“Give Me The Remote” Pt. 03 – {His sister and her sister bring him full circle.}

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

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In boot camp, Hunter had been handed a sheet of paper that listed his choices of assignments in the US Marine Corps. Hunter had the wherewithal to notice, as Drill sergeant Mickelson roused the sleep-deprived recruits and screamed them through a series of excercizes, drills, runs, and other grueling tasks, there was a group of people that had already been awake for hours, preparing their food. And after the recruits had shoveled the unappetizing slop down, that same group of people cleaned those massive pots and pans, cleaned the trays and utensils, then prepared their mid-day meal. After the mid-day meal was choked down, those same people cleaned everything and prepared the evening meal. Then they cleaned everything. Only to do the same thing again the next day.

So Hunter did not check ‘Food Preparation’ as one of his choices. He knew how to look up pornography, even if James Conway High School supposedly had a block on access to such sites, so checked ‘Computers’ as one choice. Driving was also something he’d learned so checked that box as well. Inventory Control sounded fairly easy, so Hunter also checked that box.

Someone in the office obviously knew that Hunter was only kidding when he neglected to check ‘Food Preparation’ as his top choice of assignments. Electing not to leave base after completing boot camp, Hunter was rotated directly from boot camp to basics training, where he was taught the finer art of military cuisine.

After completing Basics, Hunter and Patrick Fowler, a fellow Marine that had also been rotated to Food Prep, even though Patrick had not checked the box, took leave and went down to Bender, Florida. Hunter and Patrick did their best to fuck every woman that smiled at them, did their best to drink every bar dry, then congratulated one another on a successful leave. Hell, it must have been successful; they couldn’t remember a thing they’d done.

From base, they were given battle gear and shipped into the very bowels of Hell. Iraq was as inhospitable a place as had ever existed. The people were hostile. Their interpreters were hostile; half the time they couldn’t be trusted and their translations were often suspect. Their fellow Marines, nerves frazzled by constant hours of boredom interrupted by hellish firefights were prone to lash out at one another. Jokesters and pranksters very quickly learned, no one had a sense of humor.

Even the location and the climate was hostile. Hunter learned to shave everything; insects seemed to love a hairy armpit or hairy crotch to burrow into. Sand got into everything, even the food.

“Middle east, my ass,” Hunter complained, scrubbing out yet another pot. “Middle Hell, more like.”

“You know, Davis, you been bitching ever since you got here,” Sergeant Buddy Greene said. “Hell, I didn’t know better, I’d think you wasn’t happy to be here, Davis.”

“Now, what the fuck gave you such a crazy idea?” Hunter asked, grabbing another pot.

Hunter had kept up with his family through emails. Donald and Donna Davis did not have computers, and would not pay for Chantilly, Swan, Forrest or Fawn to have cell phones. But Willow and Chance Brown denied Soleil nothing and Soleil had a computer in her bedroom. Soleil and Swan emailed Hunter daily and kept him abreast of everything in Lowenburg, Arkansas.

Violet Meynard had indeed been pregnant and Tricky Rick Hill had been the rifle that hit the magic duck. After being bailed out on the aggravated battery complaint filed by Violet, Rick had skipped town for parts unknown. At present, there was a warrant out for his arrest.

Chantilly worked at the Lowen Bag Factory, worked alongside her father in packing. Lacy Adams, their cousin, also worked at the factory, worked in the office with Milton Evans.

“Chantilly says Lacy’s fucking Milton,” Swan disclosed.

“She is her mother’s child,” Hunter muttered as he thought of their red headed cousin.

Quincy Adams was serving out a twenty four month sentence in Pendleton, the medium security penitentiary in Lowen County. What his crime was became more and more convoluted depending on who told the story. But Aunt Vicky, Aunt Linda and Donna all seemed to believe that Quincy’s arrest, trial, and sentencing were all racially motivated.

“Oh, I’m sure it’s not,” Hunter smirked. “Ass hole’s been a bully all his life and Mommy let him get away with it all his life. Welcome to the real world, cousin. People won’t put up with your shit.”

Soleil had let Fawn use the computer and Hunter felt the sting of tears as his thirteen year old sister told him she loved him. Fawn typed that she prayed every night that God’s angels protect Hunter, and every morning, when she got up, she told God’s angels ‘thank you’ for keeping Hunter safe. She had looked it up and she knew that Hunter was seven hours ahead, so when she was going to sleep, he was probably getting up and when she got up, he was probably going to sleep.

Soleil sent Hunter a solo email, declaring her undying love for him. Hunter smirked; he knew the beautiful girl had a bit of a crush on him. He chalked it up to teenaged infatuation.

Soleil’s next email continued the message of undying love for Hunter, and also included attachments. The attached photos showed that Chantilly was looking more and more like her father each day. Swan and Soleil’s school pictures showed that both girls were beautiful. Actually, both girls were stunning. Their pale features and long strawberry blonde hair and startling blue gray eyes were just part of the beauty. Their wide smiles also displayed their inner beauty as well. Poor Fawn suffered the curse of many red heads; her pale face was covered by numerous orange freckles, but her smile was a beautiful, happy smile. Forrest looked the same, just a little heavier.

“The Marines is like a blow job,” Buddy Greene quipped a few days before he was set to rotate out. “The closer you are to discharge? The happier you get.”

“Fuck you, Greene,” Hunter said, shaking his head. “Since you’ve never had a blow job, oh, at least, not from a girl, you probably just heard that somewhere.”

“What the fuck ever, Davis,” Buddy laughed and the two men slapped each other affectionately.

“Seriously, you get out? Need to come see me,” Buddy said. “I mean, ain’t shit to do in Gratchley, unless you work at the brewery, but man! Myndee’s only couple minutes away. All that college pussy? Aw. Yeah!”

“College pussy?” Hunter mock-goggled. “They any better than my five sisters and nine cousins?”

“I just ate, Davis,” another Marine laughed. “Thought of you doing anyone is enough make me sick.”

Buddy extended the invitation to Patrick Fowler as well. Patrick put an arm around Hunter’s waist, leaned his head on Hunter’s shoulder and lisped that he and ‘Baby’ would be happy to come see Buddy.

“Fuck, get off me, homo,” Hunter said and he and Patrick laughed.

