“Clare” Unconventional Aunt Ch. 04 – {Jay learns nothing is impossible with Clare.}

I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be. I have met almost his entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years. I don’t know how, I asked, he didn’t say.

They all have in one way or another committed incest. I doubted Daniel and others I talked to at first. I soon learned how naïve I was. Over the last three years I decided to put them to paper. There are ten stories in all. I started submitting them here for your consideration.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long. Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Daniel insisted I talk to one person before any others. That person was JB.

This story is one that almost never saw the light of day. Jay at first rejected any attempt to publish this. Clare on the other hand encouraged it. They are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

This is the final chapter. Clare and Jay begin the journey only to find the future is more than Jay bargained for.


Around Halloween Jesse and Evan came to visit for a weekend. Nancy invited us to a costume party at the house. They arrived Friday after school and we all dressed up. Alice was dressed as a little kitty. It was a small but fun party. Clare and Jesse both held Alice. Evan even took a turn. On the way home they were all pretty happy. I had to work Saturday so I stayed sober and drove.

Back at the house Clare checked on the spare room to make sure they had everything they needed. The futon was long gone the room now just an office. We had purchased a new queen bed for the guest room and some night stands. I headed to bed as the others sat in the living room talking.

“Jay!” Clare was shaking me and whispering. “Jay! Hurry!”

“What!” I woke startled. Clare was over me in her spaghetti strap satin top and her skimpy satin shorts. I could see her tits as she leaned over me.

“SSHHHH.” Clare silenced me. “Come with me.”

Pulling me she dragged me down the hall outside the spare bedroom. Inside we could hear moaning and muffled talking.

“They are sexing!” Clare whispered.

“Great. I’m going back to bed.” I whispered. Clare gripped my wrist and pulled me back.

“Hold me.” She moved in front of me I wrapped my arms around her. We stood silently in the hall. The noises on the other side of the door were steady and becoming recognizable. Jesse was clearly in the throes of passion. Her voice clear if not the words. Clare pushed back my cock starting to rise against her back.

Clare guided my hand under the waist of her shorts to her pussy. She was wet and on fire. Pushing urgently into my palm I snuck two fingers in her pussy. Clare quietly moaned and started to rock against my hand. My other hand slipped under her top and found her breast.

Thoroughly aroused you could hear her pussy sloshing on my fingers. Twisting just her face she searched for my lips. She was mine to do with now and we both knew it. Jesse was getting louder in the bedroom. Clare’s arousal was building at the same rate. She pushed her shorts off and spread her legs open further.

“Cum Jesse! Cum!” Clare hissed through gritted teeth. Her pussy started to drip.

Clare reach behind and gripped my cock stroking it inside my boxers. Jesse was even more vocal I moved my thumb to Clare’s clit. Clare groaned in response.

“Evan!” The first clear words we heard from behind the door.

“YES!” Clare moaned much too loudly.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKK MMEEEE!” Jesse cried out.

I couldn’t be sure but that is what it sounded like. Clare must have thought so too. She squeezed my cock with one hand and pressed my hand against her pussy with the other. Her body started to shudder. Her lips pressed hard against mine. It was all I could do to keep her in my arms. Clare was cumming! At the same time the noises inside the room suggested they too were climaxing.

“I need you in me!” Clare hissed. Like the quick little minx she was Clare pulled my boxers down and jumped in my arms.

“Here?” I whispered as we stood in the hallway.

“In my pussy now!” She was getting louder. I held her ass cheeks and lowered her on my cock. Her arms around my neck her chin on my shoulder. “Take me to our bed and fuck me!”

With my boxers still dangling from one foot I waddled to our bedroom. I fell on top of Clare my cock still deep inside her pussy. She was a woman possessed that night. When she came she came loudly. With the door open I am sure her cries echoed down the hall. I myself enjoyed filling her pussy knowing that she was just starting to find herself sexually.

I was up early and was just getting ready to leave for work when Jesse and Clare rounded the corner from opposite directions.

“I think you left something in the hall outside our door!” Jesse twirled Clare’s skimpy pajama bottoms.

“Not mine!” I teased. “Better talk to the voyeur in the house.”

“Jay! You stinker. I thought you loved me?” Clare acted betrayed. “Besides I thought she stubbed her toe!”

“See what you taught her?” I quipped looking to Jesse. “Serves you right.”

I left them both embarrassed and yet happy knowing they both had gotten laid last night. Jesse was like a little sister Clare never had. I think they both enjoyed each other immensely.

We all went out to dinner that night Evan and I got to talk quite a bit. He is still a bit quiet but I believe Jesse is good for him. Keeping him on his toes so to speak. We talked late into the night. It was Jesse that suggested we head to bed.

Before I cuddled up with Clare I went and checked their room. I could tell they were at it again. I went to my office and left them a gag gift. Clare wanted to know if they were ‘sexing’ as she calls it. I told her they were. She made it clear we were going to do it again as well. Oh darn.

It was Evan that was up first in their room Sunday morning. He came in the kitchen asking about the steeled toed boots he found in the hall. I explained Jesse thought he may need them. I was able to not smile until after he left the kitchen.

“JAY!” Jesse yelled from the hall. It was all I could do not to roll on the floor laughing. “This isn’t funny!”

Clare was following as Jesse carried in the boots, she too was amused.

“Quite the contrary. It is very funny!” I explained.

“What’s funny?” Evan asked innocently enough.

“My brother thinks I am a noisy lover!” She dropped the boots with metal plates over the toes at my feet.

“Well you kind of are!” Evan replied. Evan knew the minute he said it he was toast. I couldn’t stop laughing. Even Clare and Evan joined in.

“I like this guy!” I was able to get out between laughs.

“Just you wait Jay Brown! I will get you back!” Jesse tried to be serious, but was now laughing herself. “And you …”

Jesse looked at Evan. He was no longer laughing. He was giving her that look like the whole world had just stopped and she was the only one in it. Jesse moved to him and straddled his legs and started kissing him.

“I love you!” She told Evan. It was the first time I had ever seen Jesse allow herself to be vulnerable.

“You don’t know how long I have waited to hear you say that.” Evan kissed her tenderly. “You know I love you too!”

Evan and I talked before they left I explained the joke about stubbing her toes. I then explained that if he played loosely with Jesse’s heart he would have to answer to me. He assured me he wasn’t, and I believed him.

I talked to Jesse as well about Evan. She explained that she was falling in love with him and it scared her. I told her to trust her heart. She then explained that Evan was everything in bed and more. She thanked me for encouraging her to give him a chance.

Later that week Clare came home from the salon with a new haircut. Gone was the long flowing wave of hair that covered her cheek. The new cut was short and sassy. So short she couldn’t cover her cheek if she wanted. It suited her well. The moment I saw her I knew she was terrified she had made a mistake. I ran to her and swept her off her feet kissing her scar and then her lips.

“You have never been more beautiful!” I praised her. The excitement of having made the decision fading with the realization she was now stuck with her new look she held me close.

“Jay I am scared. What if we’re wrong?” Her fears now resting on both of us.

“Clare you have survived much worse than impolite people. You are a strong woman. You can do this!” I reassured her.

“I love you Jay.” She kissed me.

I sent flowers the next day to her work. She told me later it reminded her what I had said. It took a few weeks of adjusting, and a few tear filled nights for her to get through it. I could tell after the first few days she had changed. Even the people at work noticed, she had received many compliments and support.

Business was steady, we picked up some big jobs but getting supplies at a good price was getting harder. The local wholesaler was struggling. It wasn’t so much for lack of business but low inventory and poor service. The rumblings of other contractors verified my experiences. Deciding I had nothing to lose I contacted the owner. Well into his seventies he had left the running of the business to his only son Ward. It didn’t take long to learn he wasn’t happy with the way the business was managed either. Losing money he had considered selling the business but didn’t have a buyer. I called Mike.

Within days he and Albert were on site looking over the books and the facilities. The reports from them as well as the bank and others was just as I suspected. The place had just been neglected under his son. I knew Ward he was a very good salesman. He knew the industry inside and out, he just didn’t like the responsibility of running the business.

Days later the owner accepted my low ball offer with the assurance his son would stay on as part of the staff. We set up a ten year land contract at a fair interest rate. What was left of my inheritance after paying off Wrecker was once again gone for now. The business was housed in a commercial area with access to the main road. There were three large buildings on the property. For now the business was now housed in just one. The other two no longer used since their heyday had just been left derelict with mostly junk housed inside.

I turned running the roofing company over to my head foreman. He and I even talked of him buying the business. It didn’t take long to figure out the issues of the new building supply business. Working day and night, with help from Clare and Mike we started turning things around. Free from the burden of running a business and now working regular hours Ward became an asset to the company.

Metal roofing was becoming popular again so we brought in a premium line to fill that void. Blowing out old inventory and bringing in lines of the newest products we saw our sales steadily improve. Clare took pride in running the books. She worked tirelessly to get them back in shape. It would be months before I could take a paycheck from the supply store. I sank most of my income from the roofing business into the store as well.

