“I am proud of you for being happy for them. That was difficult I know. I am proud of you for doing it.” She looked at me. Something had changed in her tonight. I don’t know what but I felt good about it.”

Clare was just finishing her period. I knew this would be another dry night. I cleaned up and was sitting on the futon waiting for her when she came in topless. She always insisted on wearing the top and shorts while she was on her period. A sign she was off limits I guess. She even made me wear boxers as if that would stop me. Still I decided to choose my battles and this wasn’t one to take arms up over.

Clare moved between my legs standing before me.

“Suck my tit’s!” I was caught off guard by her language as much as her request. “Suck them Jay!”

She gripped my head and pulled me to her chest. My mouth encircled her nipple and most of her tit. Clare is not busty, a small C I would guess, but her nipples are large in comparison. I had lavished attention to her tits before but never as the main focus. Clare was responding to my efforts pushing her pelvis to my stomach. I could feel her needs rise. I slipped her shorts off and she didn’t even protest. Turning her slightly my hand found her furry cunt.

“No Jay!” She moaned. “I am still dirty!”

I ignored her pleas and continued to massage her pussy. Her legs widened and started bucking. I switched tits and continued to tease her nipple. Her tits may have brought her here but it was her pussy that would get her off.

I could feel the string dangle from her lips. I knew she had a tampon in, but her clit was unprotected. The time had come to bring her off. I wet my fingers with saliva. I rubbed her clit side to side gently. Clare she thrust against my hand.

She pressed her tit to my mouth.

“Milk me baby, milk your mama!” She moaned. I flicked her clit and nibbled on her long rubbery nipple and she started cumming. Clare wanted me to please both places so she alternated grinding them into me. When she had enough she grabbed my wrist and pulled it from her pussy. Clamping her legs shut I sat her on my thigh.

Clare desperately kissed me as her orgasm continued to find the outer reaches of her body.

“Oh, Jay how did you do that to me?” Clare whispered in my ear.

“Well I think you helped.” She kissed me again then looked down at my hard cock.

“Maybe I should help you too?” She was catching on.

September was almost upon us I felt conflicted about not continuing my college degree, I received my associates but wanted that BA certificate on the wall. Mike and I talked about it. I decided to take a couple of night classes.

The new bed stood unused a testament to my lack of progress and Clare’s stubbornness to intercourse. By now we were regular visitors to Butch and Nancy’s house. They both broached the subject lightly but were unsuccessful. Fearing Clare would lash out at our only real friends, I asked them to drop it for now.

Clare and I went to visit mom and dad for Labor Day weekend. The weather wasn’t cooperating so I gave the guys the three days off. I had no real agenda going up. I went just to relax and enjoy some time with Clare and my family.

The Friday night and Saturday were pretty uneventful. Sunday the weather turned out nicer than forecasted. Jesse invited Clare and I to go the beach with her and her new boyfriend Evan. Clare and I didn’t have suits so we stopped to buy some. We picked Evan up on the way since he lived in that direction.

Evan was a very nice twenty year old student. Jesse didn’t tell me he was white. Not that she should have. But this was the first white guy I had ever seen her with. Jesse herself is much darker than me. More like mom and lighter than Clare. Jesse introduced us as Jay and Clare. I assumed he at least knew I was her brother if not that Clare is our aunt.

When we hit the beach Evan could not keep his eyes off Jesse or Clare. Clare was a bit self-conscious over the suit Jesse picked for her. It was a bit smaller than I am sure she would have picked out for herself, but it was no way inappropriate. Jesse on the other hand was pushing the boundaries for a public beach. We all spent time in the water and of course on the towels in the sand. Clare offered to go to the truck and bring the cooler and snacks. Jesse went with her leaving Evan and I to follow them with our eyes.

Clare looked beautiful as she walked away. Everything was in proportion, the suit accentuated every curve. Her butt had just the right amount of contour, her breasts just the right amount of fullness to fill her top. Her long slender legs moved gracefully her hips swayed provocatively. She and Jesse were talking the whole time.