“I’m being serious; y’all got come see me,” Buddy said and lay down on his bunk.

Soleil and Swan emailed Hunter their Prom pictures. Hunter thought both girls looked incredible, even though he was sure Swan’s dress had been made by Aunt Vickie. The dresses were in the colors of James Conway High School colors; navy blue and Kelly green.

Hunter hated both smirking boys that stood with his sister and her twin. The almost mocking looks the two boys wore and their arrogant postures seemed to suggest that both boys expected those beautiful dresses to be hiked up to just under the throats of the two girls as they fucked Swan and Soleil in the rear of the limousine.

Hunter smirked at the two preening Lotharios; Swan and Soleil were holding each other’s hands, ignoring the two boys. He hoped the two boys had spent a lot of money on the tuxedos, the restaurant, the limousine, the flowers. He hoped they spent their entire savings, only to wind up with blue balls.

Hunter sent the girls a quick reply; telling them they looked beautiful in their dresses; he wished he could have been there. Then he signed out of his email account, shook his head trying to ward off the incredible loneliness that engulfed him and hustled to start his duties.

“Which hand you use to jerk off?” Sergeant Kelly asked. “Whatever hand it is? Use the other hand to stir them beans. Don’t want none your jizz in my food, Davis.”

“Uh huh,” Hunter said.

The man was new to this post and seemed hell-bent on making each and every person in his unit hate him. He was off to a good start, in the eyes of Hunter and Patrick.

“Heard me, Davis?” Todd Kelly snapped, seeming to want a fight with Hunter.

“I heard you; but since I used Jimmy’s hand, it’s all good,” Hunter said.

“Aw, fuck you, Davis,” Jimmy called out from his position at the sink.

“Well, that’s how we usually start,” Hunter said and Jimmy shook his head, laughing.

“You just pissed ’cause I’m ’bout to rotate out of here,” Jimmy said.

“We all are,” Lance Corporal Finnegan called out.

Soleil responded to Hunter’s email; she had wished for Hunter to be the one that had taken her and Swan to their prom. She wrote, as nice as Mikey had been, he wasn’t Hunter Donald Davis.

Swan echoed Soleil’s sentiments; Nickie had been nice; she’d even kissed him on the lips at the end of the date. But, Nickie wasn’t Hunter Donald Davis.

And then it was Hunter’s turn to be targeted by his peers. He took the good natured jabs and jibes with grace. After all, he had dished out his fair share of those words to the ones up for rotation.

“Going see Greene?” Patrick asked as Davis checked his gear again.

“Yeah,” Hunter sighed. “Ain’t shit for me back in Lowenburg. You?”

“Yeah. Innewda ain’t but about ten minutes away from Gratchley anyway,” Patrick said.

“Lowenburg? Lowenburg? Where pumpkin is not just a gourd but a sport?” Sergeant Todd Kelly hooted.

“Rochester, New York. Where men are tough, the women are tougher, and sheep are nervous,” Hunter said.

“Good old Rochester,” Patrick agreed. “Say Sergeant, it true that your first girlfriend’s name was VBaa-etty?”

The Greyhound bus ground to a halt outside of the Pak N Sak in Lowenburg. Checking their tickets and their schedule, Hunter and Patrick saw that they had almost three hours before the bus that would take them to Gratchley was scheduled to arrive. Hunter looked at his wrist watch; one of the few indulgences he’d allowed himself, and sighed heavily. By the time he made it to his family’s trailer, Chantilly and Donald, and possibly even Donna would be arriving home from another day of work. As much as he wanted to see Swan and Soleil, see his younger sister Fawn, and meet Wisteria, his baby sister, Hunter could not, or would not stomach seeing Donald or Donna.

Hunter did a double take when he and Patrick entered the convenience store. A haggard looking Violet Meynard was stocking the pretzels onto the shelf in front of the counter. She gave a tired smile to the two service men that entered.

“Holy fuck; that’s my old girlfriend,” Hunter hissed to Patrick as they grabbed a couple of bottles of juice.

“Damn, like them older, huh?” Patrick asked, looking over his shoulder at the woman.

“Nope. Sad thing is, she’s only ’bout a year older than me,” Hunter said.

“Life’s been a little hard on her then,” Patrick agreed and grabbed three of his one big vice in life, the Twix candy bars.

Hunter walked up and down the candy aisle, then finally shrugged in defeat. There was nothing he wanted among the sweets. But he did grab a few spicy beef jerkeys and a large bag of pretzels.

“How far this Gratchley’s anyway?” Hunter asked as he and Patrick stood behind a large woman that was buying two microwave burritos and a twenty ounce Diet Coke.

“If we were driving? ‘Bout three hours,” Patrick said. “By bus? More like seven hours.”

“Damn,” Hunter said and grabbed a second bag of pretzels.

Violet gave Patrick a smile and thanked him for his service. Patrick responded that he was just doing his job.

“Well, soldier, some of us really appreciate you doing your job,” Violet said.

“Same here, just doing my job,” Hunter said.

He studied Violet’s eyes. Her formerly cute face wrinkled in confusion as she glanced from his purchases to his face. She recited the cost of the three bottles of apple juice, the two bags of pretzels and the two strips of jerky. She continued to look at him as he paid for his purchase.

“That is just fucking her all kind of up,” Hunter laughed as he and Patrick sat in the shade of the store’s awning, waiting on the bus.

Buddy had not been exaggerating; there was nothing to do in Gratchley, Arkansas. There was even less to do in his single wide trailer. But Myndee, Arkansas was thirty minutes away and Myndee University had several young coeds that were more than willing to show three good looking Marines how much they appreciated Buddy, Patrick, and Hunter keeping them safe.

“Damn, man!” Buddy whooped as they got into his mother’s mini-van. “Damn! I just had me my first black kootch! Aw. Yeah!”

Patrick and Hunter both looked at the handsome black man, then at each other. Then the three friends whooped out and collapsed in laughter.

A week into their stay, Patrick took his two friends to his home town of Innewda, Arkansas. The reception the three young men received from Patrick’s mother and step-father was underwhelming. They weren’t even offered water to drink. Clarence Moore, Patrick’s step-father did want to know how long they planned to stay.