Thanksgiving was coming up and I decided to take Clare to mom and dads for the weekend. I would stay Thursday and return early Friday. Saturday after we closed the store I will drive back up and bring Clare home Sunday. I was feeling good about life in general. Clare and I had settled into a comfortable place. The bills were paid and we each had a small amount in savings if we needed it. Our relationship was stronger than ever. Clare’s divorce from Odell was finalized without too much drama. Clare kept things ‘spiced’ in bed on a regular occasion, her libido maybe even higher than mine.

We had not experimented much of late concentrating on the basics for now. Clare seemed to be happy knowing we could have sex whenever we wanted. She was still the same shy introvert from before in public. Only when we were alone did she let loose. The only other people she seemed comfortable around was Jesse, Rhonda and Mike. With Nancy and Butch it depended on the situation.

The ride up to moms was filled talking about the new business and seeing Jesse and Evan. If I didn’t know better I would think she was hoping to listen to them having sex again. Clare even slept for about thirty minutes something she had never done. I chalked it up to her working so hard lately. I let her doze off. Mom and dad greeted us Wednesday night. Jesse was out with Evan. It was the first time mom saw Clare with her new haircut. I could see Clare beaming with confidence as mom complimented her. That night before bed mom pulled me aside and told me how proud she was of me and how happy she was for Clare.

“Jay you have given her the life she deserves.” Mom gushed. “Thank you son.” She kissed my cheek and hugged me.

Evan joined Jesse and us for Thanksgiving dinner. Jesse and I teased each other entertaining the others. The meal was great. The guys were just setting down to watch football when mom asked if we wanted desert. Of course we did. When Clare brought out a plate for Mike and Evan she looked a bit tired to me. She returned with a plate for me. Clare sat on the arm of the chair with me, I noticed she felt a bit warm. I took a bite of pumpkin pie with a generous portion of whipped cream. Man was this good!

I offered a piece to Clare. She took my fork as I held the plate for her and turned back to the game. The next thing I know the fork is hitting the floor and Clare is running down the hall. Setting the plate down I follow her while everyone is looking to see what is going on. Clare is in the bathroom getting sick. Mom walks up behind me and moves me aside.

“Jay leave her to me.” I quickly agreed. We both know I don’t handle throwing up well. I am likely to end up in the same position if I stay.

Concerned, I wait at the end of the hall as mom took her to our room.

“She is sleeping now. She probably picked up a bug.” Mom consoles me. “You go watch the game and I will keep an eye on her. There is nothing you can do now anyway.”

That night it was decided I should sleep on the couch. If she was contagious it would be better if I didn’t get sick. The next morning I was up early and so was mom and Clare.

“Should I stay?” I offered.

“I am feeling better.” Clare explained. Mom gave me a concerned look.

“You should go. I will be with Clare. We may stop in and see the doctor while she’s here.” It was something in the way she said it that told me she had concerns. “Maybe she will just need a flu shot.”

“Call me if you need me. Ward said he will be home if I need him.” I looked at mom letting her know I was concerned as well.

Friday was more hectic than I expected for a holiday weekend. The word was getting out that we offered counter sales to the general public. At first the contractors complained about this, they feared it would cut into their work. I explained that we made more money than on wholesale and if we were to stay profitable then we needed the business. What we all learned was it was a small part of the business and the public would also ask us for referrals to reputable contractors. It worked out well for all as long as the vendors did good work.

I called home Friday night to talk to Clare. Mike answered the phone. I found it odd since mom always answers the phone. He said Clare was resting, they went to the clinic where they checked her out. She seemed fine but they ran some tests just in case. He promised to have her call if she got up at a reasonable hour. The call never came.

Saturday at the store was blur. We sold more that day than any other. Normally we close at two but it was three before I locked up. I stopped at our house and took a shower and changed. I tried to call home but the line was busy. I left a message I was on my way. I pulled in the drive and walked to the front door. Mike was waiting for me.

“What’s up pops?” I greeted him.

“Jay your mom got some news today that has her quite upset.” Mike didn’t seem particularly concerned. If anything he almost looked happy. “Please try and understand her position.”

“Any heads up on what it is?” I asked a bit bewildered.

“No JB, I am afraid you are all alone on this one!” He gave me a sly grin. Mike then opened the door as I walked in.

“JAY!” Clare yelled as she flew into my arms. In no time she was kissing me like I had been gone for a month.

“Clare please!” Mom scolded her. She glared at me like I was ten with my hand in the cookie jar before dinner.

“What’s wrong?” I had a bad feeling about this. Mike moved behind mom Clare dragged me over to the couch to sit with her.

“I took Clare to the clinic yesterday. They ran some tests.” Mom continued to glare at me. For some reason she was pissed. “They called today and confirmed my suspicions.” She almost growled at me.

“Oh Rhonda stop!” Clare now scolded her sister. “Jay! We’re having a BABY!”

Clare hesitated only long enough to see me smile then pounced on me a second time. She was still kissing me when I looked up at Mike. He was grinning ear to ear. Mom was another story.

“That’s great…” I blurted out. I was going to ask how that could happen if Clare was sterile. Obviously she wasn’t.

“NO! It is definitely not GREAT!” Mom shouted her voice raising to levels we all knew was beyond normal. “Don’t the two of you know what birth control is?”

She was in a pickle. She had allowed us to stay together against her better judgment, and now her worst fears were coming true. My mother was no prude or bible thumper. She was a hard working honest person that tried to live a good law abiding life. How could she possible approve of her sister carrying my child?

“Mom! I have always been responsible. Clare and I didn’t…well…because this wasn’t supposed to be possible!” I explained. I looked to Clare just to reassure myself. I knew she would not have lied about something like this! We all knew she didn’t have a dishonest bone in her body.

“I tried to tell her!” Clare was getting upset with her sister.

“Jay! She is your AUNT!” Mom repeated it like we didn’t know that. I moved to mom and took her hands in mine.

“No she isn’t! She is the woman I love and is in love with me.” I squeezed mom’s hands gently. “She just happens to be your sister. Can you find it in your heart to be happy for us?”

“Jay you don’t understand!” She protested.

“Yes I do. You are going to be a grandmother!” I kissed her cheek. “When you hold that little girl in your arms you will forget all about this moment and know it was meant to happen.”

“A girl?” Clare squealed. “You said a girl how do you know that?”

Clare and Rhonda looked at each other in disbelief. I looked up at Mike he gave me a confused look as well. I had never told anyone that this was the second part of my dream.

Rhonda had no choice but to let Clare tell Jesse. The idea of an abortion wasn’t even a possibility. It was never mentioned. Overwhelmed by the rest of us mom reluctantly accepted it was going to happen. She wasn’t happy about it. But she knew she couldn’t stop it either. Sunday she kissed me goodbye on the cheek.

“Jay, I love you, but you are making me grey before my time.” Mom said.

As Clare and I drove home we couldn’t have been happier. Clare was beyond excited. The whole way home all she did is talk about the baby and what we need to do in preparation.

We agreed for now we would tell no one about her pregnancy. Only family knew. Mom had suggested it for now as we looked into all the legal issues that may arise. Clare agreed immediately. Maybe she was afraid she would lose this child as well. Maybe she didn’t want Odell to find out.

I was in the office at home when Clare walked in wearing her newest lingerie. She knew it drove me crazy. Sheer and just barely covering her ass, she leaned against the door opening.

“Are you going to be long?” Clare teased.

“Maybe thirty minutes?” I looked up just in time to see her turn.

“Don’t be too long or I might start without you!” Her voice trailed down the hall.

I looked down at the papers I was working on and decided they could wait. I bound down the hall to our room and she wasn’t there. I looked in the living room then found her in the kitchen. Her back to me she was reaching for a glass in the upper cupboard. The teddy raised up and I could now see she wore no panties. I moved swiftly behind her reaching around grasping her tits.

“Jay!” Clare squealed startled. She tried to turn but I held her tit’s firm. Without a word I moved her a step to the side and pushed her over the counter top.

“Jay?” She struggled mildly as her chest rested on the counter top. I moved my one hand behind her shoulders and held her in place as my other hand found her pussy. For the next several minutes I fingered her cunt as I pressed her tight against the counter. Moaning she spread her legs her toes just touching the floor. The wiggling stopped and her ass moved up and down with my fingers.

“Jay please!” Clare hissed. I knew what she wanted. I removed my hand from her back to slip my slacks down. She started to get up. I pushed her back down.

“Stay!” Moving my hand she tried again to get up again.

“I said stay bitch!” I repeated sternly.

“JAY!” She protested. I had never called her anything like that before. I was always sensitive to any abuse from her past. I pulled my hand from her pussy.

“No! Please!” Clare protested.

Pushing my slacks down I slipped my cock in her pussy swiftly.

“Ohhhhhh, Jay!” Clare grunted. I moved my hands around her and gripped the front of her hips. Pulling her ass up and back so I could fuck her hard. We had never fucked doggie style before. Clare responded with a happy moan. I could feel her cervix with each thrust. Her face pressed on the counter her tit flesh mashed to each side. Clare was mumbling something I didn’t understand.

“Yes!” Clare yelled.