“So what is it like to date a black woman?” Evan asked a bit nervously. It was a plain simple question asked without lewdness.

“They are just like any other women, I guess.” I replied. Obviously Evan didn’t know Jesse was my sister and I was just as African American as she is. The second part I could understand. As you know I honestly don’t look black.

“Clare seems very nice. Have you known her long?” Evan was just being polite.

“She is like part of the family you might say.” I said almost truthfully. “We have known each other for years but just recently started dating.”

“She is pretty. She has beautiful eyes.” Evan said respectfully.

“How about you and Jesse. How long have you two been an item?” I asked.

“Not long. I guess you could say we were friends of friends.” He explained.” Then she broke up with some idiot. So I asked her out.”

“Some idiot?”

“Yeah some douche bag just wanted to put a notch on his belt!” Evan looked to see if they were coming back. “I’ll tell you she is lucky to be rid of him.”

‘What about you. You and her…” I goaded him.

“Dude don’t go there!” He was pissed.

“Sorry wasn’t looking for details just wanted to know if this was serious!” I tried to calm him down.

He looked at me sizing me up and saw I was truly apologizing.

“Well for me it is. She is the smartest girl I have ever met. That and she is the funniest person I have ever been with!” Looking back to me he seemed to know I cared about her.

“We’ll get there when she is ready. I am in no hurry for the right girl.” He added.

“Right answer!” I replied quickly. He smiled with me. He looked back again to see if they were coming. It had been longer than I would have expected. I could see, like me with Clare, Evan wanted to spend every minute with Jesse. I knew nothing about him and already liked him.

The girls did return and Evan quickly got up to help.

“Jesse what are your plans for the rest of the day?” I asked as Clare handed me a lemonade.

“Nothing really, why?” She asked.

“I just wasn’t sure when you told mom and dad we would be back.” Evan spun around and looked at me then Jesse.

“You…!” Evan pointed his finger at me and laughed.

“What?” Jesse asked.

“Nothing. Just some guy talk.” I laughed. “Thought Clare and I could take you two out for dinner.”

“I would appreciate that but I have to work tonight.” Evan said. “College doesn’t pay for itself even with scholarships.”

We spent the afternoon relaxing. Clare never left my side, so I had ample opportunity to watch her just relax and enjoy. She entered most conversations adding to the experience with her unique personality. Evan was taken in by her. Jesse already knowing her just marveled at her transformation. Jesse kept glancing at me when no one was looking. I wanted to tell her Evan was ok by me but never got the chance. We dropped him off on the way home. Evan was so outgoing now and insisted we meet again even offering to bring Jesse down to visit.

Back at the house Clare was taking a shower. Mom and dad were in the family room. Jesse knocked on my open door as I was checking e-mails.

“Can we talk?” She asked seriously.

“Please come in.” I figured Evan had spilled the beans on our little conversation. “Ok! I know I busted his balls a bit but Jesse it was all good!” I started defending myself.

“What are you talking about?” She looked at me confused.

“You know? When I asked Evan about his intentions with you. You know, is he serious, or just fishing!”

“Well I appreciate you butting into my love life but that’s ‘not’ what I wanted to talk to you about.” She chided me.

“Oh!” I said embarrassed. She looked down the hall and to the bathroom.

“Clare tells me the two of you haven’t…you know …?” She was looking to see if I would acknowledge her.

“Yes.” I played dumb.

“Fucked! Ok! I said it. She said you two don’t fuck!” Jesse said exasperated.

“Now who is butting their nose…”

“Jay this is not the same!” I looked at her with a smirk. “Ok. It is the same but this is serious. What are you going to do?” Jesse asked excitedly.

“Well what I have been doing hasn’t worked.” I raised my hands letting her know I didn’t have the answer. “I am open for suggestions.”

We talked like adults for the first time. She was as concerned about it as I was if not more. I wasn’t sure if she knew about the miscarriage and sterility but she learned that today also.

