“Daddy, May I Sleep with You?” – {Stepdaughter needs stepdad’s comfort after her mother died.}

“Daddy, May I Sleep with You?”

Stepdaughter looks to her stepfather for comfort after her mother died.

# # #

Feeling as guilty as he felt sexually excited, this is a true story that Charlie asked me to write about him having forbidden sex with his stepdaughter, Laura, after his wife died.

# # #

I remember the day as if it was yesterday. Too young to die, at only forty-three-years-old, it was the worst day of my life. A dreary and depressing day, it rained all day. Then, the night of my wife, Lorraine’s funeral, surprising me and sexually exciting me, my stepdaughter asked if she could sleep with me in my bed.

Looking so much like her mother, with her long, naturally, blonde hair and big, blue eyes, she was beautiful. She looked like Kenedi Anderson, the 18-year-old Platinum winning singer on 2022 American Idol. Laura looked like Lorraine looked when she was her age. Love at first sight, the first time I saw her mother, I was ready to ask her to marry me. Only, not wanting to be deemed insane, I waited a month before I bought her an engagement ring, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me.

I watched her biting her lip. She looked uncomfortable instead of looking happy. Instead of looking at me with love, she looked at me embarrassed. Having mixed my messages, clearly, she seemed uncomfortable with me asking her to marry me. Figuring she’d say no, ready to be heartbroken, I was ready to be rejected. Having second thoughts, my fault, too late now to rescind my proposal, I should have waited to ask her to marry me. Then, instead of just saying no to marrying me, she explained.

“Before I say yes to marrying you, you need to know that I’m older than you by 8-years,” she said.

‘What? She’s older than me by eight-years? Where did that come from,’ I thought?

“I’m thirty-eight-years-old,” she confessed.

‘What? Seriously? She’s thirty-eight-years-old,’ I thought?

I was shocked. I thought we were the same age. Hard for me to believe that she was 8-years older than me, I thought she was 30-years-old.

“Also, I have an eighteen-year-old daughter, Laura, who lives with me,” she said.

Yet, I didn’t care she was older than me. I loved her. I didn’t care that she had a daughter living with her. We all have baggage. I still wanted to be with her forever.

Yet, now that I know she has an 18-year-old daughter, I wondered if her daughter looked like her and with her showing me pictures of her daughter, was surprised that she did. Her daughter looked like Kenedi Anderson one of the three, platinum ticket winners from 2022 American Idol. Much like her mother, she was stunningly beautiful.

The identical image of her, she looked exactly like her mother. They could have done one of those mother and daughter commercials. No one would believe that they were mother and daughter. With Lorraine looking so much younger than her age, and definitely not looking like she’s 38-years-old, they looked more like sisters than they looked like mother and daughter.

“Yes, of course, Laura can live with us,” I said beaming with excitement that Lorraine agreed to marry me.

As long as Lorraine agreed to marry me, her mother could live with us, too. I didn’t care as long as Lorraine was in my life forever. I loved her. I truly loved my future wife.

Five years later, Lorraine was dead, killed in a single car crash when her car slammed head-on into a tree. Now, I was alone with her daughter, Laura. Inconsolable, I was devastated, but I had to be strong for her daughter, my stepdaughter.

She not only lost her mother; but also, she lost her best friend. With her biological father not caring two cents about her mother and/or his daughter, I had to be strong for her. I needed to be the rock that she needed to weather her devastating, personal storm.

# # #

That night, after we had a houseful of people bringing us their condolences and food, we were finally alone. As if I was dreaming, a vision of loveliness, my 23-year-old stepdaughter, Laura, walked in my room in her sexy, low-cut nightgown. I’ve never seen as much of her nearly, naked body as I was seeing now. I was as shocked as I was sexually excited. That was first time seeing her in her nightgown without her wearing a robe over it.

Then, when she stood in front of the TV, with the light from the TV lighting her up as she walked through a TSA, X-ray machine at the airport, I could see her as if she was naked. Unable to stop myself from staring, I stared at the size and the shape of her D cup breasts. I stared at all that I could see of her blonde, trimmed pussy through her sheer nightgown. I imagined stripping her naked and having sex with her beautiful, young body.

“Daddy,” asked Laura? The first time calling me Daddy, she looked at me with big, sad eyes while holding her stuffed rabbit, Trixie. “May I sleep with you?”

As if I was hearing things or imagining her asking me if she could sleep with me, I was as sexually excited as I was stunned.

