“Happy Nude Day, Mom!” – {A Mother and her son celebrate National Nude Day.}

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1

“Aw, Honey, come here.”

Those four words changed my life completely!

It was a Friday morning. I was home from college, helping my uncle with his landscaping business. I had the day off but forgot to turn my alarm off.

The night before, I played roadie for some friends in a garage band who had a gig opening for a regional band in a club downtown. Beyond some heavy lifting, this meant free beer. What college kid can’t resist that?

But, waking up at 6:30 AM doesn’t work after a late night of carousing. That’s what I get for forgetting to turn my alarm off! So, I woke up rather groggy, spread out on my bed buck naked, with a raging hard on!

I hadn’t gotten laid since before final exams in May, so I was horny all the time. Typical for a 21 year old guy, though.

Normally, I would have jacked off but I wasn’t in the mood. My need for caffeine and nicotine overrode the desire to relieve myself! As soon as my erection subsided, I put on some shorts and a t shirt, took a piss and headed downstairs.

I walked through the dining room to get to the kitchen. Mom was sitting at the dining table, drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, and browsing the Internet on her laptop.

I filled a cup and sat down at the dining table opposite Mom. I grabbed her pack of Virginia Slims and lit one up. Menthols! Ugh! But, I was desperate!

“Where are yours?” she asked.

“Upstairs somewhere.” I mumbled.

“Makes sense. You were rather drunk when you got home last night and woke me up.” she stated.

“Sorry.” I answered.

“It’s OK. I checked on you but you were already passed out.”

Shit and damnation! Did Mom see me naked last night?

There was a very pregnant pause in the conversation. I decided to change the subject.

“Where’s Dad?” I inquired.

Mom replied, “He left for work early again.”

Dad worked for a small manufacturer a few years ago and had gotten promoted to VP of Sales. I figured he was off playing golf with clients.

I got another cup of coffee and lit another of Mom’s ciggies. As the fog cleared, I noticed that Mom was wearing a silk kimono instead of her usual house coat.

It was open almost to her belly button!

Mom is 5′ 11″, the same as me. She’s thin, with B cup breasts. Other than the lack of a bra, I didn’t see anything. I wanted to see more!

Thinking that made me feel weird.

“Got any appointments today?” I asked.

Mom was a freelance CPA and worked out of our home. We didn’t need the money so she did consulting part time, just to stay sharp.

“No. Things have been slow since the end of the fiscal year. I’ve got the day off so I’m going to clean the house.”

Even though she only had a few clients, Mom had worked over 60 hours per week in June, so being slow made sense.

Cleaning house, though? Mom was quite house proud and never let the house get less than spotless.

Mom stood and reached over the table to get her pack of cigs. The kimono fell open and I saw her breasts for the first time since I was a child. I felt my face blush.

Mom sat back down and lit one up.

I watched Mom drink coffee and inhale. She always took deep drags and exhaled a lot of smoke. Something in my shorts started to stir.

“Do you have today off?” she asked, not taking her eyes of her screen.

“Yeah,” I stated.

“I’d really appreciated it if you helped me with the house today.”

“Yeah, sure.” I answered.

A few minutes later, she exclaimed,

“Today is National Nude Day!”

I’d heard about National Nude Day but never knew anyone who observed it.

“I’m going to do something today that I hadn’t done since before you were born. I’m going to clean house in the nude!”

I felt my face flush again as my jaw hit the table.

“Oh, honey! Did I embarrass you?”

“A bit, yeah!”

It’s OK. We’re both adults. Besides, it’ll be just the two of us! Nobody is going to see us!”


“Of course! You don’t think it would be fair for me to be nude and not you?”

“Well, OK!” I answered.

My cock stiffened at the thought of being nude with Mom all day. I was glad I was wearing really loose shorts and my crotch was covered by the dining table.

Mom stubbed out her cig and stood up.

“I’m going to take a shower before we get started.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. Her robe fell open again and I saw her breasts again, just a few inches away from my face.

I watched as she walked upstairs. Her kimono was really short and I noticed two things: her ass was still firm and she wasn’t wearing panties!

My mind reeled. I was having thoughts about my mom that frankly, I shouldn’t have. I wondered if she was entertaining the same thoughts as me.

Once I heard the water running, I hopped on her computer and checked her browser history. There was nothing naughty except a search for National Nude Day a few days ago.

Was Mom planning something?

I heard the water stop and returned to my seat. I lit up another cig and waited for Mom to return.