“Yes what?” I asked.

“Yes! Fuck your bitch’s pussy!” Clare yelled louder. The sounds of our coupling were echoing in the kitchen. “Jay I am going to cum!”

She didn’t need to tell me. I could read her like a book by now. But I knew she loved telling me anyway. I have to admit it added something when she did. Clare was like no other.

“Cum for me bitch! Show me what a good bitch you are!” I had barely gotten the words out when her body started to convulse.

“Yes come for him. Come for Jay!” Clare repeated as her climax reached its peak. Her pussy clenched my cock sending the first cum bomb bursting in her pussy. As I filled her I leaned over her body. Clare twisted so she could kiss me.

“Was I a good bitch?” She whimpered. Pressed on top of the counter with me draped over her back my soft cock slipped from her cunt. We were both catching our breath.

“Sorry I guess I got carried away.” I apologized as I moved to the side. “I didn’t mean that, it just came out.”

“Oh Jay that was so hot! I will be whatever you want me to be as long as you love me!” Clare moved to kiss me again. “Can we do it from the back again?”

“You liked that?” I asked just to make sure.

“I love it any time you are in me!” Clare smiled. “Now take me to bed and make your bitch beg for it!”

“My pleasure ‘mom’.” I teased.

“I love you daddy!” Clare jumped into my arms. I kicked my slacks off my feet and took her to bed.

I fucked her a second time from behind until she climaxed again then flipped her over missionary style. I loved to watch her face as she cums. She did the third time as filled her again. I was drained but it was Clare that fell asleep first. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up then locked up the house. Heading to the bedroom I stood at the door as a soft light cast its rays over her sleeping body.

A father I thought. Here I was with the most unlikely of women and we were going to have a baby. I looked at her lying there the reality sinking in for maybe the first time. Clare wasn’t what you would call a beautiful woman, scar or no scar, but she was strikingly pretty. Her body would never grace a magazine but she could make you look twice when she dressed nicely. Her dark skin contrasted against the beige sheets made her look even more desirable to me. What brings people together? Why do we fall in love with one person over another? I am not old but I have dated better looking women. I have had relations with sexier, more voluptuous and, more experienced lovers. Still there is something about Clare that just feels right.

I know mom thought it may be some infatuation based on saving the damsel in distress. I have contemplated that very question myself. But for me I can honestly say it is more than that. Yes I may have helped her out of an abusive relationship, but she also helped. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. It’s an old adage, but Clare did drink. In fact at times she guzzled. No there is something more. Maybe it is her almost childlike innocence. As if she were just reaching puberty for the first time.

She looks so peaceful laying there, happy comes to mind. I think what I love about her most is her strength. Her persistence and resiliency. Through it all she rarely complained. Clare has never lost her sense of humor. She is still willing to learn and grow. Quirky as she may be, she is always surprising me in some way or another. Clare is truly special. I am a better person when I am with her. She keeps me grounded. She makes me want to be a better person. But most of all she makes me feel loved.

“Are you coming to bed?” Her eyes were closed a smile crossed her face. “Do you like what you see?”

“I love what I see!” I replied turning off the lamp.

“Well you better take a picture because this is the best it will ever look after what you did to me!” She teased.

“I don’t know? You could stand to add a few pounds. Besides I might just like big tits!” I slipped in behind her as she turned away. My hand gripped her tit squeezing it lovingly.

“Well those will be for the baby so you can forget that daddy.” Clare giggled.

“We’ll see about that!” I pinched her nipple.

Clare rolled over to face me. She stroked my face her hand nervously moved about.

“Jay? Can we go see Butch and Nancy?” She was getting emotional for some reason.

“Sure I can call her up, or do you want to?” She pulled me to herself I could tell she was crying.

“Would you please?” She asked. Her voice cracked as she cried. I knew better than to ask why.

“Of course.”

“I love you Jay!” With that she kissed me.

It was the middle of the week before we could get together. Clare and I drove out to the house. She was nervous about something. I didn’t ask why, maybe it was because we had not told them she was pregnant. If she wanted me to know she would have told me. Albert met us at the door happy to see us. He led us to the back of the house to the family room and the glassed in porch. Nancy and Butch welcomed us. Albert excused himself but not before asking to have a word with me before we left.

Alice was crawling by now and walking wasn’t too far in the future I would guess. She looked healthy and happy Butch glowed in pride. She herself was getting her form back with the exception of her massive tits. Nancy was telling us all about Alice since we last saw her. The infant could not ask for more loving parents. We talked for some time. Alice came to visit me I played with her. Clare looked on still tense.

When Alice started to get a bit grumpy Butch picked her up from me to feed her. As usual when we were there she showed no modesty and simply pulled her blouse off, lowered her bra and let Alice latch on. I was long past being polite and looked on happily grinning as her massive tit came into view her large nipple protruding.

“Dream on buster!” Butch teased me. Knowing Clare wanted to say something, I wasn’t in the mood to respond in kind.

“Well I will just keep dreaming then!” I replied letting her know I was done. “I am going to go see Albert.”

I left the women and headed to the den where I expected to find Albert. He was reading in a chair and looked up as I entered.

“Jay, glad you stopped by. I was going to call you myself.” He offered his hand as he stood. We shook then he offered me a seat next to his.

“What can I do for you?” I asked.

“Well I have a business proposition if you are interested.” He stated.

He went on to explain that he was bidding on a contract with the state for a storage facility. He knew I had two buildings and they would meet their needs with some renovation. We talked for almost an hour. Time seemed to slip by so fast. Based on our conversation I was very interested and asked if I could call Mike and get back with him. Albert the perfect gentleman insisted I do so. He was even willing to drive up and meet with Mike. I noticed Nancy at the door patiently waiting as we finished discussing one point. I motioned to Albert she was behind him.

“Yes dear?” He asked.

“May I have moment with you?” She looked at her dad.

“Excuse me a minute Jay.” They stood in the hall just outside the opening. Nancy talked, Albert listened. There he did it again. I smiled deep inside knowing I was right. He tried to hide it but I knew what to look for. Besides I found it odd he was rarely in the same room with either Nancy or Butch when he had visitors.

Albert looked at me a couple of times smiling. She showed him something he nodded in agreement. They walked in together I stood up. Nancy walked to me and before I knew what was happening she pulled me down to a very sensual kiss. I responded in kind more out of instinct than desire. I guess I gave her a good enough effort.

“God I have wanted to do that for so long!” Nancy announced. “That is from me and Butch!”

“What?” I asked puzzled. “What did I do?”

“A baby? Clare is pregnant? And I am the last to find out?” Nancy faked being hurt. “I knew the moment we met you would be someone special.”

“She told you?” I asked knowing we agreed not to.

“She didn’t. But you just did!” Nancy gave Albert a knowing glance. “Jay she is a child in a woman’s body on things like this.”

“I know, but what did she say?” I questioned.

“Clare apologized for being rude to Butch and Alice when she was born. She has so many questions now. It was clear from the start why she wanted to know.” Nancy hugged me. “Come I will show you.”

Albert and I followed as Nancy walked to the back room. We stopped before entering Clare was holding Alice making baby talk. I could see she was relaxed and truly happy. Butch caught our presence first. She locked on me then pointed to Clare. I nodded in approval. She stood up and motioned me over. I went near her she took my hand and pulled me close. Then Butch shocked everyone in the room. She kissed me like Nancy had done earlier. Her massive breasts pushed against me. Her lips were soft but pressed hard.

“I am proud of you JB.” Butch whispered in my ear. “You better treat her right or I will kick your ass!”

She was crying now as she held me. We both knew what she meant. Her hard exterior melted away. I knew she was a big marshmallow deep inside.

“I expect you to keep that promise.” I said half-jokingly.

‘Hey get your hands off of him! He’s mine!” Clare teased. She moved over handing a sleeping Alice to Albert.

“You can have him I have a vibrator if I want that!” Butch teased looking at me knowing I would respond.

“So you’re a back door kind of guy?” I teased back. Nancy and Albert were cracking up. Clare smiled but seemed confused.

“Clare. Why don’t you tell them the good news?” She looked at me uncertain if she should. “It’s ok, they’re friends.”

Clare looked around and seemed hesitant. Then …

“I’m pregnant!” Clare just blurted it out.

“Clare! That is great! Who’s the father?” Butch was in rare form, on top of her game. The pregnancy had been hard on her but she was back better than ever.

“Jay is!” Clare replied before she caught the joke.

“Clare congratulations!” Nancy stepped forward and hugged her, acting like it was new news. “Jay I am so happy for you!”

“I’m not. It can’t be his…” Butch replied dryly. “…I doubt he could do that with the pencil dick he has!”

“He doesn’t! His cock is almost too big! Odell had the pencil dick!” Only after she defended my honor and everyone got over the shock of what she just said did the room erupt in laughter. Even Clare laughed knowing Butch had goaded her on.

Before we left Nancy gave me a couple of names. One was the name of a doctor she wanted us to call. She was a close friend that had experience in pregnancies like ours. Nancy assured Clare she was the best. She also recommended a lawyer I should call. He was a specialist in family law. She would call them both and let them know we would be contacting them.