“You need to talk to mom!” Jesse insisted.

“Oh really mom, our mother? Think about that! Ask her to talk her sister into having intercourse with her son?” I would have laughed if it weren’t so absurd.

“If you don’t I will!” She gave me the evil eye. I knew she wasn’t bluffing.

“Ok I will ask her tomorrow.” I agreed.

“Tonight Jay. She will need to sleep on it. Tonight!” Jessie demanded.

“Ok tonight. You take Clare someplace and I will talk to her then.”

“Great!” Jesse replied happy she got her way. “Now about Evan. What did you to talk about?”

“I can’t tell you but from all indications he seems to be a great guy. I like him.” I offered. “What about you?”

“Oh Jay. He is everything a girl wants. Smart, hardworking, polite, funny and it doesn’t hurt he is handsome!” Jesse gushed. “He’s a keeper. He is so shy, I am not sure he could keep up with me?”

“Oh? I don’t know about that. Sometimes the quiet one’s surprise you where you least expect it.” I looked out the door. “There is one way to find out. Better you than someone else.”

“I can’t believe you just said that!” Jesse teased. “What kind of a girl do you think I am?” She said acting all innocent.

“The kind of girl that understands what’s at stake. And how to take advantage of men.” I replied.

“Well you are a predictable breed. Food, sports, and sex is all you think about and not necessarily in that order!” She explained.

That night she took Clare to go see Evan at work for a short visit. Grasping the opportunity I pulled mom and dad aside. As you could imagine the conversation was filled with emotions.

Nervously I explained what I had told Jesse earlier. Mom was aghast I would tell her such things. Mike as usual just sat back and took it all in. When I asked mom if she would talk to Clare I thought she was going to ask me to leave. I pleaded passionately for her to understand this was for Clare but she kept telling me she could never do it.

We argued back and forth briefly but civilly. I was getting nowhere and she was just getting madder.

“Rhonda, JB has done remarkable things in his life and Clare’s. I know you would rather this all go away but look at him. He is in love. Clare has never been happier.” Mike stopped as my mother’s heated gaze turned on him.

“I will not do this!” She protested one more time.

“If you love your sister you will.” Mike said. That one simple sentence stopped her in here tracks.

“Mike! How can you say that?” Mom was pissed but intrigued. “You know I love her!”

“Rhonda, if she has these notions, and we all know how stubborn she can be, then what happens if she and Jay don’t stay together? “He looked at me letting me know I should not respond to that remark. “If she meets another man and has the same rules then what? Are you willing to watch man after man leave her knowing you could have addressed this now?”

“Mike! How do I ask Clare to let my son fuck her?” I was shocked for two reasons. First her language and then how fast she accepted his argument. “She is my sister!”

“Rhonda, who better than Jay to deal with this? Do we hope she doesn’t find another Odell?” Mike was playing hardball now. Then he let her down gently. “Rhonda you are her best hope to get her through this. You love her and she knows that. I know you will find a way to help her understand that Odell is to blame for this.”

We talked further but the tide had turned. I explained that she didn’t need do it tonight but would hope she could do it before we left tomorrow afternoon.

Clare was especially quiet on the way home. I knew she and mom had talked for some time that afternoon. It was hard to read her feelings on what they had talked about. I did ask several questions about the weekend. Casual stuff, mostly about Jesse and Evan. Clare answered them happily but she would not reciprocate like she usually did. The drive is almost two hours and to be honest it was an uncomfortable one for me. We were pulling down the street to the house.

“Why did you tell Jesse and Rhonda I will not have intercourse with you?” I pulled in the drive and placed the truck in park but left the engine running.

“I am sorry for that but I needed some advice.” Clare looked at me in a way I had never seen before. She was serious and focused. “I hoped mom could talk to you and help you understand…”

“Jay, I want to know ‘why’ you did it?” Clare interrupted.

This was one of the few times she showed that she could take control. I saw it when we went shopping for furniture. Clare could be ruthless when she wanted.