‘What? Seriously? May I sleep with you? My beautiful, young, stepdaughter, asked if she could sleep with me in my bed. I couldn’t believe it. I had an instant throbbing erection with the imagined thoughts of not only sleeping with my stepdaughter but also having forbidden sex with her.’

With my mind filled with sexually, forbidden thoughts, I imagined making out with Laura. I imagined kissing her, French kissing her. I imagined touching her and feeling her everywhere through her nightgown while continuing to make out with her. I imagined removing her nightgown and stripping her naked. I imagined touching and feeling her naked body everywhere that a stepfather shouldn’t touch and feel his sexy stepdaughter.

Something that I had always wanted to do from the first day that I met her but controlling myself from having such wicked, sexual thoughts for my wife’s daughter, I wanted to make love to Laura. I wanted to finger her pussy while licking her pussy. I wanted to give her multiple, sexual orgasms with my fingers and my tongue. I wanted to fuck her fast enough and hard enough to give her a sexual orgasm with my stiff cock. I wanted to hear her scream my name.

‘Daddy! Daddy, I’m cumming, Daddy,’ I imagined her screaming when giving her another sexual orgasm. No that’s not right. ‘Charlie! Charlie, I’m cumming, Charlie,’ I imagined her screaming after making her cum for the third time.’

# # #

“I can’t sleep. I keep thinking of Mommy,” she said. ‘I keep thinking of her six feet under and sleeping in that cold grave alone.’

She started to cry. I jumped out of bed to hold her, hug her, and comfort her. Now, as soon as I held her beautiful body, I had a massive erection pulsating against her soft, warm tummy. Sometimes sleeping naked, I was glad that I was decent when I jumped from bed. Hoping that she didn’t notice my throbbing and bulging cock, I was as embarrassed as I was sexually excited. Feeling like such a degenerate cad, I couldn’t believe that I had an erection at a time like this when my stepdaughter needed me.

“Of course, you may sleep with me,” I said walking around the bed with her to push down the blankets and sheet.

As soon as she climbed in bed, whether intentional or deliberate, she flashed me her naked, blonde pussy. Such a memorable occasion and something that I’d never forget, the first time seeing her naked pussy, I couldn’t believe that I saw Laura’s naked, blonde pussy. She wasn’t wearing panties. Lorraine always wore panties to bed but her daughter wasn’t wearing panties. In the way that my wife’s nightgown climbed up to her waist to expose her white, bikini panties while she was sleeping, I imagined Laura’s nightgown climbing up to her waist to expose her blonde, naked pussy as she slept.

It was a big bed. Beyond reproach, it was perfectly permissible and understandable, with this the night of her mother’s funeral, for my stepdaughter to sleep with me. I figured that I’d stay on my side and she’d stay on her side. Only, with her moving to the middle of the bed, she wanted me to hold her. Clearly, she needed me to comfort her.

“Hold me, Daddy. I’m cold,” she said calling me Daddy again.

When she called me Daddy, I felt like the pervert that I am for being sexually attracted to my wife’s, adult daughter. When she called me Daddy, she made me feel guilty for sexually wanting her. Yet, when she called me Daddy, I wanted her even more. I wanted to do sexual things to her beautiful, naked body that a Daddy should never do to his stepdaughter.

# # #

After everyone finally left and dropped off food, the first time alone with my stepdaughter was at my wife’s funeral earlier today. With her in bed with me now, accommodating her, I moved closer to her. Now with us in the middle of the bed, I put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me. With her big breasts pressed against my muscular chest, I reached my hand down to rest it at the top of her shapely ass.

Having not held my wife in a week, since she the day that she died, it felt so good to hold her daughter. Not only did she look like my wife but also, she felt like my wife, only firmer. When I put my nose to her beautiful, long, blonde hair, with her wearing Lorraine’s perfume, she smelled like my wife, too. Embarrassing myself for being so lecherous, averting my eyes, I could clearly see her big, naked, D cup breasts, the same sized as her mother’s breasts, down her open nightgown top.

Unable to control myself from thinking of what it would feel like to be sexually intimate with her, I wondered what it would feel like to kiss her. I wondered what it would feel like to French kiss. I wondered what it would feel like to make out with her while touching and feeling her nightgown clad body everywhere that a stepfather should never touch and feel his stepdaughter. I wondered what it would feel like to make slow, sweet love to her. I wondered what it would feel like to fuck her.

# # #

“Daddy,” she asked looking up at me with her big, beautiful blue eyes? “May I touch you?”