That night Clare and I were lying in bed. I was checking over some reports for the morning. Clare had been reading a brochure Butch had given her about what to expect while she was pregnant. She laid it down and in her not so subtle way she let me know she wanted to talk to me.

“What is it?” I asked as I put the reports down.

“How do you know that?” She asked surprised.

“I just do. Now spill the beans.” I replied.

“Why did Butch kiss you like that?” Clare looked apprehensive as she asked. “Are you in love with her?”

I was shocked at first but then remembered who was asking. This would be tricky.

“She did it to make a point. Nancy did it also. It was the first time for them both. It held a special meaning.” I looked to see if she understood what I was saying. “I am in love with you and only you.”

Clare smiled nervously.

“What point?”

“That you and I are having a baby together.” I replied. She looked confused.

“But I hadn’t told them yet?” She thought back to the series of events.

“Ah, but you did by your actions. They guessed.” Clare looked surprised. “That’s why I had you tell them. Besides I could see you wanted to anyways!”

“And you’re not upset?”

“Clare they are our friends, of course not. They care about you!”

Clare was affected by that. She pondered it for a few minutes. I think she has a hard time understanding people like her just as Clare. Before now all she really had was family. The concept of friends is foreign to her.

“Are you mad I told them you have a big cock?” I almost choked she said it so bluntly.

“How could I be mad at you for standing up for me?” I stroked her cheek. “I was proud of you?”

Clare gripped my hand at her face and held it there proud of herself.

“Why do you make fun of each other like that?” Clare asked puzzled. She had seen this countless times and just now she was asking?

“When we first met Butch didn’t want to like me. Maybe she felt insecure? Maybe she had bad experiences with guys? Maybe she thought Nancy would leave her for a guy and I might be him. But over time she started liking me. It’s hard for her to say that.” Clare looked like she could relate.

“So we tease each other. It’s her way of saying I like you but stay away from my lover. I tease her letting her know I will but you better stay vigilant!”

“Have you ever fucked either one of them?” Clare looked scared.

“No. Never.” I kissed her lips softly. “You are the only woman I need.”

“I love you Jay”

Clare kissed me back. She moved back a bit. That nervous twitch of her lip told me there was more.

“What else do you want to know?” I asked. Clare looked surprised again but then very nervous. She swayed not sure if she should ask. “When you’re ready.” I added.

“Jay, when I was a teenager Rhonda was gone. Mom and dad worked and I didn’t have many friends.” She looked away and took a breath. “I went to school and got good grades.”

“Clare what is it?” I asked politely.

“When I met Odell he was nice. We kissed but I was a good girl.” She looked down at her hands now nervously rubbing her thighs. “Jay I don’t know about sex like you do. I never…”

“Darling its ok!” I lifted her chin and kissed her she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tight. “I don’t know everything but we could learn together.”

I tried to play down what I did know. Clare was weeping now.

“I don’t even know what a vibrator is!” She sobbed.

I knew it was bad but not this bad. Was she locked in a closet? Didn’t she read women’s magazines? I mean even at the doctor’s office? I need to settle her down.

“It’s ok we have the rest of our lives to learn those things.” I tried my best to comfort her.

I started taking off the sexy top she always wore to bed. Clare tried to fend me off but I knew this was just for show. I slipped the bottoms off as I kissed her and she started kissing me back. Nibbling her nipple she arced her back offering me her charms.

“Jay where are you going?” Clare hissed.

Without a word I moved lower sending a clear message. It was the first sex act we ever performed and I knew it still held special meaning for us both. Whenever she was down I did this for her and she would know I loved her. Her trimmed bush tickled my nose as my tongue found her sensitive clit. I teased her as always. Clare knew I was just getting her attention. She loved it as always knowing I would explore before coming back to send her off with a bang.

I pushed her legs up to her chest and lavished her slit from top to bottom. Tonight I gave her a special treat and rimmed her ass. She loved the feeling but thought it was wrong. She usually pushed my head away grumbling something about why I would do that. Clare’s hands pushed between her legs and gently pushed on my forehead.

“Jay why back there?” He voice trembled with desire. I ignored her suggestion to leave and plunged my tongue in her ass. She bucked up and pushed my head at the same time.

“Backdoor?” She asked.

The tone of her voice changed she had an epiphany! I teased Butch about it. It was all adding up as I rimmed her again. Clare grabbed my hair and forced my mouth hard to her ass.

“Lick my back door you dirty, dirty man!” Clare growled.

I did my best she squirmed but I knew she would not orgasm like this so I moved back to her pussy. She moaned in disappointment until I spread her legs and teased her clit.

“I’m going to spice you!” Clare cried out.

Her pelvis pushed up my tongue flicked her clit. Then out of nowhere I probed her asshole with a finger.

“JAY!” She squealed. Her pussy pushed up, I flicked her clit. She forced her ass down on my finger it slipped into the first knuckle. “OOHHH JAY!”

Her clit was desperate for contact she rolled her hips up so I could lick her clit again. Clare slammed her ass down on my finger until it was completely engulfed. Her hands forced my head back to her clit and this time as soon as I flicked it fireworks exploded in her pussy. I felt a small amount of liquid hit my chin as I held on for dear life. Only when she straightened her legs and released my head did I withdraw my finger from her ass. Buy this time she was all but a pile of jelly.

“You fucked my ass?” She lifted her head just enough so I could see her bright white teeth as she smiled.

“Well actually I just fingered your ass.” I tried to be accurate but polite.

“You mean … in my ass?” The wheels were turning as she looked at me in shock.

“I think you get the picture.” I said smugly.

“Can we do it?” Clare squealed.

“Maybe sometime but not tonight. I think you should look into it first.” Clare scrambled around instantly and started licking my face.

She usually refused to do it if I licked her ass but tonight she was insatiable. She sucked me off, swallowing of course, and then rode me until I filled her pussy. Only after she cleaned my cock of our juices did she drag me into the shower and made me fuck her from behind. I almost thought she would make me take her ass.

We were both late for work the next day. Little did I know that Pandora’s Box was opened that night.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was filled with activity. Clare and I would consult with several doctors and the lawyer Nancy provided. With Clare’s and the babies health our first priority, any thoughts of marriage were soon dismissed. Legally it was just not an option unless we decided to move to another state.

Clare was busy decorating the house for Christmas. It was the first time ever. She was also spending considerable time with Nancy and Butch. Albert and I talked almost daily. His proposal to rent the other two buildings looked good. He offered to bring them up to code for the intended use. Mike came down a couple of times, mom came with him once. She was still not happy but seemed to be accepting it so far. Evan and Jesse were doing well. They came the weekend after finals and seemed committed and happy.

I had sold the roofing business to the foreman. He secured financing and would be completed by years end. I broke about even which meant he got a good deal. I was able to re-fund my inheritance from the sale. That and he was paying me for some equipment over the next two years. He is a good man and friend. I expect he will do well.

Clare and I agreed to spend Christmas Eve at our house alone. Christmas day we would drive up to mom and dads and spend some time with the family. The days before were an exciting time for Clare. Mom and Jesse both took her shopping to buy presents? Odell never really recognize the holidays. Clare was forbidden to buy presents before now. She was making up for lost time. The area under the tree in the living room swelled with boxes of every size.

I purchased a few of my own. Well actually Jesse did it for me. There was one I did myself. Clare had a few days off before Christmas. We had a little party at work the morning of Christmas Eve. I handed out bonuses. Clare gave them each a large basket of fruits and nuts. By noon they were headed home. Clare and I stayed to finish some paper work. Around three we headed home. Walking in the house Clare was getting excited.

“Can we open some presents tonight?” She pleaded as she kissed me.

“Honey Christmas is not until tomorrow!” I teased her.

“But I have one present I want to give you tonight!” She batted her big brown eyes and smiled.

“Ok! But just one!” I relented happy to do so. Clare latched onto me.

Knowing we would eat big the next day, supper was light and basic. Clare headed to take a shower around seven. I was in the office when she popped in and asked me if I was taking a shower before we started. I took the hint and told her I would in a few minutes. She opened her robe exposing her naked body then wrapped it up explaining I should hurry or she would start without me. I needed no further prodding.

When I emerged from my shower I expected to see Clare on the bed. She wasn’t there slipping on some boxers I went in search. All of the lights in the house were out. There was a glow from the lights on the Christmas tree. Laying sideways under the tree on a thick blanket was my lovely partner. She was wearing a neon pink sheer ensemble. Her white teeth and glow in the dark lingerie contrasted against her dark skin under the festive lights.

“Merry Christmas Jay!” She said sexily.

Maybe I should have rushed over and kissed her at that moment. Instead I stood gazing over her from head to toe. Clare seemed nervous now. My hesitation wasn’t anticipated. Taking her all in, she was stunning. It had been a long journey for us both and I wanted to savor this moment. I wanted to burn it into my memory so it would never leave. Clare held her pose laying on her side, her elbow and hand supporting her head. She started to get restless.

“Oh my God are you beautiful!” I finally said. Her white teeth showed her appreciation.