She made quite an entrance, too! She was completely nude, walking slowly walked down the steps as if she were a beauty contestant.

For a woman almost 50 years old, she was in fantastic shape!

As she got closer, I noticed that her pussy was hairless!

She came to me and kissed me on the cheek again. I hadn’t been this close to her bare breasts since she breast fed me!

“Aw, Honey, quit blushing! I’m just your mother!” she stated.

“Yeah, but you’re hotter than the girls at school!” I replied before I could catch myself.

“Aw, Honey, you’re sweet for saying that! Thank you!”

She continued,

“You smell like you had too much fun last night. You better take a shower before we get started.”

I nodded and stood up. I managed to hide my erection while I walked past her.

Chapter 2

I got in the shower and immediately felt better.

Except for my cock. I was incredibly turned on seeing Mom naked. Any amount of shame I felt was overridden by horniness. I started stroking my cock, spurred on by what I just saw.

Living in a dorm, you learn to jack off in the shower rather quickly. Mom had me so turned on, I didn’t need such knowledge. It only took a few strokes for me to explode all over the shower wall!

Since I was going to be nude with Mom all day, I took extra care to make sure I cleaned everything at least twice. Mom had taken a long shower so I wondered if she got extra clean for me.

The water turned cold so I got out of the shower and dried off. I went into my room and started to get dressed when I realized that this was a waste of time. I found my cigs and walked downstairs, wearing just my birthday suit.

Masturbating in the shower didn’t help. I was semi-hard when I walked into the dining room.

Mom looked me up and down and said,

“You’ve grown into a fine young man!”

“Thanks!” I replied.

I returned to my seat and took a sip of coffee. It had gone cold but I didn’t dare stand up to get a refill.

I must have made a face as Mom asked,

“Need your coffee refreshed?”

“Yeah, I replied.

“Me, too,” she replied as she stood up.

I got another look at her pussy. It looked way more inviting than my FWB’s from school.

She took our cups into the kitchen. I watched as she walked away. Mom never exercised so I was amazed at how tight her ass was. She had to stand on her tip toes to get the creamer from the top shelf of the cabinet. I could clearly see her pussy lips while she did this.

I thought this was odd since Mom usually kept the creamer in the fridge. For a second, I thought Mom might be trying to seduce me. Frankly, it wouldn’t have taken this much effort!

My question was answered when cut open the safety seal. My heart sank. My cock, unfortunately, did not!

I got the same view again when she opened the cabinet to get us clean cups.

She returned with our cups. She kissed me on the cheek again as she placed my cup in front of me.

Instead of returning to her seat opposite me, she sat next to me at the end of the table. We both lit up cigarettes.

Mom leaned back in her chair. Had she not crossed her long legs, I would have gotten a perfect, unfettered view of her pussy!

Her chest heaved with each inhale and exhale. Her nipples appeared erect, but I wasn’t sure as it had been years since I’d seen them.

I chalked it up to wishful thinking on my part.

There was a palpable sexual tension in the room, so thick a chainsaw couldn’t have cut it. For me, at least!

“The house isn’t that dirty so I think we’ll start with dusting and vacuuming,” she stated.

“OK, Mom,” I replied.

“Then we’ll see what else needs to be done afterwards.”

I was hoping Mom meant something other than chores!

We stubbed out our cigs. Mom grabbed our cups, saying,

“I’m going to start the dishwasher before we get started.”

I watched Mom walk away, simply staring at her perfect ass.

She dumped the leftover coffe into the sink and opened the dishwasher door to put the coffee cups in. She kept her knees locked as she bent over to put the cups and detergent in. She took a few extra seconds to rearrange some dishes, too.

I got to see her pussy lips from a closer vantage point. I’d swear they were moist!

She straightened up and closed the dishwasher door. A few touches later, the dishwasher was humming away.

Mom was all business, though.

“I’m sure you have some dirty laundry so take it down to the basement.

I was fully hard after watching Mom’s show. Since there was no way to hide it, I just stood up.

“Aw, Honey! Does seeing me nude turn you on?” she asked, unabashedly staring and my 6″ of thickness.

Before I could stop myself, I blurted out,

“Take a look in the mirror! You’re a hottie!”

“Aw, Sweetie! Thanks for saying that! I need more compliments like that!”

“Just speaking the truth, Mom!” I replied as I walked away.

Upstairs, I grabbed all my dirty clothes and hauled them down to the basement. By the time I got there, my cock had started to soften a bit.