‘May I touch you,’ I thought? ‘Touch me where?’

I laughed.

“Touch me? Of course, you may touch me,” I said. “You are touching,” I said nervously.

My imagination ran wild. I imagined Laura touching my cock. I imagined her fondling the head of my prick with her fingertips. I imagined her stroking my erect dick. I imagined her sucking me before fucking me.

Only what she meant by touching me was something else entirely and something that I wasn’t expecting even if I imagined that it was. Shocking me, as if I had given her permission to do this, she stuck her soft hand inside of my pajama bottom and wrapped her long, manicured fingers around my flaccid cock. I couldn’t believe my wife’s beautiful daughter was holding my flaccid prick in her soft hand.

Not flaccid for very long, as soon as she started fondling the head of my prick with her fingertips, I immediately had another erection. Then, something that I never expected her to do, ever so slowly and ever so gently, she started stroking my cock. Never thinking that my beautiful stepdaughter would ever stroke my stiff prick, Laura was giving me a slow hand job.

“Daddy,” she asked looking up at me with pleading eyes? “Touch me,” she said while still slowly masturbating me. “I need to feel your hands on my body,” she said.

‘Touch her,’ I thought. ‘Touch her where? I am touching her. I’m holding her.’

I didn’t have to wonder very long where to touch my stepdaughter because she took my hand by my wrist and stuck it down her nightgown top. In the way that I couldn’t believe that she was slowly stroking my prick, I couldn’t believe that she wanted me to touch and feel her naked breasts. In case I pulled my hand away, she held my hand there until I held her breast in the palm of my hand.

As if I had never felt a naked breast before, I felt my stepdaughter’s breast, first one and then the other. At first, not wanting my touches to be sexual but loving, I avoided touching her nipples. Yet, I was curious if she’d allow me to finger her nipples. Then, testing the sexual waters, I slid a slow hand across her erect nipples. When she didn’t stop me, I pulled her nipples, turned her nipples, and twisted her nipples while she continued stroking my throbbing prick.

# # #

Then, shocking me again, she pulled my hand from out of her nightgown top and moved it between her legs. As soon as she did, my fingers touched her naked pussy. She was already so wet. So very wet.

Just as I never thought that I’d ever be feeling my stepdaughter’s naked tits, I never thought I’d never be cupping her naked pussy. Afraid to move my hand and/or my fingers, she wrapped my hand around her blonde, trimmed pussy and squeezed. As if I owned her pussy, I was cupping her naked pussy in the palm of my hand.

Then, as if I had never masturbated a woman before, showing me what to do, as if I already didn’t know, she rubbed her clit with my index finger. Determined to masturbate her and make her cum, I rubbed her clit faster. I rubbed her clit harder.

She pulled my hand down lower and finger fucked her pussy with my index finger. I was masturbating my stepdaughter while she continued slowly masturbating me. Hard enough for me to wrap my head around my stepdaughter masturbating me, I couldn’t believe that I was masturbating Laura, my deceased wife’s daughter.

# # #

I should have known better the first time my stepdaughter, Laura, asked to sleep with me that she didn’t want to sleep. Having difficulty wrapping my head around her asking to sleep with me, until she made the first moves to sexually seduce me, I never suspected that she wanted me to give her sex. Now, a nightly occurrence, my 23-year-old stepdaughter sleeps with me in my bed while cuddling me, holding me, hugging me, spooning me, touching me, feeling me, and having forbidden sex with me. Now, that I started this, I can’t stop it without rejecting her and hurting her feelings.

Only, I don’t want to stop having incestuous sex with Laura. I love having forbidden sex with her. I want our sexual relationship to continue forever.

In the way that I loved my wife, I love my stepdaughter. I love sleeping with her. I love having sex with her. With my beloved wife dead and buried, I’d be so lonely to sleep in this big bed alone. The best thing that could have happened to me was Laura asking if she could sleep with me.

‘Daddy,’ I thought while replaying her not so innocent question in my mind. ‘May I sleep with you?’

Yet, suddenly feeling like the lecherous pervert that I am, it would be okay if all she wanted to do was to sleep with me. With me having a king-sized, my bed is plenty wide enough to comfortably accommodate the both of us. Moreover, I’d have no problem with her sleeping with me in my bed while cuddling and spooning her but, clearly, she wanted more. She wanted sex. Forget about sleeping, she wanted me to give her all that I intimately and sexually gave her mother.