“I have a present for you!” She said moving to a sitting position. Clare wiggled her butt to get comfortable.

She held up a box that looked like in may be a bottle of wine. I moved to her picking out a package I left under the tree as well. I kissed her. She melted in my arms.

“Open your present!” Clare commanded. I could see she was excited in anticipation. I handed her the one I held.

“Together?” I suggested.

“Ok!” She squealed in delight.

A flurry of paper and I was holding a large pump bottle of I.D. personal lubricant. The significance temporarily diffused as Clare squealed once again.

“A vibrator!” Clare lunged at me and kissed me firmly. Her lips were hungry. Her hands went to my groin. “It’s just what I wanted!” She kissed me again.

I looked at the long slender pink toy she held. It came highly recommended. I was thrilled she was so excited.

“I have the other part of your present right here!” Clare giggled. She turned and getting on all fours she dipped her head and presented her ass. Through the sheer panties I could see what looked like a large crystal butt plug. “Merry Christmas JB!”

I was stunned to say the least. Had she thought this out? I gathered her up in my arms kissing her before I held her at arm’s length.

“Why?” I asked, not sure I knew the answer.

“I need to know!” Her words were pleading with me to understand.

“Know what?” I wanted to make sure I was clear on her thoughts.

“Everything JB! I want us to do it all. I am so clueless about sex! Please teach me. I want to start here.” Clare explained as she wiggled her ass. “I even read how to prepare so it won’t be gross.”

“Are you sure? This could hurt?” I asked. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to do this as much as she did, maybe more. But I could not stand the thought of hurting her. She flung herself at me and mashed her lips on mine kissing me with pent up passion.

“It might be uncomfortable, but I know you would never hurt me.” She whispered in my ear. “Besides if it feels like this thing does in my ass now it will be worth it!”

“I love you Clare!” I whispered back.

“Then stop stalling and fuck my ass with that big hot cock!” Clare demanded.

Not wanting to wait any longer we kissed and headed to the bedroom while stripping each other. Clare happily grease my cock with the lube she bought. She moaned slightly as I removed the plug from her ass. I greased her ass then lined up my cock to the ever decreasing hole from the plug.

“OOHHHHh…!” Clare exhaled as I started to push.

“Should I stop?” I asked concerned.

“Jay nnoooo…” Clare pushed back threatening to break my cock. “…AAAAAHHH!”

She hissed through clenched teeth as the head of my cock spread her sphincter. I held steady she stopped pushing but the pressure at this point was bending my cock. I reached down and spread back her ass cheeks. My light brown cock was on the edge of serious discomfort. Then I felt it slip deeper inside.

“I can feel that!” Clare hissed. My cock was now almost straight but she leaned back further. Just as the comfort level started to rise, her ass accepted the head of my cock. “YES!”

Clare yelped happy to have me finally inside. She stopped pushing I could feel her tight muscles threatening to snip the end of my cock off. I pressed forward a bit, this was a glorious feel.

“Take it! Take your bitch’s ass!” Clare’s response dripped with desire. I felt obligated to press forward.

Clare murmured encouragement as each magnificent inch of my pecker went deeper. Stopping short of the maximum depth I let her adjust.

“JB it feels so…so different. Your cock is so warm! Not cold like the plug. I can feel the blood in your cock pulse inside my ass. I feel stuffed and then some. I can’t explain it.” Clare was giving me a play by play. “How does it feel to you?” Her desire dripped from her words.

I never talk much during sex, a moan, a groan here or there but rarely words. But I have never had a lover like Clare before. She was always passionate and unfiltered.

“Warm and tight, like you don’t want to let go.” I tried to explain the explainable. “Clare it is so unlike anything I have …it’s incredible!”

“I know! Now fuck me you bastard! You have me right where you want me! Deep in my ass.” Clare moaned as I started to pull back. “JB that feels so naughty!”

I fucked her slow and steady. I added lube a couple of times to keep her greased up. Before long she was eager for me to pick up the pace. Rocking back and forth on her knees she started to respond with even more vocal encouragement. I felt her reach under and rub her pussy. I spanked her ass cheek firmly.

“No cheating bitch!” I teased her.

“Then fuck me like the bitch I am! I need to cum Jay! Please hurry!” She begged.

Given permission and now that her ass was adjusted and feeling looser I started to ram a bit deeper and harder. By the time my groin was slapping her ass Clare was starting to show signs of cumming.

“Do it! Deeper bastard! Harder! Oh God Jay this is so nasty! I am going to cum with you in my ass! I am going to do it, going to do it…DO IT…FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!” Clare screamed as a nuclear explosion sent waves of pleasure radiating from the epicenter of her asshole.

“Don’t stop!” Clare commanded. “Fuck your bitch! Oh Jay this is fantastic! Cum in me I need to feel you cum!”

Clare as overwhelmed with desire. She recovered then slammed back hard over my cock. I needed to cum soon but had an idea. I reached over and picked up the vibrator I just gave her as a gift. With one hand supporting my upper body I moved the other one. With the vibrator in hand I turned it on and touched her pussy.

“Jay!” Clare squealed loudly.

I was fucking her ass and trying to stimulate her clit with the vibrator. I wasn’t doing either one very well. Clare whimpered with each brush of the toy on her clit. Her hand reached up and took the vibrator from me. Able to straighten up I drilled her ass hard. I could feel the vibrations emanate from her pussy as she pleasured herself. She started bucking and groaning.

“CLARE!” I warned her. She clenched tight on my cock milking the first of her reward.

“JB it is so hot… I’m …going … to… CUM!” Clare started down the familiar path just as I emptied the last of my load deep in her ass.

She fucked my wilting cock through her orgasm. I clutched her tit and moaned my pleasure. We were both exhausted laying in the bed facing each other.

“Can we do that again?” Clare looked at me sheepishly. Reaching down she stroked my limp cock. It started reviving in her hand. “I think you liked your present.”

“That was the best present ever!” I kissed her swelling my cock even more. “Are you sure…”

“YES!” Clare lunged at me pushing me on my back. She smothered me with kisses. “Your bitch loved it and so did you. This time I want to face you!”

Clair lubed up my cock and then impaled herself over it. Holding her hands she leaned back slowly until her ass was on my groin.

“It feels even bigger this time!” Clare whimpered.

We took it slow at times she closed her eyes and described what she was feeling. The veins along my cock. The way her sphincter gripped the mushroom head. The warmth moving in her. She even pulled off and let her ass close then plunged down again so she could feel it enter again all over. She was getting tired. I could tell she wanted to cum. I looked over at the vibrator. Clare grinned as she picked it up. She turned the end and the toy came to life. She sat on me her legs splayed her dark pussy lips glistened. I could see the pink behind the folds. She touched the vibrator to her clit and groaned.

Long and slender the pink vibrator danced over her pussy. Her eyes were closed her breathing jagged. Still the toy found hidden pleasure spots. Clare ground her ass hard over my cock. She rocked forward slightly to pull it mostly out. That move pressed the vibrator between my groin and her pussy. She rocked for a few minutes like this building up her pleasure. She leaned back her pussy gaped open I could see her pink clit starting to protrude from the safety of its hood. The vibrator grazed over it sending spasms in her body.

“JAY!” Clare yelled. “I need to cum!” She gasped.

I pulled her to me I rolled her over on her back. Lifting her legs, I pinned them to her chest and drilled her ass.

“Cum bitch give me my present!” I grunted.

“If you want your present, cum in my ass you bastard!” Clare was becoming more demanding, I liked it.

“You selfish bitch I will show you!” I slammed hard in her ass. She squealed as I bottomed out.

“Cum!” She demanded. “Cum or you get no present!”

I picked up the pace my cock pistoned in rapid succession. Her ass was stretched now. Her white teeth grinned back at me challenging me to give it my all. I could tell she was starting to respond as well. It was a race to see who could hold out longer. Clare’s eyes drifted close. Her chest raised and lowered. Her lips parted drawing in air. Just when I thought she was ready to cum she opened her eyes and gazed at me.

“Merry Christmas darling. I love you Jay! Please cum so I can give you my present!” The way she said it broke my concentration. My cock swelled and pumped the first injection of cum in her ass. “Oh you fucking bastard, you’re going to make me cum!” She teased.

“Oh baby I love you!” I murmured as I continued to inject her ass full of my love. I pulled out and flopped on my back. My orgasm consuming my entire body. Quick as light she was on top of me rubbing her pussy on my stomach her orgasm shuddering through her body. She kissed me the best we could as we were both out of breath. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight.

“I love you so much JB. I have never felt so alive in my life as when I am with you!” Clare rested her head on my chest. “Hold me Jay and never let go!”

I pulled her tighter her body pressed tight to mine.

“I have you Clare, and I will never let go.” I assured her.

“Promise?” She asked.

“I promise.” She wiggled on top of me, rubbing my cock with her thigh. She knew she was teasing me as she looked up smiling. “Bitch!” I teased

“Your bitch! You bastard!” She kissed me firmly.

“My bitch, and only my bitch.” I said mocking her.

