“I WANT MILK! I WANT MILK!” – {My 19 year old (Karin) insists on breast-feeding, the brat!}

By patty_parker60, karin & karinna

lesbian incest, adult breast-feeding, mother-daughter incest, spoiled

All characters depicted in this true tale are and were over 18 years of age, both now and at the time I wrote it.

*One question Mothers sometimes face is: at what age is it inappropriate to stop breast-feeding one’s offspring? My Twin Daughters are now in their middle twenties; this story features KARIN, 19 years old when I wrote this story)*

(Those familiar with my writings are aware of the special relationship that we share, my Beautiful, Sexy, So Dominant Twin Daughters, Karin and Karinna. Inside the bedroom, THEY are the authorities…OUTSIDE the bedroom, we maintain the typical Mother-Daughter relationship.)

My sweet daughter Karin approaches me as I relax in the sitting room, leafing through a magazine. Her voice has slightly whingy tone to it. I love them dearly, however I can deny them nothing, especially access to my voluptuous (36F-30-42) curves.)

“Mummy, I’m Hungry.”

“Well, there’s plenty to eat, Dear.” I nod toward the kitchen.

“No! I don’t want any of that! I want milk!”

“Then walk yourself into the kitchen and get yourself some. Mummy’s reading.”

“I want warm milk, and before you say pour some and warm it, I want YOUR milk.”

She sits beside me and takes hold of my big big Belisha Beacons in her small hands.


“Give me milk,” she insists, squeezing quite firmly and insistently on the lush mounds over-flowing her small palms. She has that ‘I want what I want and I’m not giving in’ expression that I know so well on her lovely visage.

“I WANT MILK! I WANT MILK, I WANT MILK!” she near shouts.

“Now that is ENOUGH, young lady…you may have some milk, however first, calm yourself and second you must drink it ALL; I don’t want to pump later because you won’t wait for your sister.”

Both of my Daughters are quite spoiled; I know this and as I may have evidenced in previous stories; I’m the first to admit that allowing them access to my lush proportions, permitting them to use me to slake their apparently insatiable hunger for lesbian anal incest is not regarded by many as the best example of responsible mothering…

Truthfully, I’m much more interested in THEIR happiness than I am anyone else’s. I recall asking them once if the cuckolding of their Dad plays a small part in our activities. I do recall that they did not deny the implication. I’ll admit that allowing his offspring to screw me in what was once our marital bed does lend a certain amount of ‘spice’, for my own part…

“Yay!” The excited offspring begins fumbling with the buttons on my blouse.

“Honey…let me…Darling, you’re tearing it…Karin!..Let Mummy do it, Baby…”

As excited as she is, my eager youngster relents and I quickly and deftly unbutton the garment, so that her beautiful baby blues can feast on the objects of her desire:

The blouse is tossed aside, and Karin busies herself with the hooks on the back of my pretty, frilly, yet very sturdy bra (it’s wine red, satin, and sheer, with lace black roses sewn around the cups). The many years of experience un-fastening brassieres allow her to spend just a few seconds before she buries her gamin face in the deep, deep cleavage she’s bared. She licks up and down the fulsome crease, kisses the hollow at my throat, then latches onto the fully-erected nipple of my right mam and suckles just as hungrily as she did as an infant. As she busies herself nursing, I fold and lay aside my bra, then place my hands on her slim shoulders, cooing encouragement. I recall that my girls’ nursing so avidly, with such ferver, as newborns often had the effect of making me horny, this is as true then as it is now.

Never one to be neglectful, or wasteful, Karin shifts just a bit to attend to my left ‘bap’. I’m getting seriously heated-up. My teats are almost painfully swollen with lust; I can’t recall a time when someone sucking my breasts did not result in a mini-orgasm, and this occasion is no different.

I shiver and utter a deep groan as her teeth sink carefully into the wide base of my thickened areolae. The wide, dark brown disk is quite expansive, and Karen can barely fit it into her delicate mouth. A small trickle of mother’s milk escapes from the sight of her mouth; quick as a snake, my darling’s little pink tongue darts out to capture it.

After what must have been close to an hour of breast-feeding, my sated blonde Mistress raises her head, and our eyes meet. Licking her lips, she utters one word:


“Dear one, Mummy’s knackered, and I’m still very sore from this morning…later tonight, you and your sister may use Mummy’s ‘booty’ to your greedy little hearts’ content.”


“Sweetheart, be reasonable…a nosh, a kip, and once Karinna arrives, play time.”


As with the milk, I’m well aware that I’ll NOT win this battle either.

Translation of British Slang Terms

Belisha Beacons: Breasts

Whingy: whiny, bratty

Bap: Breast

Knackered: Worn out, tired

Nosh: snack

Kip: nap