She wanted to touch me. She wanted to feel me. She wanted to stroke me. She wanted to suck me. She wanted to make love to me. She wanted to fuck me.

She wanted me to touch her. She wanted me to feel her. She wanted me to finger her. She wanted me to eat her. She wanted me to make love to her. She wanted me to fuck her.

Taking the place of my deceased wife, as if she was Lorraine, she expected me to give her sex. She expected me to give her multiple, sexual orgasms with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock. Perhaps, with her jealous of her mother and her wanting me, it wouldn’t surprise me if she wanted me to marry her.

# # #

Remembering back to how it all started, she wanted to sleep with me in my bed. Now, forget about sleeping, she claimed that she’s unable to sleep unless she sticks her hand inside of my pajama bottom, wraps her fingers around my flaccid prick, and holds my cock in her hand as she sleeps. Interestingly enough, like mother like daughter, that’s how her mother slept with me. As if she feared that I’d get up in the middle of the night and leave her, she held my flaccid prick in her hand as she soundly slept.

Unfortunately, with Laura’s fingers wrapped around my prick and her slowly stroking me while fondling my cock, my flaccid prick didn’t stay flaccid for very long. Once she held my dick in her soft, warm hand and wrapped her long, manicured fingers around my cock, it quickly hardened into a full-fledged erection. A game that she seemingly enjoyed playing and played it very well, she’s sexually teasing me in her attempt to sexually seduce me. Well, with me an easy victim, she needn’t try very hard. Like her mother, love at first sight, I was hers from the start.

Now, with her taking the sexual teasing to the next level, she claimed that she can’t sleep unless I stick my hand inside her nightgown top and hold her naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples in my sleep.

‘Seriously? Are you kidding me? She can’t sleep unless I hold her naked breast? Well, she’s my kind of woman,’ I thought. ‘That’s fine with me.’

Again, like mother like daughter, something that her mother did, too. Lorraine couldn’t sleep unless I held her naked breast in the palm of my hand while fingering her erect nipples. To be honest, with us on the same, sexual page, after sleeping like that for so very long, I can’t sleep unless a woman is holding my cock in her hand and I’m holding her naked tits and fingering her nipples in my hand as I sleep.

Yet, something as forbidden as it was wrong, I never thought my stepdaughter would be taking sexual advantage of me. I never thought my stepdaughter would want me to have sex with her. I never thought that my stepdaughter would sexually seduce me. Not even in my wildest, sexual fantasy, I never thought I’d be having sex with my stepdaughter. Even after having sex with her, hard to wrap my head around us having sex, I can’t believe that I had sex and am still having sex with Laura.

What started out very innocently, sleeping together in the same bed, quickly turned into outrageous, forbidden sex. With me as horny as she’s clearly needy, thinking that I could control myself, I can’t say no. To be honest, the first time that I met my stepdaughter when she was 18-years-old and I was 30-years-old, I wanted to sleep with her. Had I not been already married to her mother; I would have put the sexual moves on her.

Now, that I’m 35-years-old and my stepdaughter is 23-years-old, with my beloved wife, dead and bury, I’m free to continue having a sexual relationship with her daughter. Going from having sex with an older woman to having sex with a younger woman is nothing I could have imagined. Laura is more energetic and imaginative than her mother. Her mother was a wonderful lover and all that I thought that I wanted but Laura, indeed, is a much better lover.

# # #

It all started a week before her mother died, the night of her mother’s death, when we were watching a movie while sitting together on the couch. The first time alone with my stepdaughter, her mother was out with friends. It was late. Figuring that she had too much to drink and was staying overnight with a friend, not wanting to awaken me, I assumed that she figured it was too late to call.

Innocently enough, while her mother was slamming head-on into a tree, setting the stage for what would happen between stepdaughter and stepfather later, because she was cold, I cuddled beneath a blanket with her daughter. Then, when I put my arm around her shoulder, she rested her hand on my upper thigh. With her hand so very close to my pajama clad cock, it didn’t take me long to develop an erection. Something that may never happen, I was as sexually excited as I was embarrassed that my pajama clad cock throbbed and pulsated for the anticipated touch of my stepdaughter’s hand.

Then, when she fell asleep, she slumped to the side and her nightgown top fell wide open. I could see a good portion of the size and the shape of her naked breasts and her erect nipples. With her head in my lap, whether deliberate or unintentional, her hand was now on my erection.

