“You Go First” 02: John Said – {John and Jake take Don for a test drive – without a car.}

[This is a sequel to “You go first,” Jake said. Thanks to Ken Nitsua for editing.]


I woke up Sunday morning tired and sweaty. I’d tossed and turned all night, sleep barely coming at all, and then only in brief spurts. A bad dream about college had bothered me. In the dream I was naked in the gym showers, surrounded by fully-dressed classmates calling me names. Now that I was awake I didn’t remember exactly what they had said; only that it had hurt my feelings.

I looked at the clock and was surprised to see that it was only 6:30. My parents were still in bed, and I tiptoed down to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Once it was brewing I quietly went back upstairs and got into the shower.

Vivid memories of last night were flashing through my mind. The two cocks, all the cum, my backseat gymnastics twisting and turning as I slurped first on one cock, to my right, then the other one, on my left. I felt my own modest erection starting to rise as I remembered how big John’s cock was. Jake and I were almost the same age as John, but his shaft was longer and thicker than Jake’s or, of course, mine, which was the smallest of the three.

When I remembered John’s finger in my mouth I stopped playing with myself and jumped quickly out of the shower. I went to the sink, dripping wet, and brushed my teeth, not even pausing to towel off first. John’s finger had been in my butthole before he put it into my mouth, and while I could no longer, six hours later, taste it, just the memory filled me with disgust. I wanted to get the image out of my mind, but the back and forth movement of my own hand, and the brush plunging in and out of my mouth, made that impossible.

My cock throbbed and got harder and harder as I brushed. I began to feel a tingle in my ass and reached back with my left hand to touch my anus. I pushed in a little bit and the tip of my finger penetrated my anus. I pushed it back and forth a few times and my cock unloaded all over the front of the bathroom sink. I pulled my left hand away from my ass as the second and third pulse of cum dribbled weakly out of the end of my penis.

Disgusted with myself, I threw down the toothbrush and got back into the shower as if I could clean myself with more washing. After another cycle of soap and rinse I slowly got out, toweled dry, and wiped my jizz off of the front of the sink. Thoroughly ashamed of myself, I slinked back down to the kitchen.

Soon Mom and Dad came down and thanked me for making the coffee. As we had breakfast, they told me that they were going to be at the church all afternoon for the pre-holiday soup kitchen.

The parish had an annual tradition of feeding the less fortunate residents the weekend before Christmas. When I’d been younger, I had been dragged along because I couldn’t be left home alone. But now that I was eighteen there was no reason to make me come to such a function. I was finally old enough to be left alone!

This was terrific. In years past this event had always been a long day for any young kids dragged along by their parents. The parishioners were busy warming and serving food to all the people showing up for handouts. Not much fun for young children!

Mom mentioned a few chores I could do, and Dad urged me not to waste the day in front of the TV set. By 10:30 they were out the door, promising to bring in a pizza for supper when they got home around 5:00.

Soon after my parents left, Jake called me and said he wanted to come over. He was happy to learn that I was home alone and said we could chill and talk about stuff. I briefly considered telling him “no,” but I really didn’t want to be alone with my thoughts, so told him to come, but to come alone. I didn’t think I could deal with John if he tagged along.

When Jake arrived we both beat around the bush a bit before Jake asked me how I felt about “the fun sex we had last night?” He hadn’t really been aware of the finger-fucking John had given me the night before. Jake had been slumped back in the car seat, enjoying the suckjob I gave him while John fondled me. I told Jake about John’s ass-play, and said I felt dirty, and that anal sex would make me a homosexual.

Jake’s visit cheered me up considerably. I had, honestly, felt a little betrayed by Jake the night before. Although I had enthusiastically sucked John’s cock several times, his even being there with me and Jake had been a surprise. I felt a little outed, humiliated even, by the events that unfolded. And I was still a little shaken by the orgasm I’d had fingering my asshole in the bathroom.

Jake and I sat together on the couch, facing the fireplace. He asked me more questions about how I felt about last night. He wanted to know not so much how I felt now, but what it had felt like to have sex with him in the car. I told him I was really upset by what had happened, and that I’d been happier when it was just the two of us on dates. “I thought this was our secret, Jake,” I said to him, on the edge of tears.

He moved closer to me and put his arm around my shoulders to give me some kind of half-assed “bro-hug.” I leaned into him and tried to move my arms to hug him back, but it was all kind of clumsy. We found ourselves so close that our faces were almost touching, and I put my head on his shoulder while we talked and he kept up the hug.

As I write this now, years later, I realize how surprising it is that we didn’t kiss. It was, to be honest, sort of a kissing moment, and we both felt real affection and sexual attraction to the other. To be honest, I was sort of in his arms, but it didn’t occur to either of us then that men can kiss, or that what we felt was any kind of “love.”