“Clare intercourse is not just for having kids…”

“JB, I want to know ‘why’ you did it?” She repeated firmly. She was looking for something else.

“Clare I did it because I love you!” It was the best I could come up with.

I turned off the truck and went around to open her door. She was crying when I got there. I opened the door and she waved me away. I stood there stunned and confused. Not wanting to make matters worse I opened the back door of the house and went inside. I grabbed a soda and sat down on the couch. I heard the back door close and Clare walked in the room.

“I want to know why you love me and I want to know now!” Clare sobbed. Clare stood in front of me making it clear she wasn’t backing down.

I held out my hand for her to take. Clare refused to give me hers. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“I am sure you don’t remember the day, but I do clearly. You were over for Thanksgiving. I had just been rejected by a girl I had a crush on.” I started to explain. “She told me she couldn’t date me because I was African American.”

“I remember!” Clare replied. “She was African American herself.”

“She is. She told me she would only date a white guy because the black men she knew didn’t respect women.” I explained. “I remember what you told me that day. You told me you would…”

“I would do anything to be with a man as nice as you.” She repeated what she said years ago.

“You kissed me on the cheek. I still remember how you made me feel. How you smelled, how much I wanted to kiss you.” I continued. “I had a dream that night and in that dream I saw two things. You and I together, was one of them.”

“You saw us making love back then?” Clare asked shocked.

“No, not having sex. Just us together. I knew then I was in love with you and now I know it more than ever.”

“Come with me Jay.” Clare held out her hand.

“Where are we going?” I asked confused.

“I am going to keep my word.” She replied.

“Your word about what?” I asked.

“To do anything to be with a man like you.” She smiled.

Clare led me to the master bedroom and started to undress me. Catching on slowly I undressed her. It sent chills down my spine as I peeled her clothes off. It always did but today more than ever. Her chocolate skin was soon the only thing she was wearing except for a nervous smile. Clare pulled back the covers and moved onto the king sized bed. This the same one we had abandoned weeks ago. We kissed passionately I moved between her legs my arousal brushed over her.

Clare sensing the inevitable closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Laying back on the bed she looked like she was ready to face the firing squad. Then it all made sense. Odell.

I kissed her softly and moved down to her breasts. Taking one then the other nipple I tugged and teased her until her back arched. Moving further down I tickled her navel. Clare giggled slightly. I traveled down to her moistening pussy.

I knew Odell cared little about Clare’s pleasure. My guess is he plunged his wimpy cock in her dry pussy caring little about her discomfort. I can only guess about the pain she must have endured and how she must have dreaded these attacks.

She was braver than I gave her credit for and vowed she would never be treated like that again. I thought of bringing her off but decided that if I did I might abuse her pussy trying to get her off with me inside. I didn’t teased her either. I wanted her aroused not frustrated. My only goal was to make sure she was sufficiently lubricated.

I could feel her respond her juices started to seep. I moved back up, her mouth open now from voicing her pleasures. Her eyes were still closed tightly. She smelled herself on my face and pulled me in for a lusty kiss. Her pussy was now brushing the head of my cock. I moved to the entrance and stopped. Clare winced her eyes closing harder. Her upper teeth resting on her lower lip.

“I am ready!” She whispered.

I wish I could have taken a picture. Clare was so scared and tense. Odell had a very small penis. I can only imagine the pain she was expecting when she felt my cock. I eased in slowly, she was tighter than I expected. I stopped just a second then eased further. Her lips parted a small whimper escaped. Feeling her pussy give way I gently applied pressure. Oh god was she tight! I almost expected her to be a virgin. I knew that wasn’t true but that made no difference to how she felt.

Delving further I moved about three quarters in. I hesitated she took a gasp of air. I started to pull out.

“NO!” She yelled!

What’s wrong? I thought. She looked up at me as if I was going to leave her. “Why are you pulling out?”


Clare’s eyes followed mine. My almost white cock was pulling out her pink lips gripping my cock stretching from her dark brown pussy. When just the head was left in her grasp I changed motion and her pink lips followed my cock back inside her waiting pussy.