My erect prick throbbed and pulsated to the mere touch of my stepdaughter’s hand through my pajama bottom. As embarrassed as I was sexually excited, I hoped that she was sleeping soundly enough that she didn’t feel my cock pushing against the palm of her hand. After proclaiming my love to her mother and marrying Lorraine, I’d be embarrassed if Laura knew that I sexually wanted her, too.

‘What degenerate wants to have sex with mother and daughter,’ I thought. ‘If it wasn’t enough that I married the love of my life but now I wanted to have sex with her 23-year-old daughter, too.’

# # #

‘How dare I take sexual advantage of my stepdaughter while she was sleeping,’ I thought. ‘Yet, that wasn’t outrage enough to stop me from touching her and feeling her in all the places where a stepfather never should touch and feel his stepdaughter while she was soundly sleeping.’

No excuse to take advantage of my stepdaughter while she was sleeping but it had been a while since I had sex and I was horny. With my stepdaughter’s mouth so very close to my pajama clad erection, unable to stop myself, I did something very, sexually wicked. With me not wearing underwear beneath my pajama bottoms in the way that my stepdaughter wasn’t wearing panties beneath her nightgown, I removed my erect cock from my pajama bottoms.

I was so nervous. I was so sexually excited. Not wanting to frighten her, I hoped she didn’t awaken and see my erect, naked prick staring her in her face. Yet, I was curious for Laura’s reaction to seeing my naked cock. I never wanted to expose myself to my stepdaughter in the way that I wanted to expose myself to her now.

Curious what my stepdaughter would do if she did see my naked cock staring her in her face, I wondered what she’d do. I wondered if she’d take me in her hand to stroke me. I wondered if she’d take me in her mouth to suck me. I wondered if she’d take me in her pussy to fuck me. I wondered if she’d scream and tell her mother that I exposed myself to her.

I slowly slid my erect prick along her sleeping lips. I watched a droplet of precum slide between her lips. I watched her lick my precum away with her sleeping tongue.

Only, unbeknownst to me, my stepdaughter wasn’t sleeping. Pretending to be asleep, she was wide awake. She surprised me when she reached out her soft hand and wrapped her long fingers around my exposed, thick, naked prick. Then, I couldn’t believe it when she started stroking me before she took me in her mouth to suck me.

Laura was blowing me. She was giving me a blowjob. Better than the blowjob that I received from Veronica, the prom queen at my senior prom, Laura was, indeed, a much better and experienced cocksucker.

Yet, still as stunned as I was sexually excited, I couldn’t believe my wife’s daughter was blowing me. Laura was sucking my cock. Her giving me a blowjob was not only willing but also consensual. Clearly, she wanted to suck my cock as much as I wanted her to suck my cock. She wanted me to cum in her mouth as much as I wanted to cum in her mouth.

# # #

Sure enough, all part of her plan to sexually seduce me, it didn’t take Laura long to take me in her soft hand and wrap her manicured fingers around my erect prick. Then, as if she was dreaming of stroking the cock of one of her boyfriends, she slowly stroked my prick. My stepdaughter was giving me a feigned sleeping, hand job. I couldn’t believe my stepdaughter was giving me a hand job. Thinking that she was stroking me in her sleep, all the better, she was wide awake and deliberately having sex with me.

Not stopping there, as soon as the head of my stiff prick touched her red, full lips, she parted her lips and took the head of my cock in her warm, wet mouth while she was still pretending to be asleep. Assuredly, she knew that I’d never cheat on her mother, especially with her daughter. She knew that I’d never have sex with her if she was awake.

I felt her tongue touch the head of my cock. Then, I felt her tongue lick my erect prick. Finally, taking the full length of my cock in her warm, wet mouth while she was still pretending to be soundly sleeping, Laura was blowing me in her feigned sleep.

As shocked as I was stunned, I couldn’t believe my stepdaughter was willingly and consensually sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe my wife’s daughter was blowing me. No longer able to control myself, I put a gentle hand to the back of Laura’s sleeping, blonde head. Determined to cum in her beautiful mouth, I humped her mouth and fucked her face.

Then, too late to pull away, I ejaculated a huge load of cum in her feigned sleeping mouth. As soon as I unloaded in Laura’s mouth, she pretended to awaken. As soon as she removed my stiff prick from her mouth, I ejaculated a second load of cum all over her beautiful face and in her long, blonde hair. Something I thought I’d never do; I gave my stepdaughter a cum bath.