What did happen is that as Jake hugged me closely with his arm around my shoulders, my body sagged down on the couch into a semi-recline and my face came to rest on his abs. Jake’s left hand came around and he kind of stroked my face as we sat quietly. My hand came up to take a hold of his cock through his chinos, and soon he was lifting his hips to slither out of his pants entirely. His rock-hard cock was inches in front of me, pointing at my face, and I let my head slide down just a few inches more to gobble his cockhead into my mouth.

Maybe because I was upset and unhappy I suckled on the head of his cock for several minutes, nursing like a baby, before finally opening wide and trying to swallow him whole. I couldn’t – he was too long, my mouth was too small, and my gag reflex too sensitive, but I did the best I could. As my head moved back and forth in Jake’s lap, he held me gently and said he was sorry if he or John had hurt me.

They hadn’t hurt me, not really. They’d just showed me who I really was, and that deeply unsettled me, but I had no grudge against either of them. Jake soon exploded in my mouth and we stayed quiet for a few more minutes as I swallowed and sucked. Once again I felt a quiet calm as I tightened my lips and popped his glans into and out of my mouth.

Suddenly he laughed and said that if we really had the whole house to ourselves, we should move to “a real bed”. In my bedroom we both got naked for the first time, not only with each other, but the first time either of us had been naked in front of anyone. We laid in my bed tor a while, talking about sex, and about John.

Jake told me that John had bent his ear all night with war stories about sex he’d had with guys and girls back home. We agreed that most of John’s stories might be exaggerated, but that he clearly had way more experience than either of us. Jake was gently stroking my half-erect cock when the phone rang in another room.

It was John, calling to see what we wanted to do today, or tonight. I tried to put him off by saying that Jake and I had not yet made plans, but he said that was OK and he’d come over. Before I could say anything, he hung up. He arrived only 10 minutes later, barely enough time for me and Jake to get dressed. He was pleasantly surprised to discover we all had the house to ourselves for the rest of the day.

Jake told him that he had apologized to me earlier for “pushing things too hard” the night before. John made a lame joke about being hard again, and grabbed his own crotch. He asked me how Jake had “made it up to me,” and asked me if I had blown Jake already this morning.

I wasn’t prepared for that and was too slow to voice a credible denial. John said not to bother trying to lie; Jake’s T-shirt was on backwards, so he must have gotten redressed in a big hurry a few minutes ago. Like me a moment before, Jake was caught flat-footed and stammered an unconvincing denial. John laughed out loud and said “Don, you do love cock, don’t you? Let’s find a bed!”

John started to walk upstairs and opened each bedroom doorway until he found the one that had to be mine. He put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me in with him. I’d been quicker to follow him upstairs than Jake had been, so the two of us entered my bedroom several seconds ahead of Jake, who lagged behind on the stairs. John put his arm around me as he brought me into my own bedroom and closed the door in Jake’s face. “Give us some privacy, Jake. I need to apologize to Don alone. It’s my turn to make him feel better.”

John crowded me up against the inside of the door, gave me a very cold and serious look, and said softly in my ear. “I’m sorry, Don. Please forgive me.” He pulled back just enough for our eyes to meet, and his glare was cold as ice. “I’m so sorry, Donny. I’m sorry I didn’t fuck your sissy ass last night. I’m very, very sorry that you’re going to drop to your knees and suck my cock, or I’ll tell everyone you know that you’re a homo. I’m so sorry that you’re a sorry excuse for a boy. You’re a girl, Don. You’re a sexy, cum-sucking girl, and you and I are about to go steady. Suck me!”

I looked at him, stunned and lost. I had really believed at first that he was going to apologize for last night. I couldn’t think of anything to say, or to do, except to submit to him. I did as I’d been told.

On my knees now, I reached for John’s hard stiffie as he unfastened his pants and let them fall to the floor. My nose inhaled the musky smell of his freed cock and low-hanging balls, and I stroked it once or twice before putting it into my mouth. I held the tip in my mouth motionless for a second and drew another deep breath through my nose. Something about the aroma of his crotch and balls unlocked, me and I started to slurp wildly, lips pulled back over my teeth, drooling.

“Atta girl, Donny. We’re gonna go steady a lot.”

John saw the unmade bed behind him and slowly backed up towards it, dragging me behind him like a hooked fish. He sat down hard and kicked off his pants and boxers. He took off his polo, too, and was naked before I knew what was happening.

Unconcerned that I was still dressed, he pulled me up on the bed with him and arranged himself against the headboard, naked legs splayed out to the sides. He held my head in his hands and guided me up and down on his straining erection. I was completely prone, on my stomach between his legs, my face devouring his penis. With his hands on my ears, I barely heard him as he shouted, “You can come in now, Jake. Everything is fine again. Don is feeling much better.”