“My bastard and only my bastard?” She asked in return.

“Promise!” I reassured her.

Taking a shower together, she offered me her ass one more time but I suggested we should hold off. She knew I was right the next morning as we started to mom and dads.

“Comfortable?” I teased her as she constantly shifted in the seat.

“Your cock is too big!” She quipped. She hit me in my arm to make her point.

“Hey it was your present!” I acted hurt by rubbing my arm.

“You opened it!” She giggled.

“You closed it!” We were both laughing hard by now.

“Well you can open it again any time you want!” Clare move to kiss my cheek.

“I thought I was too big?” I challenged her.

“You are, and it feels so good!” She kissed me again. “I loved it Jay! You are a perfect lover.”

Mike opened the door as Clare and I carried the presents in. Mom greeted us with open arms.

“Jesse and Evan will be here a bit later. They are at his parents’ house.” She motioned for us to sit down. It didn’t pass my notice Clare picked the softest seat.

Mike and I talked extensively about the business and where it was headed. Clare and mom talked about the holidays and what we were doing to prepare for the baby. Late that afternoon Jesse and Evan arrived. Setting down for dinner it was nice to be with family. Always on the prowl for something to tease me Jesse was the first to notice Clare shifting in her seat. Jesse looked at me to see if I would offer an explanation. I offered no reaction, thereby giving her nothing to judge the situation. She has this knack of reading me however. My indifference was more of a signal than if I had reacted.

“You ok Clare?” Jesse asked keeping one eye on me as she spoke. Of course everyone looked over to Clare.

“I’m fine just sat on something last night.” Clare said without further explanation. First I couldn’t believe she just said that, second I knew Jesse wasn’t going to let that dog sleep. Clare glanced at me and smiled. That sealed her fate.

“Must have been something pretty hard for you to still be sore?” Jesse was being coy. It was all I could do not to react. Clare was up for the challenge however. She decided to see how far Jesse would take this.

“It was at the time.” Clare challenged Jesse to keep going.

“I think she just pulled a muscle or something.” I said to hopefully end this before it got out of control. I glanced around the table. Mike was grinning. Mom was clueless. Evan was just confused.

“Is that what it is Clare a ‘pulled’ muscle?” Jesse asked chuckling. She wasn’t going to let this go until she had a victory.

“Actually I think it is more of a stretched muscle.” Clare shot back. Jesse was caught off guard not expecting Clare to be so bold. I couldn’t believe she said that myself.

“Maybe you should do some exercises to keep it loose!” Jesse replied. I almost choked on my food. Jesse was bound and determined to see this through.

“Oh I plan to!” Clare looked at me and grinned.

Mike was holding in his laughter the best he could. I think Evan was finally coming around to understand what they were talking about. He seemed shocked this was being discussed at the dinner table. I am sure Mom could not even fathom they could be talking about something like that at the dinner table. So she was still clueless.

“Ladies maybe you should talk about your fitness regiments after dinner.” I suggested hoping not to embarrass Evan. At least mom seemed relieved to be moving on.

“I plan to.” Jesse said as she glared at Clare. “I want all the details. It might be something I would enjoy doing?”

“Oh I guarantee you will!” Clare glowed as she said it. A cursory glance around the table suggested Evan may enjoy it too.

Mike saved us all from ourselves changing the topic to a more appropriate subject. I was proud of Clare. She was finding her voice in the world. At least around family and especially Jesse. Clare was an adult talking about adult subjects. Knowing Jesse this wasn’t the end of it however. I knew she was going to make me pay in some small way. Little did I suspect it would not be small or come so soon.

After dinner we opened presents. Nothing special just something nice to stay in the spirit. After presents we had desert. Clare and Jesse helped mom with the dishes. Mike took Evan and me downstairs and showed us his new big screen TV. Mike loved music and had the TV hooked into his awesome sound system. Evan and I were both impressed.

It was getting late when we came up from the basement. Jesse gave me a wicked grin. I knew the secret was out when mom gave me the evil eye. I am sure the thought of her son porking her sister in the ass wasn’t a happy thought.

Clare snuggled up to me as we lay in the bed.

“Did you two really need to tell mom?” I asked a bit miffed.

“Did you know she has never done it?” Clare asked as she turned to face me.

“Clare they are my parents. I really don’t ask about their sex life!” I protested.

“Well they haven’t. Mike would but Rhonda thinks its taboo!” Clare kissed me. “It is a bit naughty wouldn’t you agree?”

“She thinks I am a pervert!” I complained. “Did you really have to tell her we did it?”

“Jesse told her!” Clare defended herself. “I just told her how wicked it was. Oh, and how good it felt!”

“You didn’t?” I was ready to pack up and slip away in the middle of the night.

“Well I figured since she asked what I did to prepare she wanted to know?” Clare giggled. “I think she is jealous I did it first.”

“You’re proud of yourself aren’t you? That’s why you didn’t stop. You wanted her to know!” I said realizing the significance of it for Clare. “A little sibling rivalry?”

“Rhonda always had the perfect life even after your dad died. Mike has been so good to her.” Clare started to tear up. “For once I wanted to show her I wanted that life, and with you I have it!”

“You can have it. You deserve it Clare.” I started to move down her body. Gripping her panties I slipped them off. “Spice me love!”

Clare squealed when I reached her pussy. We were in this same room doing the same thing the first time we had any intimate contact. The significance wasn’t lost on either of us. We had moved on to other positions but for Clare I think this is still her favorite. I pushed her legs up and bathed her tender asshole making her yelp loudly. For the next twenty minutes I teased her pussy, ass and clit. When she couldn’t stand it anymore she gripped my head and forced it over her clit begging me to suck it.

“I need to cum you bastard!” Clare hissed through clenched teeth. “Please JB don’t make me beg!”

She was teasing of course. Her hips pushed up forcing her cunt hard against me. The telltale tremors signaled her pending climax. Her legs gripped my head, her hands both pulled then pushed my mouth to and from her gushing pussy.

“YES!” She cried out. “KISS ME!”

Clare gripped my hair hard pulling me up to her face. Rolling me over she kissed and licked my mouth and face clean of her ‘spice’. I could feel her heart still racing as she lie on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her holding her tight.

“Spice me JB.” She whispered.

“Are you sure?” She never hesitated or complained but I knew this was her least favorite act. Mostly I think because it was the one thing Odell made her do.

“It is what bitches do for the man they love!” She teased.

“But I know…” She placed my finger over my lips.

“Odell is gone from my life. I love ‘you’ Jay! I want to do this.” She kissed me when her finger moved off my lips. “Spice me love! I want you’re cum in my belly where it belongs. I am your woman and always will be. Please spice me!”

I let her move along my body raking her tits over me as she did. Removing her top and my boxers she settled into giving me her patented blow jobs. With growing urgency I pulled her into a sixty nine. Clare was her usual enthusiastic self as she focused on making me cum. Tonight seemed to take on a significance all its own. She was driving deeper in her mouth than ever before. The warm feeling of her mouth and the gentle tug of her lips to pull me in wasn’t lost me either.

Starting and stopping, giggling, pumping, squeezing, licking she even bit me gently. Clare was giving me her all. I licked her pussy and teased her asshole. In response she gripped my balls and treated them fondly. I moaned my warning but that just made her more determined. Driving down as my hips pushed up I filled her throat and then her mouth. Slurping and groaning she kept at it until my sensitive cock slipped from her lips.

She turned and straddled me her dripping pussy rested over my cock. Wiggling it inside her slit it started to grow. Flashing her white teeth at me she smiled in wanton desire.

“I need you in me!” Clare explained.

“Where?” I teased.

“Anywhere it will fit!” Clare chuckled.

I gripped her hips and picked her up slightly. I looked down at my hard cock and her dripping pussy. Clare knew what I wanted and guided it to her opening. She spanked her clit with the head a couple of times then impaled her pussy along the length.

“Merry Christmas Jay!” Clare lay down on my body.

“Merry Christmas Clare.” She was asleep before I closed my eyes.

I was up early. Heading to the bathroom I almost tripped on a familiar pair of steel toed boots. I took it for the joke it was and set them inside the room. Clare insisted on wearing them to breakfast. Untied and laces flopping around they were way too big for her feet. Everyone was at the table but Jesse. She entered the kitchen seeing the boots on Clare she burst out laughing. She leaned over Clare’s shoulder from behind as she sat eating a muffin. Jesse kissed her on the cheek in front of everyone.

“I want those back!” She teased Clare.

“You have to earn them to get them back!” Clare was now Jesse’s equal.

“Oh I will!” Jesse bragged. She looked over at Evan. “Have another bowl of Wheaties.”

“The four of you need to stop this! This house is not a brothel!” Mom said not too happy with the breakfast conversation.

“Rhonda.” Mike reached over and took her hand. “They are young and in love. Don’t you remember those days?”

The room became deathly silent, Mike had spoken. We all looked at each other. Mom looked at him still frazzled.

“Yes I do! But I surely didn’t discuss it in front of my parents. Hell they are getting ready to sell tickets!” Mom was exasperated.