# # #

“Daddy,” she said looking down at herself before looking up at me. “Did you just cum in my mouth and all over my face? Did I just blow you in my sleep?” She looked down at herself again. “Did you just give me a cum bath,” she asked while wiping cum from her face with a hand towel.

Expecting her to be angry, expecting her to tell her mother that I sexually abused her daughter, I looked at her as embarrassed as I was ashamed.

“I’m sorry, Laura, but you started fondling my naked prick in your sleep,” I said while still staring down her still open nightgown top at her naked breasts. “Then, when you took me in your mouth, you were sucking me in your sleep. With me horny for so very long, I couldn’t stop myself from putting my gentle hand to the back of your pretty head and humping your beautiful mouth before cumming in your mouth.”

Surprising me that she wasn’t angry, she nodded her head as if she understood.

“Well, if that’s the case. May I sleep with you in your bed tonight, Daddy?”

With my wife still not home and with her daughter asking me if she could sleep in my bed, our little secret, I knew that she would tell her mother that we had sex. I nodded my head while wondering if she’d have sex with me again later tonight before my wife arrived home. I’d love to have sex with Laura not that she wasn’t feigning that she was sleeping and was wide awake.

“I’d love for you to sleep with me in my bed, Laura,” I said. “I’d love to have sex with you again.”

Returning the sexual favor, something that I had always wanted to do, unable to resist, with the top of her nightgown still wide open, I reached my horny hand inside her open nightgown top. I felt and fondled her naked breasts while pulling, turning, and twisting her erect nipples. Then, when she started stroking again, I moved my hand beneath her nightgown.

I cupped her naked, trimmed, blonde pussy in the palm of my hand. Then, I rubbed her clit while finger fucking her pussy. I was masturbating my stepdaughter. I couldn’t believe that I was masturbating her. I couldn’t believe that she was willingly and consensually allowing me to masturbate her. Something that I thought that I’d never do, I was giving Laura a sexual orgasm with my fingers.

# # #

After my wife was killed in a one car crash when she crashed head-on into a tree on a rainy night, she left her daughter, Laura, behind to live with me. I loved my stepdaughter. I really did. We got along. We were pals. Playing games and watching movies, I couldn’t be any closer to her than if she was my biological daughter.

Only, I never thought I’d be sexually attracted to her. I never thought that I’d ever be having incestuous sex with her. I never thought she’d want to have sex with me, a man 12-years older than her.

With her father remarried and with him living on the other side of the country, he made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with his past. He wanted nothing to do with his daughter. He had always been a cold, selfish bastard and I tried to be the father that my stepdaughter deserved to have. Only, I never thought I’d be in a forbidden, sexual relationship with my stepdaughter.

Only, a week after her mother was dead and buried, Laura started acting out with weird, sexual behavior. Something that always surprised me, shocked me even, she started to sexually flash me. When sitting across from me in her short skirt, she’d deliberately part her knees wide enough to flash me her white panties. Every time she crossed and uncrossed her shapely legs, she continually flashed me her panties again and again. Then, when sitting across from me when wearing her short, sexy nightgown, as if she was Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, she’d flash me her naked pussy.

With her always wearing a robe over her short, sheer, and sexy, low-cut nightgowns, she never wore a robe over her nightgown now. When she wasn’t flashing me her blonde, trimmed, naked pussy, she flashed me her naked, D cup breasts. I can’t count how many upskirt peeks I saw of her white panties. I can’t count how many up-nightgowns peeks I saw of her naked pussy. I can’t count how many down blouse peeks I saw of her long line of sexy cleavage and her low-cut bra. I can’t count how many down nightgown views I saw of her naked breasts and erect nipples.

‘She’s so very beautiful. She’s so sexy,’ I thought. ‘She’s so shapely.’

Making me horny, instead of daring myself to touch her where a stepfather should never touch his stepdaughter, I touched her. I felt her. Yet, instead of making a full-blown forbidden pass at her, I’d masturbate over her in my bedroom. I’d masturbate over her stroking me, sucking me, and fucking me. Now with her stroking me, sucking me, and fucking me, I no longer masturbated over Laura.

# # #

Deciding that we can’t live without one another, we decided to marry. I couldn’t believe that I was marrying my wife’s daughter. I couldn’t believe that Laura agreed to marry me. If it wasn’t enough that I was married to her beautiful mother, soon I’d be married to her beautiful daughter.

Something that I didn’t have a chance to do with Lorraine, I couldn’t wait to give Laura a baby. Within five years, we had a girl that we named Lily and a boy that we named Wyatt. We lived happily ever after.