“Wow. I uh,” Hunter said as the three men left the small wooden home.

“Think the insurgents was happier see us?” Patrick supplied.

“Wonder why you didn’t re-up,” Hunter agreed.

“Okay, what y’all want do now?” Buddy asked, climbing into the driver’s seat.

“I, know what I haven’t had in forever?” Hunter asked, getting into the rear of the van.

“An education?” Buddy guessed.

“Breath that don’t smell like shit?” Patrick guessed.

“Friends?” Buddy continued.

“A sober woman that would fuck you?” Patrick guessed.

“Barbeque,” Hunter laughed, slapping both men in the backs of their heads. “Good old barbeque.”

“And I know just the place,” Buddy agreed, putting the van in gear.

“Yeah, we can get you that,” Patrick agreed, rubbing the back of his head. “That other shit? You going have work on that yourself.”

Hunter’s Cabin was in unincorporated Clarkston County, just south of Myndee. Entering the dilapidated building, the smells of pork sizzling and beef roasting assailed the nostrils. A tired looking waitress told the three newcomers to have a seat anywhere.

“Sorry ’bout that; we a little short-handed,” the woman explained when she finally made her way to their table.

“Merline, I asked you get me another beer ten minutes ago,” a man yelled out.

“I’ll take the pulled pork,” Buddy said, getting to his feet. “Mm, potato salad and hmm, the fried pickles.”

“That brisket looks too good,” Hunter agreed, getting to his feet. “Beans and tater salad.”

“Pork, how fresh them greens?” Patrick asked, standing.

“Come in other day,” Merline said, watching as Buddy poured a draft beer for the complaining customer and Hunter began clearing away a table’s dirty dishes.

“The greens and what the hell, give me the beans,” Patrick said, walking to another table to take their drink orders. “If Davis’s getting the beans, least I could do is pay him back.”

“What the hell are you doing?” the loud customer spluttered when Buddy set the foaming beer down in front of him.

“What you should have done,” Buddy said. “Y’all can tell that woman’s here by herself. Y’all do anything help? Nope. Just sit on your fat ass and complain. Anyone else ready for a refill?”

“Which one’s the unsweetened?” Patrick asked, hefting two pitchers of iced tea.

“Green one,” Merline said, giving their food order to Cedric.

“Who you?” Cedric asked as Hunter carried in the dirty dishes.

“United States Marine Corps sent us,” Hunter smiled and loaded the dishwasher. “Need turn down the heat on them beans there.”

“Boys, food’s up,” Merline called out and Hunter, Buddy and Patrick finished their assignments and sat to eat.

“Davis, this what you was wanting?” Buddy asked as they dug in.

“Aw. Yeah!” Hunter agreed, happily chewing the tender brisket.

“Ma’am, where’s the ticket?” Buddy asked as Hunter took their empty plates and glasses to the kitchen.

“Curtis and Skinny paid for y’all,” Merline said.

“You mean, they don’t work here?” a middle aged woman asked, looking up from her two meat platter. “Then why that boy brung me my food?”

“They’re Marines,” Merline smiled.

“Thank you, ma’am; that was some the best brisket I ever had,” Hunter smiled as he set a rack of clean glasses onto the bar.

“Tell Cedric his pork’s all right,” Patrick smiled.

“You are such a butt head,” Hunter laughed.

“Ma’am, when Fowler says something’s all right, he means it is fan damn tastic,” Buddy smiled and the three men left the shack.

After another week, Buddy’s mother asked her son, out of earshot of the other two boys, when he planned to get shed of them two white boys, settle down and get himself a job. She wasn’t as out of earshot as she thought and both Hunter and Patrick packed their duffels.

“Man, shit,” Buddy said.

“Man, shit nothing,” Hunter smiled. “Your momma’s right. We been here raising hell and carrying on. She’s just wanting her place back.”

“And you do need to grow the fuck up, pussy,” Patrick agreed. “Would think, eight years in the Corps, you’d be a little more adult.”

“A little, huh?” Hunter agreed.

“Aw, y’all. Kiss my naturally black ass,” Buddy laughed, hugging his two friends. “But come on. Let’s go get some barbeque before y’all skip.”

Again, Merline was running the place on her own. There were a few less patrons than the last time. Hunter, Buddy and Patrick again stepped up and began assisting.

“Hey, Marines,” Cedric smiled, slicing the brisket as Hunter brought in the bin of dirty dishes.

“You ’bout burn that cornbread,” Hunter responded.

Curtis and Skinny weren’t there; Buddy, Patrick and Hunter shrugged and paid for their own meals. Then after finishing their meals, they continued to work until the mild lunch rush died down.

“Miss Merline, you know where the nearest Greyhound station is?” Hunter asked.

“Where you going?” Patrick asked.

“Shit. Don’t know,” Hunter admitted. “I mean, you home. Buddy’s home. Me? I guess, I guess I need to find out where home is.”

“We got a room right up them stairs,” Cedric interjected, pointing toward a door.

“And as you can see, we in bad need of help,” Merline said.

Hunter agreed to stay in the room upstairs; in exchange for room and meals, he would help out during the lunch and dinner hours. He grabbed his duffel bag out the rear of Buddy’s mother’s minivan and the three friends said their goodbyes.

The room was actually a suite; there was a small kitchenette, a bathroom of shower and toilet and pedestal sink and a twelve by fourteen room and closet and stackable washer and dryer. Hunter had spent very little of his income in the service; figuring if the military didn’t provide it, he didn’t need it. Now he spent some of his money on a bed, a desk, a laptop computer and a cable service. The room was clean and comfortable.

Word of the improved service had some of their regular customers returning to Hunter’s Cabin. Overall, though, even with excellent food, months of tired service had driven customers to seek out other barbeque joints, other restaurants.

“Telling you, Merline, just need to take a match and burn the whole place down,” Cedric said as they tallied up another week’s receipts.

“You’ll give me a bit of warning, huh? I’m right upstairs,” Hunter joked.

With a sigh, Cedric peeled some bills from the miniscule stack and paid Merline her wages. She counted the bills, much to Cedric’s annoyance.

“It’s all there, Merline,” Cedric spat.

“Uh huh,” Merline agreed, but continued to count.