We knew she was really upset now. She swore. I looked at Jesse and Clare scolding them with my eyes. Jesse knew I expected her to fix this.

“Rhonda, this is a different generation. Sex is not some dirty taboo thing you need to hide from.” Mike tried to calm her.

Then he looked at Jesse and Clare. “I am sure they are not going to sell tickets. They have been behind closed doors. I am sure they will stay there as well.” He looked at Jesse hoping he was getting his point across.

“I’m sorry mom, we were just teasing each other.” Jesse moved and hugged Rhonda from behind. “Besides I only have one ticket left and I saved it for you!”

“JESSE!” Mom yelled as her daughter kissed her cheek and moved beyond her reach. Even mom couldn’t hide her laughter as Jesse blew her a kiss.

“You are giving me grey hair young lady!” Mom protested as she laughed.

“Maybe Clare and I could show you how to wax yourself?” Jesse moved even further from mom.

“Stop this right now young lady!” Mom was getting embarrassed. “I am too old for that!”

“Rhonda you are not too old!” Clare cut in. “You are a beautiful woman in the prime of her life! I know Mike sure thinks so! He can’t take his eyes off of you.”

Clare was right. Mike is in love with mom, and I know she is in love with him.

“Loosen up a bit sis. The kids are grown and doing fine. You have a nice life and your health.” Clare was preaching a bit but I was proud of her speaking up. “Relax a bit. Try new things. Enjoy your success.”

“Well I still say your private life should stay just that, private!” Mom blushed.

I love you!” Jesse jumped in her lap and gave her a hug. “How did I get so lucky to have you as a mom?”

Clare and I were packing up and heading for home. The last couple of days with family were special. Clare invited Jesse and Evan to the house the next time they had a spare weekend. Mike and I shook hands, I hugged mom.

“Jay she is so happy. I think this is the best Christmas she has had in a long time!” Mom whispered. “Come back soon.”

“Love you mom and we will.” I loaded the car as Clare and mom said goodbye. It was an extended discussion Clare filled me in half way home.

“She wants to try it.” Clare could hold in in no longer.

“Try what?” I asked merging into traffic.

“Rhonda wants to try butt sex!” Clare squealed. “I promised not to tell you.”

“How did that work out” I teased.

“I have to tell you JB we have no secrets do we?” Clare thought for a moment then looked at me.

“Just how much I really love you.” I kidded her. Clare seemed touched by the comment.

“Sometimes I think about …before you.” Clare whispered. “What if you didn’t save me?”

‘Honey don’t think about that. I did come, I just opened the door. Besides sooner or later you would have opened the door yourself!” I reassured her.

“But what if you were not on the other side of the door? What then?” Clare asked as her hand went to scar on her cheek.

It was an ugly reminder of her past. A past she was finding hard to forget. I had no answer for her. But I had several more gifts for her. The next few days would be special.

I think the truck had more presents then when we went to moms. Albert met us at the door. Clare dashed inside leaving me and Albert to carry the booty.

“How many kids does she think we have?” Albert asked.

“I know, really?” I replied looking at the boxes marked Alice. “It makes her happy.”

We found them in the den Clare holding Alice the room already filled with recent gifts. I greeted both Nancy and Butch with hugs and kisses.

We settled into a nice conversation before Clare could not contain herself.

“Can Alice open her gifts?” She bubbled over.

Nancy and Butch happily agreed. Soon the sight of wrapping paper and box lids scattered the room. Outfits of several sizes and colors laid on display. Toys, books and games covered the floor. Alice found the bows the most fun as she sat surrounded by us.

Nancy, Butch and Albert got Clare some expensive perfume, and me some sleek new sunglasses. Clare and I got the Nancy and Butch Pandora bracelets with charms. For Albert a special bottle of scotch. The last gift was an envelope given to Clare.

Clare opened the envelope and pulled out a slip of paper, a folded form and a key.

“The certificate is from Butch, Albert, Alice and Nancy. The key is from Jay. Clare read from the small piece of paper.

Opening the certificate she read then burst into tears. Nancy and Butch consoled her as she continued to weep.

“You can’t do this for me!” Clare protested. “It’s too much I could never repay you!”

She continued to bawl and clutch her friends.

“JB you knew?” She asked. I nodded my head. “But you said we had no secrets!”

“It is not a secret it is a gift. Besides it is not my secret to keep.”

“But you knew? How could you let them do this?” Clare was still in disbelief.

“We love you Clare. Nancy knew of these people. We submitted your photo and they offered to help.” I explained.

She looked around and realized what we had done. She was emotionally unable to comprehend it all. For years she has lived with her scar. Recently Clare took the bold step of letting the world see it. Now she is scheduled for plastic surgery to correct what Odell did. Through a group of dedicated specialists, who donate their time helping victims of domestic violence, Clare has the opportunity to have hers corrected. Nancy and Butch made a sizable donation along with Albert. To help repair the emotional damage I have given her the key to our future.

It was almost thirty minutes before Clare finally asked about the key.

“What is this for?” She turned to me.

“Come and we will show you.” I offered. We took their minivan so Alice could come with us. For all the effort we put into loading up I am sure Clare thought we were in for a journey. With a key in her hand and Butch driving we headed out the drive. Turning right we drove one block, then right again, another block and another right. A few houses down and Butch pulled into a driveway. She looked at Clare.

“You going to invite us in?”

“Jay what is she talking about?” Clare spoke slowly the situation becoming clear as she asked.

“I think she wants to see your new house!” I slipped out and opened her door.

“Jay? You’re scaring me!” I took her in my arms. Nancy and Alice joined us Albert followed with Butch.

“Come on honey. Let’s take them inside.” I kissed her, Clare was shaking.

It is nothing special. An older home that stood tucked away in this area of affluence. It was the smallest house, still it was over two thousand square feet. The previous owners had maintained it but never updated it cosmetically. That was good because they didn’t destroy the marvelous features of this old home. I knew the present owner through the business. He bought the house just it to flip it.

He had gone through it top to bottom saving the original wood work and fixtures where possible. It was more than I wanted to pay but with the business and a baby on the way I knew I couldn’t do the work myself.

Clare let us in the first thing you notice is the wide solid oak trim throughout the house. There were unique touches everywhere, the old sinks, the tubs, even the push button switches looked original. The women marveled at how modern it was but still felt vintage.

The price was right for the market and best of all it was directly behind Nancy and Butch’s home. Nancy, Butch and I talked long and hard before I put in the offer. It was important to me Nancy didn’t feel we were moving in on her space. Nancy tried to brush it off but I knew we weren’t in her league financially. Butch took a more practical approach. She told me she would buy it and move Clare in without me.

By the end of the tour Clare was emotionally ravaged. It isn’t a perfect house but it is in a perfect place to start our life together. Albert took Alice out to the van. Butch and Nancy embraced Clare and followed suit.

“Did you buy this house for us?” Clare asked emotionally.

“I put an offer in on it. We reached an agreement.” I replied

“So it’s your house then?” Clare seemed a bit offended.

“No, we just agreed on the price.” I explained.

“I don’t understand?” Clare seemed confused now.

“If we are going to live together, raise a child together, make a home together, then we need to make decisions together.” I replied moving in front of her. “If you chose to, this can be our home. If not we will look until we find the one you like.”

Clare was moved that I would ask her to be part of decision making. She looked around again.

“It is beautiful Jay.” Clare looked around the kitchen and dining area. “It is so big, four bedrooms? Do we need that much room?”

“That depends, how many kids do you want?” I smiled.

“Jay! No!” Clare turned to me her big brown eyes wide open. “This was an accident!”

“So the next ones won’t be!” I suggested.

“Really? What about Rhonda?” Clare asked.

“Well I think she is a little old at this point. But Mike would love it! I teased. “Clare you don’t have to decide now.”

I pulled her into a loving kiss. We locked up the house and started to walk back to Nancy’s. We were about half way I could see the wheels turning. Reading her like a book I had to ask.


“Stop doing that!” She slapped me playfully. “How do you know?”

“I just do.” I laughed at her. “Now what is it?”

“Can we afford to live here?” Clare stopped and looked at the house again from the back.

“Actually it will not cost much more than your house.” I replied. “With Odell’s terrible credit the interest rate we pay now is almost triple what we could get.”

“Jay I would like us to buy it.” She grabbed my hand and started for Nancy’s once again.

I was going to ask if she was sure but I knew all too well once she made up her mind there was no turning back. We reached Nancy’s, Albert was waiting for us by the door. He escorted us to the back room Butch was feeding Alice. She gave me a wicked grin.

“Butch how many kids are you going to have?” Clare asked bluntly.

Albert and Nancy looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders trying to explain I had no idea where this was going.

“I…I don’t know?” Butch stuttered.

“Clare. This will probably be our only child.” Nancy interrupted. “This pregnancy was hard for Butch I don’t think it would be wise for her to get pregnant again.” Nancy explained politely.

“Are you going to have kids?” Clare asked Nancy directly.

The only sound in the room was Alice nursing on Butch’s milk filled tit. Nancy looked at Albert. Her eyes filled with sadness. She looked at Butch I could see her struggle to answer.

