“You Go First” 03: Samantha Said – {Cousin Samantha takes Jake and Don on a ride. }

Jake phoned me Tuesday morning and told me to come visit him that afternoon. His parents were going to take their houseguests to the world-famous museum of fine art in our city, and he and I would have the house to ourselves.

Of course I knew what he meant — Jake and I had been having sex for months now, though until recently always at night, in the back seat of his car. This was another opportunity for Jake to use me, and in a real bed again. What kind of guy would look forward to being used as a cumrag by his classmate? Me.

Jake’s cousin John had joined us the last two times Jake and I had sex. John was a year older, more experienced sexually than either of us, and had a dominating, obnoxious personality. He had easily twisted Jake’s arm to join us on a night out when Jake and I had planned to be alone.

That night in Jake’s car John had no trouble enticing me to suck his cock, and then Sunday afternoon at my house he and Jake took my anal virginity. I was still sore from the two-hour sex marathon they had subjected me to Sunday. They’d taken turns making me blow them and then spit-roasted me. Not only had they both penetrated me at the same time, one in my mouth and one in my ass, but they switched back and forth, forcing me to take each of them ass to mouth.

John dominated both of us, but I was the only one to be humiliated; I did pretty much anything John suggested. He arranged it so that Jake’s average size cock was the first to breach my ass, and he coached Jake to be slow and gentle with me, using lots of lubrication, as he fucked me open for the first time.

By the time John took my ass with his bigger erection I was wet with lube and Jake’s cum, and my sphincter was relaxed and welcoming. Sloppy seconds, indeed!

I’d loved pretty much every minute of sucking their dicks and getting railed for the first time. Losing my ass-cherry had been much less painful, much more enjoyable, than I had always imagined it would be. When they both took me at the same time, one in my mouth and one up my ass, I thought I was in heaven. I just let everything go and swallowed half of their loads. It was almost like being in love. They didn’t “love” me, of course, and I don’t think I wanted them to. But they needed me, and I loved being needed, even if for their sexual pleasure.


When I got to Jake’s house on Tuesday the place was eerily quiet. There’s a strange Goldilocks vibe to a house that has been full of people but they all just left. There were open suitcases all over the place and air mattresses on the floor in the family room. The dining room table had gift wrap and ribbons spread around — between the two families there has been a bunch of shopping and wrapping!

But for the next few hours, no one would be home but Jake and he led me straight to his bedroom upstairs. “John’s pissed that his parents made him go with everybody,” Jake told me. “He’d rather be here with us. He calls you his new girlfriend!”

“I like being alone with you, Jake,” I replied. “I feel more comfortable when it’s just the two of us, like it was before. I’m kind of happy we’ll be together without him telling me what to do.”

We barely exchanged further words as he began to get undressed. There wasn’t much to say, I guess; by now our FWB relationship was almost all sexual. The last few times he and I had gone out “looking for girls” we had ended up almost immediately parked in his car at some “Lovers’ Lane”, with his erect penis in my mouth. When John showed up last week and immediately orchestrated my oral gang bang in the back seat, there hadn’t been much conversation. And, as I followed Jake’s lead and shucked my shirt and pants, neither one of us knew what to say about Sunday’s spit-roast.

But we had an empty house, a real bed for only the second time, and two very hard erections that needed attention. Of course, my needs took a back seat, so to speak, to Jake’s. As he lay down sideways on his bed I took my knees to the floor and started sucking energetically with genuine enthusiasm. I loved sucking Jake’s cock and had gotten very good at it.

I was a victim of my own insatiable need to suck cock and swallow cum. Everything about my current situation — a pussy for other males – was the result of my seemingly bottomless appetite for sucking dick. Jake’s dick was my favorite of the only two I’d known, because John’s was uncomfortably wide and long. I only have so much room in my mouth, and Jake’s rock-hard cock more than filled me up. John’s choked me.

Jake had obviously been overdue for draining his balls, and he released his first load into my throat in about three minutes. I wanted to get up on the bed lengthwise, on my front, so I could pump my own cock into the mattress while nursing. This was my new favorite cock-sucking position, because it always got me off to hump my pelvis into something while sucking another guy. But Jake wasn’t ready to change positions yet.

He held my head against his crotch and told me to lick his balls. He had first learned how good this felt after watching John force me to worship his nutsack in the car on Saturday night. John’s balls were so big that I could only suck one at a time into my mouth, but Jake’s comparatively modest endowment allowed me to stuff both of his furry balls into my mouth at once.

I was careful not to hurt Jake as my mouth tenderly washed the ball sweat off of his scrotum. I moved my tongue around to keep both balls in motion without putting too much pressure on either one of them. Without conscious thought, I moaned and hummed my own pleasure, which of course Jake thought was for his benefit. Only when he was rigid again for a second time did he gently extract his jewels from my mouth and lay lengthwise on the bed for me.

Now I jumped into position between his splayed legs. I hunched my modest erection into his mattress with my head back in his crotch. Things were reversed now — I had the hair trigger, while he could take his time slowly building to his second nut. I whimpered with joy as my little cock exploded my load into Jake’s bed linen. And I kept sucking. Face down, eyes closed, nibbling and sucking on the end of Jake’s hardening penis. It was such a magic moment.