Upstairs, Hunter logged onto his email account and saw he’d fallen far behind in his emails. Both Soleil and Swan had sent him an invitation to their graduation ceremony. They’d attached pictures of them in cap and gown. Fawn let him know she was so happy that he was finally out of the service; she was sure all of God’s angels were just sick and tired of hearing from her.

“I don’t think God’s angels would ever get tired of hearing from you,” Hunter smiled as he typed out his response to fawn.

Soleil’s emails continued to profess her undying love for him. Swan also declared her love for him; Hunter did find her messages a little unsettling. Her words weren’t the words of a sister. Swan’s words mirrored Soleil’s words very closely. Even though her email had been sent almost two hours after Soleil’s email had been sent, Hunter wondered if they’d read each other’s drafts before sending them.

“Where are you?” Swan demanded to know.

“We know you’re out,” Soleil wrote.

“You didn’t sign up again, did you?” Fawn begged. “Hunter please. You can’t do that to me.”

Hunter realized he had been very selfish in his decision not to at least visit his family when he’d been in Lowenburg. Whether or not Donna and Donald would have been home, he should have jogged the four miles from the Pak N’ Sak to his family’s trailer. He did smile, wondering if Violet ever did connect the dots in her brain when he and Patrick had stood in the convenience store.

“Myndee, Arkansas,” Hunter wrote. “Working at a little BBQ place, but don’t know how long I’ll have that job.”

“You got a phone?” Soleil demanded.

“No, I don’t,” Hunter said to himself. “But I need to.”

PC Nation sold him a low budget phone and a low budget plan. He did hesitate in sending his phone number to Soleil; he didn’t want a nonstop barrage of calls from an infatuated eighteen year old girl.

Saturday, Cedric and Merline again tallied that week’s receipts. Cedric reached into his own pocket and pulled out some bills to pay Merline her week’s wages.

“Hunter, I talk with you?” Cedric asked when Merline left for the waiting cab.

“Mm hmm,” Hunter agreed, finishing his glass of Gratchley’s Draft.

“I ain’t going pussy foot around; we ’bout broke here,” Cedric said. “Shit, you seen, ain’t even made enough pay Merline this week.”

“What you going do?” Hunter asked.

“Shit, boy, how much you got?” Cedric asked. “Think you could put your hands on, mm, fifty thousand?”

“Fifty, uh, no,” Hunter said. “No matter what y’all think, the military don’t pay a whole hell of a lot.”

“Twenty five? That’s for building, equipment and the ten acres right back of here. Was going put up some apartments back there; we zoned for it,” Cedric wheedled.

“Know what? Yeah, I can do twenty five thousand,” Hunter agreed.

Monday morning, Hunter did get a cashier’s check from the First National Bank of Arkansas or twenty five thousand dollars. Jack Jensen of Fletcher, Jensen, neidelon and Associates,” assisted both Cedric and Hunter with the mountain of paperwork and Hunter paid the man’s fees out of his own pocket.

Merline called in just after eleven o’clock that morning and tendered her resignation. She was sorry, but she could see the writing on the wall and had secured a job at the Newhart’s Restaurant on Scribbled Lane in Gratchley, Arkansas. Even the news that Hunter had purchased the restaurant did not change Merline’s mind.

Hunter called Cedric’s distributors and let them know that Hunter’s Cabin was under new management. He cancelled the deliveries for the rest of the month, then contacted Patrick and Buddy.

Thursday, Hunter affixed a sign on the door of the restaurant, letting any and all know that they were closed for renovations. There had been no food or spirits deliveries; the kitchen was bare. He and Patrick and Buddy bent to the task of cleaning the kitchen, cleaning over thirty years of accumulated grease and grime.

Hunter’s cell phone buzzed in his pocket and he looked up in confusion. The only two people that had his phone number, besides Buddy and Patrick were Jack Jensen and Cedric Huxton.

A text message from Soleil announced that they were here. Hunter’s handsome face wrinkled in total confusion. After debating with himself, he had not given the girls his phone number.

“Here where?” he responded. “And, who’s we?”

“Open the door and find out,” came Soleil’s smart ass answer.

“Looking upstairs? This isn’t a load bearing wall,” Buddy announced. “Knock this down, I mean, you really need this much room for a kitchen? Give you a bigger dining area.”

“Hold that thought,” Hunter said, wiping his hands on a filthy rag.

“Uh, we’d need more customers before we need a bigger dining area,” Patrick offered.

“Oh. My. God,” Hunter exclaimed, seeing two gorgeous strawberry blondes standing outside of his glass door.

“Hey!” Swan’s excited scream could be heard through the door.

“Hey!” Soleil echoed as Hunter hurried to find the right key to open the door.

Hey! What are…mmph!” Hunter asked then grunted as two eighteen year old girls slammed into him, hugging him tightly.

Soleil and Swan squeezed him tightly, then Soleil craned up for a kiss. Hunter had his left arm around Swan, his right arm around Soleil. He bent to kiss Soleil on her cheek, a brotherly kiss.

Soleil jammed her heavily painted lips to Hunter’s lips. Her arms wound around his neck and she pressed her large breasts against him as she kissed him.

Feeling her heavy breasts pressed against him, feeling her warmth, and feeling her pouting lips against his did cause a surge of blood to rush to Hunter’s cock. He could feel Swan’s heavy breasts and denim covered crotch pressed against his left side.

“Ah, ahem?” Swan complained.

Shush; you’ll get your turn,” Soleil giggled and gave Hunter a second kiss before releasing his neck.

Swan wrapped her arms around her brother’s neck, pulled herself up onto her tiptoes and mashed her own lips against his. Hunter returned Swan’s kiss, fully aware that she was rubbing her heavy breasts against him, rubbing her denim covered crotch against his thigh.

“Uh, hello,” Buddy said, stepping into the main dining room.

“Hello,” Soleil said brightly. “Hi, I’m Soleil Brown.”

“And this is…” Hunter started to say when Swan released his lips.

“Hunter’s girlfriend,” Soleil continued with her introduction as Buddy’s huge paw swallowed her dainty hand.

“Well now, that right?” Buddy said, eyes roaming over the attractive strawberry blonde in her outfit of far too snug tee shirt and obscene Daisy Duke shorts.

“…Swan; she’s…” Hunter said.