“No Clare. I am not going to have kids.” Nancy answered.

“Is it because Albert is your dad?” Clare asked without hesitation. “Alice is so beautiful!”

“Clare …” I started to interrupt.

“No Jay, let me answer her.” Nancy looked at Butch and then locked on Albert. “I would love to have his baby…” I could see his eyes start to dampen. Nancy’s voice cracked. “…but there are certain risks. To be honest I am a bit old to have babies.”

“So you will have just Alice?” Clare asked.

“Yes.” Butch replied as Albert and Nancy still focused on each other.

“Jay and I are going to buy the house.” Clare announced with a broad smile. “Three Jay. At least three.”

“Three?” I asked. With all that just took place I was missing the question. “Three what honey?”

“Kids silly. We will have three.” Clare announced. “Jasmine will be Alice’s best friend. Then we will need two more so they can play with each other. Hopefully they will be twins!”

“There you have it!” Butch laughed. “Clare would you like to hold Alice?”

“I think I will get us something to drink!” Nancy offered.

“I will go with you.” I added.

“JB! Alice left a little if you’re thirsty!” Butch bounced her drained tit at me.

“Sorry not my type.” I laughed.

“Once you go white you will never go back!” Butch teased as she covered her tit.

Everyone laughed but Clare, and of course Alice. Nancy and I walked into the kitchen.

“Are you ok? I am sorry about that.” I asked. I hugged Nancy.

“She really has no filter does she?” Nancy grinned.

“I warned you.” I laughed briefly.

“Don’t try and change her Jay!” Nancy kissed my cheek. “She is a jewel just the way she is.”

“Don’t I know?” I replied.

Just then Albert came in. He looked at me I could see it in his eyes. Albert then looked at Nancy. Something was said earlier that my guess had never been said but needed to be. I had suspected it but had no proof. Albert was seldom in the same room as Nancy when I was around. Maybe so I wouldn’t see what Clare clearly at least suspected. I thought I knew before but now I knew for sure. Albert and Nancy were lovers. There was no doubt now how Butch got pregnant. It wasn’t in a test tube, it was love.

“I will leave you two alone.” I started to leave.

“Thank you JB.” Albert replied. He didn’t call me Jay. He purposely called me JB. I had just walked through the door.

“Are you ok Love” Albert asked loud enough for me to hear. I stopped but didn’t look back.

“I am glad they know! I love you Albert!” Nancy said clearly also.

We didn’t stay long after that; Clare and I packed up our gifts and kissed them all goodbye.

Nancy waited for me to close Clare’s door then asked to have a word with me. I stepped just inside the back door. It was just the two of us. Nancy reached for my hand, I held hers firmly.

“I’m sorry we didn’t tell you.” Nancy said. “Are you disappointed in me?”

“That would be the pot calling the kettle black don’t you think?” I replied.

“You didn’t answer my question.” Nancy reminded me. I saw Albert and Butch at the doorway now. Nancy looked to see them standing there as well.

“No. I am happy for you. I am happy for you all.” I said. I looked out the door. Clare was in the car waiting for me. “I will talk to her. Clare won’t tell anyone. Thank you for everything.”

“JB. We love you both!” Nancy said. “We are excite you will be moving here.”

Nancy had never called me JB before. The reason why was clear.

Albert and Butch waved as I closed the door behind me. Nancy’s kiss on my cheek was special.

In the car Clare gushed about the day. She told me she could not wait to sign the papers on the house. We talked about the gifts we gave and the gifts we received, none more than her surgery.

I wanted to talk to her about what she said to Nancy and Butch. I wanted to tell her what Nancy told Albert. What I told Nancy. I thought better of it because I knew she wanted to ask me something. By now she knew I was on to her. I waited and sure enough just as we pulled in the drive it came.

“Jay can I ask you something?” Clare asked as I opened the front door for her.

“Yes dear?” I replied laughing to myself.

“What did Butch mean when she said if you ever go white you won’t go back?” Clare asked. “Are white women better lovers?”

We moved to the couch. I pulled her on my lap and wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Clare you do know she was joking right?” I asked. Her reaction showed me she didn’t.

“Then how come most of your girlfriends were white? Were they better lovers than me?” Clare asked. She looked scared.

“There is a myth that all black men have really big penises…”

“You mean like Wrecker?” Clare squealed.

“Exactly! There was a popular saying many years ago that if white woman had sex with a black man she would always want a big penis,” I explained. “If you ever go black you won’t go back!”

“So Butch was teasing you with her big breasts?” Clare asked.

“Yeah, she got me pretty good.” I laughed.

“Do you wish I had bigger breasts?” Clare asked seriously. I had to admit we both looked at her chest at the same time.

“Do you wish I had a bigger penis?” I teased.

Clare smiled starting to understand my meaning. She hugged me and then kissed me.

“Jay if Albert is Alice’s father why doesn’t he hold Butch like you hold me?” Clare leaned against me.

“Because Butch is a lesbian,” I explained. We had talked about this briefly before but I am not sure how much Clare understands. “Butch is only attracted to women.”

“So she and Nancy are lovers? Then how did she get pregnant?” Clare asked confused.

“I think she and Albert had sex just so she could get pregnant.” I explained.

“Why would she do that if she is a lesbian?” Clare asked still confused.

“I think because Nancy wanted a baby. Since Albert is her dad and because she is older Butch offered.” I replied.

Clare sat quietly thinking it over. She shifted looking at me expecting me to ask. I let her squirm for another moment.

“What?” I finally questioned.

“So Butch had sex with Albert to have a baby because she is in love with Nancy.” Clare said more than asked. “So is Nancy in love with Butch or Albert?”

“Both,” I replied. “Nancy is bi-sexual. She likes both men and women.”

We sat in silence as she thought about it.

“If Albert and Nancy are in love why don’t they show it?” Clare asked.

“It’s her dad, it’s considered a bad thing…”

“Like you being my nephew?” Clare asked. It was the first time she ever referred to me as her nephew that I can remember.

“But we don’t look like we’re related.” I reminded her.

“Well you need to tell them we don’t care about that! If they are in love they need to show it when we are there!” Clare said firmly.

“If you feel that way I think you should be the one to tell them!” I suggested.

“Ok I will!” She said defiantly. “Now take me to bed. I went black and I won’t go back!” She teased.

“Clare?” I whispered.

“Yes JB?” She asked.

“I am more white than I am black!” I whispered.

“Oh! You’re right!” She laughed. “Then I went white and I won’t go back!”

I looked at her and she looked at me. Her eyes got real big and I knew she and I were thinking the same thing. “ODELL!” we said in unison. It would be unfair to judge him by his race or his penis so I won’t. Odell was just a bad person. As far as I can remember it was the last time his name came up when I was with Clare. We laughed all the way to the bedroom.

I was waiting for her when she came out of the bathroom. Clare had just started putting on a few baby pounds. She looks sexy walking to me. I extend my hand and pull her on top of me. I can tell she wants to ask me something.

“What now?” I teased. I thought of waiting to ask but I was ready for sex.

“I hate you!” She squealed. “You always know!”

“Just ask, I want to get lucky.” I kissed her.

Clare moved on top of me her naked body pressed firmly on top of me. We kissed for few seconds. She pulled up offering me her tits. I suckled each one. Clare arched her back and moaned in response.

“Are you going to ask?” I groped her ass cheeks.

“Make love to me. Please!” Clare asked emotionally.

Rolling her over I worked down her body to the familiar place between her legs. By now Clare was presenting me her wanton pussy. I started slowly teasing her this time. Clare was guiding me with her hands to her favorite places. I happily lapped her excitement. Her desire built steadily.

“Jay I need to cum!” Clare moaned.

I pulled from her thighs and turned over. Clare mounted my face. Desperate for release she mashed her face firmly back on my tongue. In total control she used me to get herself off. It was one of the most intense climaxes she ever had.

“I spiced you!” She squealed weakly as she rolled to the side of me.

Her fabulous smile showed me she had never been happier. Clare recovered and moved to kiss me and lick my face. She was laying at an angle like she did the first time she ‘spiced’ me.

“I love you Clare.” I whispered.

She looked tired. I kissed her scared cheek one last time. I caressed her face she pushed firmly against my palm. I kissed her forehead.

“Good night my love.” I whispered.

I pulled the covers over her and held her tight. I guess she forgot the question.

We did buy the house. Clare had her surgery. The doctors did a commendable job. The big ugly scar is now almost hard to detect. I refuse to kiss that cheek so as not to remind Clare of the past. Jasmine was born and all of moms objections melted the moment her granddaughter was placed in her arms.

Jesse and Evan are engaged. Albert is Alice’s doting father now that Butch is back working. Clare did talk to Nancy and now the three of them express their love whenever we are around.

As for me? I found love and happiness in the most unlikely of places. I no longer think of her as my Aunt Clare, maybe I never did. She is the most unique woman I ever met. We still have our little talks and she still surprises me with questions I find humorous.

Dan asked me to share my story and I rejected the offer. Clare thought it should be told. I’ll let you decide.