Jake was shocked that instead of me being mad and demanding an apology from John I was slurping loudly on the first four inches of his big dick. He quickly took off his clothes again, and John told him to pull my clothes off, too, while I still sucked him enthusiastically.

I moved my hips from side to side to help Jake get my pants off. Then Jake started to climb up onto the crowded bed with us. Over my head, out of my sight, John made a gesture to Jake. He put his finger into his mouth and then pointed downward, signaling to Jake that he should wet his finger in his mouth, and put it into my ass.

Jake did exactly that, and he did it tentatively, almost like he was afraid my asshole would bite his fingertip. Jake fingered me so slowly and gently that it didn’t hurt at all. He also reached underneath me with his left hand and pulled on my mostly-erect dick. He kept pumping, right hand fingering my asshole, in and out of my anus, left hand jerking my erection, all while I sucked John closer to his orgasm.

In a few minutes Jake’s finger was dry, and Jake wasn’t about to rewet it by licking it. He looked around the room and spotted a bottle of skin lotion on my dresser. He squirted some into his hands and between my cheeks. Jake climbed back onto the bed, grabbed my cock gently, and resumed fingering my sphincter.

The smoother, gentler, greasier in and out motion was driving me crazy, and even though Jake wasn’t banging my prostate as skillfully as John had the night before, I was in heaven. My hips started pumping up and down as if I was screwing some chick, and I even swung my ass from side to side. Jake dropped my boner and with his left hand began vigorously fisting his own larger cock.

Jake wasn’t the most perverted guy in the room – that would be John, but even Jake put two and two together as he pumped his cock with a greasy left hand and finger fucked my ass with his slippery right hand. A light came on in his head and he looked over my back to catch John’s eye. John grinned, and nodded, and held me tight.

Jake moved between my legs, behind me, and John tightened his grip on my head. “We’re going to fuck you now, Don. I’m going to make you my girlfriend. I know you want this really bad. Jake and I are going to fuck your faggot pussyhole, and you’re going to love it all.”

Then John said, “You go first, Jake.”

I’d like to tell you that I fought them, and that it hurt, but I didn’t fight, and it didn’t hurt.

I’ve been honest with you so far. Instead of playing coy I admitted that all those back seat blow jobs I gave were a great pleasure to me. Well, I’ll stay honest: the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life was rocking forward and back on that bed, on my hands and knees, with a cock up my ass and one in my mouth at the same time. I groaned so much that Jake worried for a moment, until he realized I was humming with pleasure.

I shot my second load of the day as Jake held my naked hips and slowly rocked his dick in and out of my well-lubed asshole. When my first ever anal orgasm ripped through my body, my anus clenched tightly on Jake’s cock and he soon blasted his load inside me. John’s jizz soon filled my mouth, and I lay drained of almost all energy, clenching and unclenching my tired asshole while I nursed and suckled on the head of John’s big dick.

Then they traded places. My ass, well-opened and thoroughly lubed by Jake, had no trouble with John’s bigger penis. I learned later that although they were amateur ass riders, they had instinctively done it the right way. Great anal sex is very slow and very gentle, despite the stuff you read in porn.

Despite all the similarities, their hard cocks were very different to me, no matter which one was in which of my holes. Jake’s five or six inch cock was thin and always as hard as a rock. Plunging in or out of my mouth or my ass, his shaft didn’t flex or bend at all; the skin was so taut that it barely moved. Jake was one of those guys who always masturbated with lube, because the pleasure came from the skin of his hand rubbing the unmoving skin of his erect cock.

John’s longer cock was considerably plumper. When I stroked him, cock-meat moved up and down the shaft. It was more pleasant to suck John, because as hard as he was his erection could still bend slightly against the inside of my mouth. In my ass, John’s cock played magic tricks. As he pushed in, the cock-meat would bunch up behind, and then burst through my sphincter all at once. As he withdrew, cock-meat got dragged out reluctantly, and burst out as a bit of a lump. I now know what a butt plug is, and being John’s “girlfriend” was like making love to a butt plug.

Jake and John traded places a few more times Sunday afternoon, and after an hour or two they ran out of cum. They left me in my bed to go home. I was barely awake as they dressed and went out the door, but I heard John tell Jake, “Don’s a fucking cum slut now, Cuz. We can do anything we want with him, and he’ll just love it. He’s our girl.”

Jake asked him, “Is this like going to be a regular thing for him?”

The last words I heard John say as they turned down the stairs were, “Like I said, Don’s a girl now. A really hot cock sucking girl. He’s never going to be a man. You can keep him on the end of your cock as long as you want.”

An hour later I woke up and took stock of my situation. All their switching back and forth had left a strange taste in my mouth, so I brushed my teeth and gargled mouthwash. Then I just barely had time to clean everything, shower, and change my stinking bed linen before my parents came in saying “I hope you’re hungry; we bought pizza!”