“I’m her sister,” Swan said, holding out her hand. “And Hunter’s other girlfriend.”

“Huh, man, uh, Hunter, you ain’t never said…” Buddy said, turning his attention to Soleil’s twin.

“Uh, Buddy, I got tell you everything?” Hunter said, wondering when would be a good time to talk to Swan about that extremely intimate kiss and her ‘his other girlfriend’ crack.

“Need to get our bags out the car,” Soleil told Hunter.

“Bags?” Hunter asked.

“Yeah; we come to stay with you,” Swann squealed, again hugging him tightly.

“Uh, your mom and dad know you’re here?” Hunter asked Soleil as Swan ran out of the building.

“Uh huh,” Soleil said, replacing Swan in hugging him, rubbing her body against him.

“Seriously. Your, Aunt Willow and Uncle Chase know you’re here,” Hunter said.

“Yeah; we told them we’re moving here; you’re here,” Soleil agreed as Swan lugged two wheeled suitcases into the building.

“All that’s left is the shoes and make up,” Swan said, rushing back out of the building.

“Good God,” Hunter said, hefting one extremely heavy suitcase. “What’s in this? Bricks?”

“No! That’s our clothes,” Soleil giggled. “It’s got wheels.”

“The apartment’s upstairs; wheels aren’t going be worth a shit,” Hunter said.

“How long y’all staying anyway?” Hunter asked as he lugged both suitcases up the Stairs; Buddy following with the shoes and cosmetic cases.

“Uh, forever?” Soleil answered, bursting into the apartment. “Oh! I love it! Hunter; this is just perfect for us!”

“Oh wow,” Swan agreed with her sister, looking around the apartment.

“That door? It lock?” Swan whispered to Hunter as Buddy left the apartment.

“Well, yeah, but, Swan, I, we got work,” Hunter said as both girls again squeezed him in an embrace.

“Oh. Fine,” Swan huffed.

“But, we need to clean up anyway,” Soleil said. “God, been driving forever; I stink.”

“Me too,” Swan agreed, beginning to pull her snug tee shirt up.

“I need, I better, Hunter said, seeing the soft, pale skin of his sister’s belly and the undersides of her heavy breasts coming into view.

He shook his head as he heard two girls squeal in laughter. He opened the door and re-entered the dining area.

“Seriously, Davis? Seriously? You had those two, not one but two sweet things waiting on you and you been doing them skanks?” Patrick admonished Hunter.

“Boy’s got some major issues,” Buddy agreed. “But I’m telling you, best place I ever ate? Place in oh shoot, aw come on Buddy, you ain’t that old. Colorado! Some crappy little place in Colorado, but the restaurant? They cooked the food right there, right in front of you.”

“Like those Japanese steak places?” Patrick asked.

“Huh? No, no, shit, it was in Lilton, North Dakota. Anyway, it was this big ass barbeque pit; you could see the food cooking, smell it right there and the girls bringing the food to you? Had on nothing but an apron and a smile,” Buddy said, smiling at the memory. “My old man took me there right before I signed up.”

Hunter’s eyes travelled above his head. Then he looked around the dining area. Cedric Huxton had left the books; Jack Jensen had insisted on seeing the books. Even in his best year, seven years ago, Cedric had barely pulled in fifty thousand dollars net.

“Gentlemen, change of plans. We need to do some recon,” Hunter said. “Y’all are from here. Either one of y’all ever been to what is it? Cotton Blossoms? Or that Captain’s Table?”

“Captain’s Table’s got some cute honeys running around,” Buddy agreed.

“Heard Cotton’s nothing but a whore house,” Patrick said.

“I’ll take Cotton then,” Buddy quickly jumped in.

“All right,” Hunter said, tapping on his phone’s screen. “Need to find out if Cotton Blossoms sells food, what kind of food, how much they charge, okay, full nudity is not permitted in Clarkston County so the nothing but an apron idea’s out. Patrick, Captain’s Table, food? What kind?”

“They both open now,” Buddy said, looking at his own phone.

“And what you going be doing?” Patrick smirked, eyes travelling to the ceiling.

“If an establishment is private, allowing only membership,” Hunter continued to read, ignoring Patrick’s question.

Hunter let Buddy and Patrick out, then locked the door behind them. Then he rapped on the door of the stairwell before opening it.

Hunter wasn’t trying to be quiet; the wooden stairs echoed with each footstep. But, entering the large room upstairs, Hunter saw he could have pounded on each step and Soleil and Swan would not have noticed. On his large cast iron bed, one sister lay, legs spread wide while the other sister knelt between her sister’s legs, sucking at her sister’s pussy. The sister that was being serviced had both hands pulling and tugging at her own hard nipples.

Hunter could not tell which girl was which until Swan opened her mouth to scream out in orgasm. Her teeth were not terrible, but they were not the straight alignment that Soleil proudly displayed.

Hunter looked at Soleil’s well-rounded haunches, saw the light brown of her anus winking at him, saw the pinkish fringe of pubic hair and the light coral pink of her inner lips peeking out at him. Walking up, Hunter ran his fingers over Soleil’s slick lips. Soleil moaned her approval and spread her legs a little wider for Hunter’s exploration.

“Mm, oh!” Soleil moaned as Hunter’s fingers entered her pussy.

He’s, oh, good, you’re here,” Swan gasped out, seeing her brother in the room. “Need you.”

Hunter stripped out of his sweaty clothes and pushed against Swan’s left leg. She moved her leg out of his way and Hunter lay onto the bed next to his sister. Swan leaned over and pressed her lips to his. Their kiss started off very passionately. Hunter gasped into Swan’s mouth when he felt Soleil’s hot mouth encircle the head of his cock. He groaned as Soleil’s soft tongue wrapped around his cock, slurping and teasing his flesh.

Swan’s hands rubbed over Hunter’s chest while Soleil’s small hands kneaded Hunter’s heavy testicles and lower belly. Hunter reached out and hefted one of Swan’s large breasts in his hand, squeezing lightly.

“Mm, oh God, Soleil!” Hunter gasped out as Soleil managed to swallow his entire length into her mouth.

“She’s so good, isn’t she?” Swan whispered, sucking on Hunter’s ear lobe.