Mom was already there, sorting laundry. Mom was very orderly about such things so I did likewise.

“Put your underwear in first.” she commanded.

I grabbed an arm load of underwear and dumped it into the washer.

“Aw, Honey. You know that doing that is just going to make the washer out of balance!”

With that, she removed all my underwear and dumped it all on the table next to the washer. She carefully placed each piece into the washer, one by one. A few pair had cum stains from when I jerked off or had a wet dream. If she noticed, she didn’t mention it.

Done with my underwear, she started putting hers in. Among the usual bras and panties, she had some rather racy sets, too.

“Dad must love it when wear the sexy undies!” I exclaimed.

“Actually, no. He started banging his secretary shortly after his promotion. I haven’t had sex with him since!” she said bluntly.

This floored me. I’d met her a few times and frankly, wasn’t impressed.

“Damn! Dad picked her over you? What a fuckin’ dumbass!” I blurted out.

“Sorry for the language, Mom!” I corrected myself.

“Aw, Honey. Thanks for saying that!” she replied coyly.

“But, I agree. He is a fuckin’ dumbass!” she continued.

I’d never heard Mom utter a curse word before. This turned me on some more!

With that, she took me in her arms, hugging me tightly.

This was not a familial hug, either. Our crotches met, causing me to stiffen against her pussy.

After a few seconds, she kissed my cheek again and broke our embrace.

“Time to get to work!”

I could have hugged Mom like that forever. But, when she gets something on her mind, she follows through with it.

I followed her up the basement stairs, my face mere inches from her ass. With each step, her pussy opened up. I definitely saw (and smelled!) her wetness.

It was now confirmed that Mom was as turned on as I. Was she willing to follow through, to break the last great taboo? At this point, I was willing to do anything she wanted!

We went into the utility room. Mom grabbed the duster and told me to get the vacuum. She led me into the formal living room.

I tried my best to vacuum but my eyes stayed locked on Mom as “worked.” She kept her legs straight whenever bent over to dust the low shelves. She stood on her toes to dust the high ones, even though she didn’t need to. As she worked, her legs spread farther apart.

She was putting on quite a show!

I was fully hard again and frankly, did a poor job cleaning the floors.

When Mom was done dusting, she led me into the family room, which Dad had converted to a home theater. Mom continued her show as she carefully dusted the furniture and the A/V equipment.

The pressure in my groin was quickly becoming unbearable!

Before I could make up an excuse to take a break so I could go to my room and masturbate again, I looked at Mom and noticed she was staring at me. She was bent over, her ass pointing directly at me, with her legs spread wider than before. I could clearly see that her pussy lips were moist and puffy.

More specifically, her eyes were locked on my cock.

She straightened up and turned to face me.

“Aw, Honey, come here.”

Those four words!

Chapter Three

I turned off the vacuum and did as instructed.

She took me in her arms again, continuing our embrace from the laundry room. The heat from her pussy seared my erection.

She kissed my cheek again and said,

“Honey, your cock has been hard all morning. I’m going to take care of it for you!”

Before I could reply (as if I could!), she pushed me down to the leather couch. She got on her knees next to me as we both sank into the cushions.

“Do you swear not to tell anyone what we’re about to do?” she whispered in my ear.

“Of course not, Mom!”

Having gotten my consent, Mom kissed me in a way mothers and sons shouldn’t. Actually, I’d never had a girl kiss me like that, EVER!

As we kissed, she reached down and stroked my cock. I massaged her breasts to return the favor. Her nipples didn’t get any stiffer as I touched them, confirming that she had been horny when I first saw her earlier!

Mom stroked me for only a few seconds before she broke our kiss, bending over to take me on her mouth.

She didn’t waste time. She immediately worked her mouth on my cock. I was immediately put in first class on a fast plane to seventh heaven!

Less than a minute later, I felt my nut coming.

“Mom, I’m going to come!” I warned.

Her response was to suck me harder. I arched my back as I came, shooting a huge load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop!

She leaned back on the couch. She spread her legs wide open for me. Her lips were full and glistening. Maybe I was imagining it, but I was sure I saw steam rising from her pussy!

“Your come tastes really good, better than your father’s!” she stated.

I was still breathing hard from my orgasm, but at this point, was a response even necessary?

She continued, hintingly, “I wanted you to come now so you could last longer later on. But, since I made you come, want to return the favor?”

I nodded and crawled on top of her.