“Jay that feels so good!” Clare moaned.

I picked up the pace. Clare had at least one mini orgasm maybe two. It was hard to tell as she moaned and called my name so many times. I was close but she was closer. I was most of the way in, but this was all about her pleasure, not mine. I dare not thrust deep, I kept a steady but quick pace. Her nails dug into my back. Clare tried to raise her hips to meet mine. With me on top there was little she could do.

“Cum in me JB!” She pleaded.

Her breath was shallow her nipples hard she looked up at me wanting to know when she could cum. There was a noticeable sheen on her dark skin. She looked like a goddess. Clare was desperate now. I could have held on longer but knew her needs outweighed my ego.

“Clare I am going to cum!” I whispered.

The first word sent her over the edge. Clare pulled her pussy up as much as she could. I could feel her cunt contract over my cock. I plunged down pinning her ass to the bed and my first jolt of cum seared her inner walls.

“Fuck me Jay!” She squealed.

My ears were ringing, she was convulsing below me, my balls were in hyper drive trying to deliver my cum deep in her pussy. I could feel the moisture between us as sweat continued to coat our bodies. Clare babbled through it all. She had pulled me down but now I was supported by my elbows hovering over her. My body was weak from my orgasm but my cock was still semi hard inside of her. I could feel the occasional contraction of her pussy sending electric jolts through my body.

Clare’s eyes were closed she looked satiated but tired. I am sure the mental stress was now taking its toll. I hunched my back to kiss her. My cock dug deeper in her gushing pussy. I thought I would pass out from lack of air she kissed me so hard. I grabbed her and rolled us to the other side of the bed. With her on top I could relax and let her rest as well.

Her head was resting on my chest. My cock still imbedded in her cunt. Clare moved up to kiss me.

“OH! Jay you’re still hard!” She seemed surprised. She looked up I had a happy grin. “That can’t be? I felt you cum!”

With her light weight on top I thrust up. My cock was growing harder. Clare spread her legs and moved lower on my body.

“Jay are we still fucking?” She was almost in tears she was so confused.

“Only if you want to.” Clare pushed up, her arms extended, her pussy slipped further over my cock. She was still tight but there was so much cum and she was so excited if felt like soft velvet.

Slowly she started to rock over my cock. Before long she was setting a tempo faster than before. Her tits swayed and her nipples danced for my enjoyment. I let my hands rest on her hips just so I could learn what she wanted. Occasionally she would slam down pressing her clit against me. She ground her clit for just a moment then the proceeded to abuse her pussy on my cock.

Even though her eyes were closed her head was pulled back and she had the happiest look on her face. Her body told the story. Clare loved being fucked. I could have lasted another thirty minutes at least. I had a massive orgasm the first time. I knew the second would be just a nice pleasurable glowing feeling. I was enjoying the warmth start to build.

Clare opened her eyes she looked at me her eyes filled with passion.

“Jay I need to cum!” She could hardly breathe. The perspiration collected on her skin.

She looked down and saw her pussy slamming against me. My cock disappeared on each down stroke her pussy slurped on each up stroke. There was copious amounts of fluid dripping between my legs the bed was saturated.

“Come for me love. Cum for yourself!” I whispered. Her eyes closed her head thrust back. I could see her nostrils flare hoping to get enough air to fill her lungs. Clare was lost to me in the minutes to follow. I didn’t care. Lowering a bit, I raised my head and sucked a nipple. The reaction was instantaneous.

“I love you Jay, I love you, I love you, I love you!” Each proclamation coincided with a jerk of her body as a massive orgasm raced through her core. So overwhelming was her passion I myself came filling her cunt with spurt after spurt. The remaining cum splashed against her cervix. I doubt she even noticed I was so focused on her. I barely knew myself.

Totally spent I lay back as she continued to quiver above me. Slowly she moved up her lips finding mine. My cock slipped from her pussy a trail of cum oozed from her as well. Clare kissed me relentlessly a clear sign she was happy. I caressed her back and squeezed her ass cheeks. She giggled as she continued to kiss me.