I could have rested there longer, content with Jake’s half-hard penis in my mouth, my own crotch messy with my ejaculation, but he gently lifted my head and looked me in the eyes. “Don, I have to get up. I gotta take a leak.”

I held Jake’s gaze as I put my mouth back over the end of his cock. A scene from a porn video I’d seen a few weeks ago popped into my head. I nibbled his glans a few seconds more and then said, “Go. Don’t get up. Just go in my mouth.”

When he did, when Jake released spurt after spurt of himself into my mouth, I felt like whatever manhood I would ever have had was flowing back up his cock in the other direction. I didn’t feel feminine, exactly. At least I don’t think I did. But each mouthful of Jake that I swallowed made me less and less of a boy. He relaxed, then he clenched. My mouth filled, then I swallowed.

Relax, fill, clench, swallow. I knew how a baby felt, at its mother’s breast. Relax, fill. His body into mine. Clench, swallow. My body being filled by his. I became his baby.


Meanwhile, at the museum coffee shop, John and Samantha were complaining to each about having been forced to accompany their parents. Samantha would have much rather hit the Mall, and we know what John was missing out on. “This may be the worst family vacation, ever,” Samantha said. “At least you got Mom and Dad to let us sit here while they walk through all the exhibits.”

John kind of smirked. At first Samantha thought he was proud of himself for negotiating the coffee shop compromise, but then he said “Speak for yourself, Sam, my vacation has been pretty great so far.”

And just like that, my fate was sealed. Big sisters know how to pull the story out of little brothers, and when John told his sister that a friend of Cousin Jake had sucked his dick Saturday and Sunday, Samantha almost couldn’t believe it. “Do I know her? What’s her name?” Samantha asked.

John leaned forward, lowered his voice, and told his sister most of what we’d been doing the last three or four days. “And you’re sure this guy is sucking Jake’s cock right now, while we’re stuck here?” Samantha asked. “I’ve got an idea.”

She phoned her Mom and told her that John was in the toilet again, that he had a stomach bug, and that she would take him home in their car right now. There was plenty of room in Jake’s parents’ car for the four adults, so there was no problem. Within minutes, John and Samantha were on their way back to Jake’s.

As she drove, the brother and sister talked about gay sex. Samantha said she had never had any sexual contact with another girl, but she really enjoyed the gay male porn vids she found on the internet. “If I want to see a hot naked woman, I can look in a mirror, am I right?” she said.

John told her that he’d seen a couple of gay sex vids, but had never been very interested. He told his sister that he was surprised he enjoyed having a gay dude suck his cock as much as he had.

“It’s so fucking hot, John. Watching a woman take anal, it’s just kind of another hole. No big deal. But watching a sissy take cock in his ass, I mean, it’s the only hole he’s got, right? And the little fairy is just giving it up. Giving his ass to another man. I can cum so easy watching a macho dude’s balls swinging back and forth, beating the sissy’s little scrotum like a drum.”

John said “I don’t know. But the cream pies are cool, I’ll give you that. A girl’s anal cream pie looks a lot like a regular vajayjay cream pie. But a queer? I can really get hard just watching a cumload drooling out of a fairy’s asshole and dripping down over his useless balls.”

Samantha cut him off and said “We’re almost there. Here’s what I want you to do, my dear little butt fucking brother….”


I had just blown my first wad into Jake’s sheets while I languorously suckled on the bulbous head of his hardon. Jake had finished letting me drink his piss, and he was once again erect and ready to shoot a load. The shaft of his cock was thinner than his glans, so the head of Jake’s cock was like a lollipop or something. I loved puckering up my lips and popping them over his dickhead, and then back again.

Samantha and John had parked in the street and come into the house quietly. Because my face was in Jake’s pubic hair, I didn’t see John as he came into the room. Jake was smart enough to know that if John startled me he might get his dick bitten, so he tenderly placed his two hands over my ears and lifted my head off of his penis. I looked into his eyes and wondered why he had interrupted me.

John stripped his clothes off quickly and stepped up to the bed. “My turn, baby girl,” he said to me. “Did you miss your main man?”

I was surprised to see him, and at first panicked, thinking that the whole family had returned, catching me having sex. “I ditched my parents and came back here to be with you. I can’t resist my sweet sissy girl.” Sneaky bastard didn’t mention his sister, who lurked out of sight in the hallway.

I scrambled out of bed to kneel in front of his large hard-on. Jake was normally enough of a stud for me, but when John was in the room, John was the boss. Especially when his hard hot cock was pointed at my face.

“I missed you, sweetheart,” he said, as he guided my head into his loins with his two hands.

Turning to Jake, John said, “You’re going to be as queer as Donnie here if you don’t get some pussy, Jake. I brought you a present.”

On cue, stark naked, Samantha entered and went directly to Jake’s bed.