“I mm, oh, damn! Damn, Soleil, where where’d you learn how to…” Hunter groaned, his balls beginning to tingle.

“We practiced, a lot,” Swan giggled, thrusting her breast firmly into his hand.

“Cucumbers, sausages, whatever we could suck on,” Swan whispered into Hunter’s ear as she cuddled against him. “We’d pretend we was sucking on your whang.”

“Soleil, I’m, I’m about to…” Hunter warned.

“Mm hmm,” Soleil murmured her assent.

“Augh, God, oh God,” Hunter cried out and pumped his seed into Soleil’s throat.

Soleil slowly worked Hunter’s spurting cock out of her throat and caught the last three spurts of his sperm in her mouth. Pulling her mouth off of his cock, Soleil brought her mouth up to Swan’s mouth.

“Oh, sister, I love you so much,” Swan enthused as Soleil fed Swan Hunter’s semen.

“Love you to,” Soleil wheezed out. “Damn; he’s big!”

“Yeah he is,” Swan giggled, now stroking Hunter’s semi-erect cock with her small hand.

“I’m still a virgin,” Soleil whispered into Hunter’s left ear. “I mean, other than a nice candle, nothing but swan’s fingers been in my pussy.”

“Want to be the first one ever fuck us?” Swan asked, now licking on Hunter’s renewed erection.

“Want to be the only one ever gets to fuck us?” Soleil whispered into Hunter’s ear.

“Aw yeah,” Hunter agreed, squeezing Soleil in a passionate embrace.

Hunter pulled his cock from his sister’s grasp and put Soleil on her back. She spread her stubby legs wide for him.

“I love you, Hunter,” Soleil enthused. “I, I have always loved you.”

“You’re the only one we’ve ever loved,” Swan agreed, wiggling up to kiss Soleil’s cheek as Hunter prepared to jam himself into Soleil’s wet sex.

“Mmnng! Augh, God, oh yes!” Soleil cried out as Hunter slowly pushed himself into her incredible tightness.

“Aw you bitch,” Swan cooed, watching Hunter’s fat cock pushing into Soleil’s pussy.

Swan bent her head and began to tongue Soleil’s right nipple. Soleil cradled Swan’s head in her right arm while her left hand lovingly stroked Hunter’s handsome face.

“Aw shit, condom?” Hunter suddenly asked.

“Mm, pill,” Soleil gasped out.

“Aunt Willow’s got us on the pill,” Swan assured Hunter.

“Mmnng! Augh, oh my God,” Soleil cried out, wrapping her stubby legs around Hunter’s narrow waist.

“Fuck,” Hunter grunted; his cock buried deep inside of a fiery volcano.

“Yes, fuck me,” Soleil enthused.

Swan and Soleil began kissing frantically as Hunter started pounding his cock in and out of Soleil’s wet pussy. Each thrust caused obscene squelching sounds, punctuated by the slap of his hips striking Soleil’s hips.

“Mmnng oh God yes!” Soleil cried out in orgasm.

“Augh, oh God,” Hunter cried out, pumping his sperm into Soleil’s pussy.

“Let me…” Swan demanded when Hunter rolled off of Soleil’s panting, gasping form.

“Ack!” Hunter cried out as Swan worked her mouth fully around his sticky cock.

Swan sucked and licked, cleaning Hunter’s cock of his and Soleil’s juices. Then, releasing his meat with an audible ‘pop,’ Swan began lapping at Soleil’s puffy lips.

“Mm, God, mm,” Swan moaned, licking and sucking at Soleil’s pussy.

“Oh, Sweetheart, yes, that’s it,” Soleil gasped out, her hand pressing against the back of Swan’s head. “Yes, oh yes, you know how…augh!”

Hunter’s cock slowly revived, watching his sister clean Soleil’s sloppy pussy. He leaned up and began kissing Soleil’s heavily painted lips.

“Mm hmm, Oh Hunter, I, I’ve been waiting my whole life,” Soleil grunted and gasped, her hips beginning to twist and thrust.

“Mm,” Hunter agreed, sucking another kiss from Soleil.

“Oh yes!” Soleil cried out in orgasm.

Swan backed her mouth away from Soleil’s clitoris, but continued to plumb Soleil’s wet opening with her fingers, trying to coax more of Hunter’s semen from Soleil’s pussy. She bent her head and again began to lap at Soleil’s pussy when Soleil’s hips began to buck.

“Oh, Sweetheart, oh Sweetheart, too much,” Soleil complained, trying to push Swan away.

Hunter moved quickly, holding Swan in her kneeling position. Swan’s beautiful eyes opened wide as she felt her big brother’s hard cock at the opening of her pussy. She gasped and shuddered as Hunter thrust himself fully into her in one long push.

“Oh mother fucker,” Swan cried out and shook.

“Sister fucker,” Soleil corrected, giggling.

Soleil raised herself up onto her knees and knee-walked on the bed to where Hunter knelt behind Swan. Soleil hungrily kissed Hunter, somewhat stymying his efforts to pound Swan’s tight pussy.

Gently, Hunter eased Soleil away and grabbed Swan’s hips. He began to pump in and out of her, enjoying the sounds of his flesh slapping against her round buttocks, enjoying the sound of her moaning and grunting with pleasure. He enjoyed watching her buttocks shake with each thrust, and enjoyed watching Soleil as she lay, frantically masturbating as she watched Hunter and Swan joining together.

“Mm, augh!” Hunter cried out and shot a few forceful jets of semen into Swan.

She gasped and cried out in orgasm. Both Swan and Hunter groaned as Hunter collapsed onto Swan’s sweaty back.

‘Here. Let me in’ Buddy texted.

“Shit,” Hunter complained, but pulled his sweaty, filthy clothing on again and tottered down the steps.

“Man! Cotton Blossoms? That is one nasty ass place,” Buddy complain. “Might be nothing but hos running around in there? But these hos? I wouldn’t fuck none them with a dog’s dick. And let me tell you; they don’t like no black boys up in their place, that’s for sure.”

“Food?” Hunter asked.

“None. Don’t even have popcorn or pretzels, nothing munch on,” Buddy said. “And it wasn’t that they pulled that shit off the bar before I sat down. They just never had it.”