“Jay that is the best sex I’ve ever had!” She gushed.

“I am glad you liked it.” I squeezed her ass again.

“Can we do it again?” Clare squealed. A day ago she was against it and now she wants to do it three times in a row? Then I thought about the last time she learned she could do something more than once a month.

“When were you thinking of doing it?” I asked slyly.

“Could we do it next weekend?” She asked a bit embarrassed.

“Maybe sooner?” I suggested. Clare looked at my wicked grin and knew there was something she was missing.

“No! You don’t mean we could do it again tonight?” I could feel her body respond as she asked the question.

“Well we could. I may need a couple of hours to recover.” I teased.

“You mean we could really do it again tonight?” He body shuddered above me.

“Yes dear. Maybe we should wait and see how you feel.” I swept the hair from her face and kissed her softly. “You may be a bit sore. I don’t want your first time to be a bad experience.” I warned her.

“If it was any better we would be getting married in the morning!” Her words took me by surprise.

“Do you mean that?” I quickly asked. The sudden response must have frightened her.

“I am sorry! I was wrong to say that!” The mood turned serious just like that.

“Don’t be I am flattered.” I kissed her. I decided not to say anything else about it. “Maybe we should rest?”

I pulled Clare down and she rested her head on my chest. We were both physically and mentally spent. I fell asleep quickly.

I was having the most incredible dream. Warm moist lips around my cock soft hands over my balls. Suddenly I heard Clare calling me.

“Jay! Jay!” I looked up and Clare was looking at me with a wicked grin. “I need you inside me Jay!”

The fog had hardly lifted when I felt her pussy slip along my throbbing prick. She hugged me and whispered in my ear.

“Your cock is so big it feels so good. Please fuck me!” She grunted with the first trust. “Deeper I want to feel it all!”

I rolled her over and planted my cock deep in her pussy. Clare moaned loudly. I knew what she wanted. She wanted to experience hard passionate animal sex. I pulled out and drove in hard and deep. Her moans were urging me to continue. This was a whole new game. Wide awake and thoroughly aroused I fucked Clare fast and hard.

“Oh God Jay don’t stop!” Her pussy was gushing fluid. The noise as loud as her moans.

She was getting close I was nowhere near. I knew she would be hurting in the morning so I decided to send her over the edge.

“Cum for me love! Be a good wife and cum for me!” Clare’s eyes went wide open in surprise.

“Yes Jay! Fuck me! Make my pussy yours…” Clare started cumming in mid-sentence. “AAAHHHHHHH!

I didn’t stop slamming in her until she begged me to stop and pushed me away. I rolled off and moved to her side. Clare was lying still, her legs clamped shut, her breathing started to return to normal. I ran my finger along her stomach and around her tits. She was content to let me caress her. I was loving every minute. She looked down and saw I was still hard.

“My pussy is too sore. l want you to spice me!” Clare quickly move to take me in her mouth.

We finished with me filling her mouth. Clare of course swallowed it all. And of course she kissed me afterwards. It was a small price for her happiness.

The next day she was sore and I was beat. The day dragged on but when I came home and she was waiting for me with dinner I felt like a king. She ran to the door and jumped into my arms. I kissed her as she kissed me.

“I love you!” I said.

“I know! My pussy is still sore from you showing me!” She had never been this happy the whole house was a different place.

That night we were lying in bed. We agreed not to fuck so we could both sleep.

“Jay? Are there more things I don’t know about?” She asked nuzzled against me. I looked at her confused. “Sex things.” She clarified.

“Yes I believe there are.” I kissed her head. “Things we both don’t know.”

“Will you teach me?” She looked up shyly. “I want to know.”

“Well how about we take it slow for now. Then we can experiment if you want.” I was still dealing with the question. I suspect this woman was a closet nymph waiting to be let out.

“Promise you will be there with me?” She asked.