Jake’s jaw dropped as he saw his first naked woman. Samantha was taller than any of us, and had the slim, lanky build of a volleyball player or something. Her breasts were small but high and perfect, and I ached inside with the sudden realization that I’d probably never have normal sex with so beautiful a woman.

I also felt a shattering humiliation that a girl would see me sucking cock. I’d never needed to think it through before, but if it was embarrassing to suck a guy’s cock, and if other guys watching you suck a cock makes you a sissy, then when a woman knows you’re a cumdump for real men, it just obliterates your self-respect.

She got onto the bed behind me and pulled Jake next to her. “I get my pick of the three cocks, right?” Then she looked straight at me and said, “Well, two anyway. Donnie, John tells me you’re not much of a man. Is that right? Are you really a cum-sucking pussy?”

I almost drowned in a warm rush of delicious humiliation.

“That’s OK, baby. Girls gotta be girls, right? You and I can suck our big strong men together. “You go first,” Samantha said, so I did.

As I began to suck John’s cock, Samantha dropped her mouth to Jake’s still throbbing erection and started sucking where I had left off.

Jake had already orgasmed once today, as had I, so Samantha had plenty of time to work his dick over. She suddenly pulled off of him and said “Time you fucked a real cunt, Cousin. Get behind me.”

Then she got up on her hands and knees crosswise on the bed and asked Jake to ram it home. “Walk up to the edge of the bed, honey,” she told Jake. He hunched forward over her ass and began to saw his dick in and out of her glistening pussy. He groaned audibly as his erection disappeared into his first cunt.

“Oh yeah, Sam,” John moaned, “I’m going to nail myself some cunt too.” He pulled me up from my kneeling position and urged me to get on the bed also. “Jake, where’s the lube?”

He guided me to lay my chest face down over the edge of the bed with my legs dangling towards the floor. I was facing the door, the opposite position as Samantha, who faced the window. After wiping some Vaseline over his rigid penis, he used his greasy finger to open my fag hole.

Samantha stared at her brother’s finger as it sawed in and out of my anus. She cheered his efforts. “Slowly, little brother, take your time. His pussy is going to need to relax a little to take a cock as big as yours. I’ve never even fucked a dick as big as yours is.”

John added a second finger, and I began to rock into the mattress and moan with pleasure. “Are you ready, darling?” he taunted me. “Is baby Donnie ready to get fucked like my slutty sister?”

Jake was having a hard time prolonging his performance. He’d never fucked a girl before, heck, he had never even seen a real pussy before. And as his cousins took turns humiliating me he got hotter and hotter.

“Uh, Donnie,” Samantha moaned to me, turning her head slightly. “Us girls just gotta have cock, don’t we? Is John as hard as Jake? Does your girlyhole feel as wonderful as my cunt? I’m ready to cum, Donnie, are you gonna cum with me?”

Jake hung on as long as he could, but suddenly shouted that he was cumming and blew his jizz into his cousin Samantha. John fired his load up my ass a second or two later. Both young men slumped over their partners, their chests heaving, and their bodies all sweaty.

“Aw fuck, Sam. That was the dirtiest thing we’ve ever done,” John moaned to his beautiful sister.

“You want dirty, little brother? Watch this. Get off of your girlfriend.” John slowly pulled his greasy dick out of my ass.

She pulled John towards my head and said “Now it’s time for you to clean your lover, gayboy.” And she kept pulling his arm towards her, over me, until his crotch was at my face.

I licked gently at John’s deflating penis, cleaning it for him. He fell back on the mattress, away from me, and Samantha knelt over my face for her turn. She sat on my face, and made me clean Jake’s load out of her puffy red cunt. At first I enjoyed the familiar taste of Jake’s jizz, but soon the more pungent flavor of real hot female pussy came through.

John stayed right next to me, kneeling on the bed close to his sister, who steadied herself by holding his shoulder. I had my arms around her beautiful soft hips, and pulled her sopping wet crotch close to my mouth.

This was the most sexual contact I had ever had with a girl, and the fact that she was such a filthy slut was exciting. Maybe she would let me fuck her, too, despite all the insults she had hurled at me? My small cock began to get hard again.

“Look, guys,” Samantha said. “Donnie loves eating me; he’s getting a little stiffy.” She was right; I loved licking her creamy hole, and wallowed in her cuntlips as I moved my own back and forth, up and down. When I found her clitoris she tightened her thighs and told me to “lick right there; don’t move so much.” Then she orgasmed on my face, and squirted a load of fluid into my mouth — maybe Jake’s cum, maybe vaginal juices, I had no idea.

As Samantha came down from her orgasm she said something to the guys about how women sometimes squirt when they come, “Sort of like you do.” She had never done so herself until today, and she said, “I wonder what it tastes like. Did it taste OK, sissy?”

It had, but before I could reply Jake said, “Don doesn’t care what it tastes like. He can drink anything. Before you got back, he asked me to piss in his mouth.” I turned several shades of red as I lost the last shred of my dignity in front of Jake’s cousins.

“I gotta try some of that,” John said, and I thought he was going to pee in me, too.

But before he could do anything we all jumped as we heard the garage door opening.