Patrick declared The Captain’s Table had pretzels, nuts, pickled eggs and pickled pig’s feet. And they were mighty proud of them pickled eggs and pickled pig’s feet.

“So, if we were to serve Hunter’s Cabin’s signature barbeque, had pretty girls bebopping around,” Hunter mused.

“We’re pretty girls,” Soleil said.

“No. You’re gorgeous girls,” Hunter said, turning to see that Swan and Soleil had joined them.

“Thought you said this was a restaurant. This a titty bar?” Swan asked.

“Ooh, a titty bar? Can we dance? Can we?” Soleil excitedly asked.

“She’s a very kinky girl,” Swan sang out, rocking her hips from side to side while tugging the hem of her tee shirt upward.

“The kind you don’t take home to mother,” Soleil joined in, mimicking her sister’s moves.

“That’s two of them right there,” Buddy agreed.

“I get to interview the next two,” Patrick quickly volunteered.

“All right, gentlemen. Swan, Soleil, stop,” Hunter smiled. “Cotton Blossoms, The Captain’s Table? Don’t think we’ll have much competition there. But, I need to get all the permits and licenses we’ll need.”

“So we can do it?” Soleil asked Hunter, clinging onto his arm.

“Yes, Sweetheart, you’re my dancers,” Hunter agreed and shook his head as he had two girls trying to kiss him.

“Now, I’m hungry; what’s there to eat?” Swan declared.

“”Who Flung Snot’s right up the street,” Patrick suggested.

“Who what?” Soleil asked.

“He means the Chinese place up the street,” Buddy explained.

Kung pow chicken,” Swan said.

“Uh huh,” Soleil agreed.

“Hot?” Patrick asked, punching in the number for the place.

“And, uh, you two? Really? Y’all really want to dance? Show off your titties to a bunch of nasty old men?” Hunter asked.

“Uh, with my mom and Aunt Donna raising us?” Soleil asked. “What you think?”

“Really; Aunt Willow and our mom? You really shocked?” Swan asked.

“Bigger shock is how we stayed virgins this long,” Soleil agreed.

“Well, I’m glad y’all waited for me,” Hunter said sincerely.

“Me too,” Swan said and kissed him.

“Mm hmm,” Soleil agreed, leaning against him.

“So, stage over here,” Buddy called out from the far end of the building. “And, champagne rooms other side. I’m telling you; knock out that wall, it’ll give us plenty of room for the bar and kitchen, lots of floor space for the girls to work.”

“Draw it up,” Hunter agreed.

“Got our next dancer,” Patrick chortled as he entered the large room, carrying the bags of take-out food.

“Yeah?” Hunter asked, retrieving clean dishes from the kitchen.

“Uh huh, said her name is Amy and she’s sick of working for her cheap ass uncle and his grabby hands,” Patrick smiled.

While they ate, Hunter used his phone to tally up what permits and licenses he would need. Buddy sketched out a rough idea of the main room’s layout. Patrick ate heartily.

“Bitch; get your hands off that egg roll,” Hunter warned Patrick.

“How old’s this building?” Buddy asked.

“Think Cedric said it was built; I got the paperwork in the kitchen, but I’m pretty sure he said nineteen ninety four,” Hunter said.

“Ninety four and it’s, okay, so it wouldn’t qualify as historic or nothing,” Buddy said, continuing to sketch, eat, check his phone and sketch.

“Oh shit! You supposed call your momma,” Swan suddenly said to Soleil.

“Shit! You right!” Soleil said and leapt to her feet.

“Her…momma?” Patrick asked Hunter.

“They got the same daddy, different mommas,” Hunter explained, leaving out the fact that he and Swan had the same momma.

“Yes ma’am, yes, we’re here. Hunter has this big old apartment; its right upstairs from the restaurant, yes ma’am,” Soleil said, returning to the dining area. “Hang on; he’s right here. Hunter, Momma wants talk to you.”

“Hello, Aunt Willow, how are you doing?” Hunter asked.

“Oh. My. God, oh, Hunter! It is you,” Willow squealed, then started to cry. “Oh, baby boy, you, you just don’t know how many prayers I said for you.”

“Oka, guys, listen up,” Hunter said, wiping at his eyes. “Little change in plans. I need to go see my family. Y’all can either come with us or y’all can stick around here and get Hunter’s Cabin ready to go.”

“Nuh uh, boy,” Buddy said. “You made my momma feed you for two weeks, think we letting you off that easy?”

“Yeah, time for your momma to feed us,” Patrick agreed.

Swan and Soleil laughed. Hunter smiled, shaking his head.

“What? What’s so funny ’bout that?” Buddy asked.

“Our mommas don’t have first idea how to cook,” Swan hooted.

“Yeah, it was always Hunter done all the cooking,” Soleil agreed.

“We still coming,” Buddy said.

Amy Chow also came with them; she was tired of the long hours and the miserable pay and far too familiar treatment from her uncle. The beautiful Asian-American girl had ankle length black hair, a sweet round face, and apple sized breasts and almost no backside.

Amy decided, while Patrick was cute, Buddy was gorgeous and she was his girl. Patrick shrugged; he couldn’t fault Amy for preferring the handsome, muscular Buddy.

Fawn just about knocked Hunter over as she launched herself from the trailer into his arms. Her tears soaked into his tee shirt and Hunter realized, he had truly been selfish for not coming to see them when he’d passed through town.

“Aw, come on, T. Rex,” Hunter soothed, patting the girl’s back.

“Hey, butt breath,” Forrest smiled, shaking Hunter’s hand.

“Snake Bite! How you doing, boy, damn, look at you!” Hunter said, shaking the boy’s hand. “You getting big there.”

“He’s here? Hunter’s here?” Hunter heard from the trailer behind them.

Aunt Willow was wearing her trademark halter top and obscene Daisy Dukes as she raced out of her trailer. Hunter couldn’t help but develop a bit of an erection as the woman hugged and kissed him.

Two hours later, the trailer door banged open and a surly Donna stomped into the trailer. She was followed closely by a haggard looking Donald, carrying a fussy Wisteria. Wisteria’s hair and eyes were that of Soleil and Swan when they were that age. Her parentage was readily evident.

“Who’s fucking car’s that blocking our parking spot?” Donna snarled.