She cuddled up again satisfied she would learn one day.

“Jay you said there were two things that made you love me… what’s the other?” Clare may be a meek person but she doesn’t miss anything.

“I can’t tell you now but I will write it down and give it to you if you promise not to open it before I tell you.” Clare wasn’t happy but agreed.

We spent the night in each other’s arms then fell asleep.

Clare and I have made many strides since Odell left. As with any relationship there are always circumstances when things don’t go so well. We have had our share most of them involve others. We have visited Nancy and Butch several times but it’s hard for Clare. Alice is such a cute baby and Clare holds her every time we visit but I can tell she is still affected by her loss and medical condition. I have been holding off talking about the alternatives until we have a more solid relationship.

I will tell you one little story about the life Clare lives. It is not easy being a black woman in our town. Being a disfigured black woman is infinitely worse. She gets her shares of cat calls. Even double takes but if they see her scar the attention is usually short lived. She is so self-conscious almost half her face is shrouded in a wave of black hair.

We were in line at the grocery the white woman in front had a young girl riding in the cart facing us. Cute as button she was getting restless. As mom was unloading the cart she wriggled loose and was standing on the higher rear platform. Mom was busy dealing with the cashier. She pulled the cart forward just inches. The little girl started to fall over the handle of the cart. Clare’s reaction was instant and effective. She grabbed the girl before she could fall to the ground. It was all I could do to just sound a verbal alarm for the mother.

She turned to see her child in Clare’s arms. Not knowing the pain Clare just saved her child. Her first reaction was to protect her child at all costs. She must have thought Clare was going to abduct her. I explained what happened to the mother. Clare was helping the girl back in the cart now. Her hair shifting during the process the little girl now looked directly at the obvious scar.

“Mom she is has boo boo.” The little girl pointed out. Clare now froze in fear. I knew she wanted to run and hide. The mother and cashier could not help but look. Seeing Clare’s predicament I stepped in.

“She did but it has healed now.” I explained to the little girl. “Would you like to touch it?”

I knew the mother would find this objectionable so I gave her a stern look. Clare looked at me like I was crazy. The little girl slowly moved her finger and gently touched the bump along her cheek.

“Does it hurt?” Her voice was so tender and filled with concern. Clare looked at me expecting me to answer. I nodded that she should.

“Not anymore.” Her emotions were welling up her eyes started to get damp.

“Can I kiss it and make it better?” The little girl asked shocking us all. Clare was too ashamed to answer.

“I think she would like that!” I offered looking at the girl then her mother. She too was now affected as was the cashier. The girl leaned closer Clare holding her steady and planted the cutest little kiss right where I have so many times before.

“There all better now!” She turned to face her mom who lifted her from the cart. Clare clung to me as we headed to the car. It was all she could do to hold it together as we paid for our groceries.

“Thank you Jay. That was nice of you.” Clare whispered.

“Clare did you ever think that by hiding it, it only make people want to look more?” I asked. She stopped at the back of the car not letting go.

“But what if they see you with me?” She asked. It never occurred to me she would ever think that way. All this time she was dealing with the embarrassment about herself and now she had the burden of protecting me as well.

“Well if you love me enough, how I look shouldn’t really matter!” I replied sarcastically. “But if you are embarrassed to be seen with me I guess I could walk behind you!”. Clare didn’t care for my attempt at humor but I think she got the point.

“The benefit of that is I could also watch that sexy ass of yours!” I added.

“So is that all I am is a piece of ass?” Clare said as we got in the car. It was one of the few times she teased me about sex.

“Oh I would never fall for just a piece of ass!” I teased. “I want it all! That includes those tits and pussy!”

“Well they belong to you so you better treat them right!” Clare looked at me seriously to see if I understood what she just said. “I am in love with you Jay Brown.”

“I would never do anything knowingly to hurt you Clare. I am in love with you too.” I brushed her hair from her face. “Just the way you are. And I mean that.”

She kissed me, that night we expressed our love one more time.

To be continued…