“Use your fingers on me!” she commanded.

As we kissed, I ran my hand over her breasts and slowly made my way down. Her clit was fully engorged so I played with it for a few seconds. She started to whimper.

“Put your fingers IN ME,” she ordered. “Fuck me with your fingers!”

She was already soaking wet so my index finger slid in rather easily. So did my middle finger and then my ringer finger. She kissed me with wild abandon as I finger fucked my mom’s pussy.

I slowly slid my fingers in and out of her. She started squirming faster, so I increased the speed and intensity of my thrusts to match, the slamming the heel of my palm on her clit.

“Aw, Honey! I’m FUCKING CUM..”

She came before she could finish her sentence, screaming into my ear.

It was a good thing Dad had the theater soundproofed!

I slowed down my thrusts as Mom came down from her orgasm, something my FWB at school liked.

When Mom finally caught her breath, she proclaimed,

“Aw, Honey! I haven’t come like that in years!”

By now, reality had set in for me but the shock value of what we were doing had faded. My confidence returned.

“Want me to make you come again?” I asked.

“FUCK YES!” Mom cooed coyly as she stroked me to another hard on. “FUCK ME!”

“Not yet!” I replied.

I laid her flat on the sofa and pressed myself against her, grinding my cock against her soaking pussy. We kissed with pure lust.

I broke away from her and began kissing my way down her body, starting with her neck and spending extra time on her breasts and paying extra attention to her nipples. I sucked on them for several minutes.

“That tickles!” she said, while giggling.

“Maybe this won’t!” I exclaimed.

I kissed my way down to her crotch and was now as close to her pussy as the day I was born.

My FWB at school is bi, and quite the slut with the ladies. She had taught me a lot about eating pussy. I applied this knowledge to Mom.

I kissed all around her pussy, enjoying her taste and smell. She started squirming again so I stuck my tongue inside her as far as it would go. I sloppily licked her lips until her pussy started to quake.

“Aw, Honey! I’m coming again!” she shouted just as her orgasm hit.

I licked her pussy as much as I could while she bucked her pelvis into my face. Once she stopped moving, I grabbed her clit with my lips. Mom started bucking again.

My lips pinched her clit as I flicked it with my tongue.

It didn’t take Mom very long to come again!

Mom took a long time to catch her breath.

“I need a smoke!” she said.

She grabbed the spare pack she kept in the family room and lit one up. I did likewise. Somehow, menthols mixed with the taste of her pussy was much better this time!

She stroked my cock and I massaged her pussy until we stubbed out our smokes.

“Shall we fuck now?”

“Fuck, YEAH, Mom!”

She pushed me back on the cushions and sat on me, cowgirl style. She rubbed her pussy along my length, getting some revenge for my teasing her earlier.

This did not last long. Mom reached down and grabbed my dick, holding it vertically.

Our eyes locked.

“Once we do this, there’s no going back!” she stated.

“God, I hope not!” I replied.

With that, Mom sat on my cock, completely engulfing me. She slowly ground against me. Had I not already come twice already, I would have quickly come inside Mom.

After a few minutes, Mom stopped grinding and starting thrusting against me. She placed her hands on my chest to maintain her balance. I helped out by grabbing her boobs.

She whimpered as we fucked. Soon, the whimpers changed to grunts as she bounced up and down on me.

“I’m going to fucking come! Come with me!” Mom exclaimed.

I couldn’t speak so I relied by raising my pelvis to match Mom’s thrusts.

We quickly came, together.

Mom collapsed flat on top of me. It took several minutes for us to regain a semblance of composure. I stayed inside her while my cock softened.

Admittedly, I didn’t want to pull out at all!

“I hadn’t had sex that good since before I married your dad!” mom confessed.

“I only hope his secretary is happy with him!” I replied.

“By the way, Happy Nude Day, Mom!”

Mom looked at the clock.

“Aw, Honey! It’s past lunch time! I better feed you so you have enough energy for later!”

Chapter 4

Mom and I went up to the kitchen for lunch. She was glowing in a way I hadn’t seen for years, if ever.

We had finished lunch when Mom said,

“We forgot the laundry! Come help me!”

We went downstairs to the laundry room. Mom took the load of underwear from the washer and put it in the dryer, keeping the lingerie separate to air dry.

I started to carefully put my shirts in the washer.

“What are you doing?” Mom asked.

“Balancing the load like you said.”

“Aw, Honey! Don’t you know sex on the washer is better with load out of balance?”