“Good to see you too, Mother,” Hunter said.

“Hey, hey, hey, boy! Hey! How you doing?” Donald laughed happily upon seeing his oldest son. “Man! Look at you! My God, think you’ve grown about a foot there. Well, thank God the Army had to feed you.”

“Army?” Buddy and Patrick bellowed.

“Don…Dad, the Marines fed me,” Hunter said, shaking his father’s hand.

“Y’all didn’t drink all the beer, huh?” Donna asked, marching to the refrigerator.

“No ma’am, we brung our own,” Hunter snapped.

Time had not been kind to either Donna or Donald. Donald’s face was ravaged by deep etched wrinkles. Most of Donald’s hair was gone and what remained was mottled with gray. He’d packed on quite a few pounds, mostly in his belly.

Donna had widened quite a bit and her face bore wrinkles and her nose was mottle with gin blossoms, a sure sign of heavy alcohol consumption. Her long brown hair showed a good inch of grayish brown roots.

“Marines? That right?” Donald asked.

“Wisteria, this is Hunter,” Swan said to their baby sister. “Hunter. Remember? I showed you his picture?”

“Hunter!” Wisteria crowed happily.

“So, how long y’all going be here?” Donna snapped, guzzling an ice cold Gratchley’s beer.

“Leaving Sunday,” Hunter said.

“But, that, that’s only four days,” Donald protested.

“Who’s fucking car’s that?” Chantilly snarled, stomping into the trailer. “I had to park…”

Seeing Hunter, her unhappy face twisted into a mask of hatred. Chantilly stomped through the room without greeting Hunter, or anyone else. The door to her bedroom slammed shut.

“Hey, hey!” Chance called out happily as he entered the trailer. “Didn’t believe it when Willow called, damn boy! I mean, damn, man! No sir, no sir, you’re not a boy anymore, huh?”

“Uncle Chance, Hunter said and was shocked when the somewhat aloof man hugged him; they’d never been affectionate toward one another before.

“Hunter you hold me,” Wisteria demanded.

“Someone need go potty first?” Donald aske.

“No,” Wisteria lied.

“Come on, let’s go make sure,” Donald said to the girl, taking her hand and pulling her toward the bathroom.

“Well, I can’t forbid you, but I don’t have to like it,” Aunt Willow was saying.

“Oh, well, that is just great, just fucking great,” Donna snapped.

Based on the comments, and the eye-rolling and satisfied little smirks from Soleil and Swan, Hunter deduced that Soleil and Swan had told their mothers about dancing at Hunter’s Cabin. His mother shot him a murderous glare from her perch at the kitchen table. Hunter’s smirk did not help soften his mother’s glare.

“Okay, Hunter, she’s ready for you to tickle her,” Donald said, holding Wisteria out for Hunter.

“No!” Wisteria squealed, already laughing.

“Oh, I’m not going to tickle you,” Hunter promised.

“You promise?” Wisteria asked, snuggling up to him.

“I promise,” he smiled and kissed her noisily. “I’m not. Daddy is!”

“No! No!” Wisteria shrieked, giggling and Donald made tickling motions with his hands.

“Y’all keep it down, huh?” Donna snarled.

“Hey, Mother, trailer right across is nice and quiet; go get drunk over there, huh?” Hunter snapped. “We’re having fun. Sorry if that bothers you.”

“You’re drinking our beer, ma’am,” Buddy reminded the surly woman.

“No, no, Daddy’s not going to tickle you,” Hunter said to Wisteria. “Mr. Buddy is!”

“No!” Wisteria squealed happily.

“You’re good with kids, huh?” Donald asked as Hunter and he sat, Wisteria still snuggled in Hunter’s arms.

“Yeah, I, we had plenty practice, huh?” Hunter asked as Wisteria crawled over to Donald’s lap.

“Yeah, well, you don’t have six of them and not learn a thing or too, right?” Donald agreed, noisily kissing his baby girl on her cheek.

The caravan left on Saturday; Hunter could see that they’d worn out their welcome with Donna and Chantilly, no matter how much beer they put into the refrigerator. Before leaving, Hunter did hug Donald and invited the man to come out and visit them in Myndee. Hunter did not hug his mother or Chantilly; Neither Donna nor Chantilly made any move to hug him. Fawn again wet Hunter’s tee shirt as she sobbed. Hunter kissed the top of her carrot orange hair and thanked her for all her prayers.

“Later, Snake Bite,” Hunter smiled at Forrest.

“I get out of high school? I’m joining the Marines,” Forrest promised.

“No!” Fawn cried, slapping her twin on the arm. “You can’t! Forrest, you can’t do that to me! Please?”

“Hear Dad? Come out and see us,” Hunter said before backing Soleil’s Nissan out of the trailer park.

Two months later, the caravan again made their way to Lowenburg, to stand under the gazebo at Saw Mill Park, for the wedding of Soleil Brown and Hunter Davis. Buddy was left in charge of Hunter’s Cabin as Soleil, Swan and Hunter went to St. Louis, Missouri for a one week honeymoon.

Amy Chow only danced at Hunter’s Cabin for five months. At four feet, six inches, her pregnancy was noticeable almost upon conception. Buddy married her and became the sole breadwinner of their family.

“That is going to be one confused kid,” Patrick quipped from his station at the DJ booth. “An Asian momma, a black daddy, and a white grandmother.”

“But it will be one beautiful baby,” Buddy agreed.

“Hey, give me the remote,” Soleil said as Juliette left the stage.

“Lips Like Sugar? Or Go All The Way?” Darlene Richards, the new assistant manager guessed as Soleil mashed the buttons of the television remote.

The End. A favorite movie of mine is ‘Pulp Fiction.’ Quentin Tarantino purposefully shows that movie with some reels out of sequence. So, that’s what I did here. The story actually starts with Part Two, then Part Three, and ends with Part One. And I am sure, writing it this way and posting it out of sequence will really, really, really irritate some of the readers. That’s fine. I’ll gladly refund every penny you paid me. Email me your banking information, including routing numbers. Don’t worry if your bank calls to report that you’re overdrawn; you know they’re always making mistakes. Either that, or the Nigerian Prince you’re helping out might have accidentally done a withdrawal, rather than a deposit.

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