“You Go First” 07: – Boners are Normal, Dad said – {Now my mother gives my father what *he* deserves.}

Dad and I returned home at about 4:30 from our “Just For Men” shopping expedition. I’d picked up a few new computer games and Dad had bought golf accessories at the sporting goods store. Also, hard to believe, we had spent “Father-Son time” in Victoria’s Secret.

Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, this was my father’s idea, not mine, and it was surprisingly a lot of fun. Dad said Mom had asked him to pick up some “naughty lingerie,” and had even written down her sizes for him. The sales staff was helpful and serious, and obviously they had lots of experience helping male shoppers buy presents for women. In fact, several of the shoppers that day were other men.

The only issue we encountered in the store was other shoppers. I guess women buying their “intimate” apparel find it creepy to have strange men around, gawking at what they buy. But I mean come on, if some nice looking MILF holds up a lacy bra in front of her chest, turns to her friend, and says “how would I look in this?” dudes at the next counter aren’t supposed to look?

One thing was nagging at me. I knew that Dad and I weren’t doing anything weird – Mom really had asked him to buy some new underthings in her sizes, and to choose items that he thought he would find attractive. Nothing wrong with that.

But yesterday Mom had told me that my father enjoyed being jerked off into her panties, and how was I supposed to get *that* image out of my head? Like they say, you can’t unsee something. Although I *hadn’t* really seen it, you know what I mean. Every time Dad picked up an item to consider for purchase I imagined him, naked, whacking off while rubbing it over his junk.

The other discomfort I had was that each time Dad picked up a bra or pair of panties for consideration, I flashed back and remembered how I felt wearing Mom’s underwear a few days ago. Jake had come over and we’d had the house to ourselves for hours. I had ended up getting Jake’s dick at both ends, in my greedy mouth and up my needy ass, while wearing Mom’s bra and nightgown. Dressing up as a girl reinforced my role as Jake’s sissy, and it had thrilled me to my core.

Now, in my sick mind, I imagined that I was shopping with Jake, he was holding up undies, and we were deciding if they would look good on *me*.

My daydreaming soon had me fully erect in my pants, and I got a nasty look from the salesgirl when she noticed my bulge. My dad caught on when, after her sneer, she shot dagger eyes a second time at my crotch. I was then even further humiliated when my own father shamed me in front of her by saying awkwardly, “I’m sorry, Miss, I guess we know which pair my son likes best.”

I spun around and told him I’d wait in the car. He followed within ten or fifteen minutes after paying for everything we’d chosen. I sat sullen and silent for a moment, and Dad said, “Do you want to talk about what just happened? I owe you an apology for embarrassing you in front of that young girl. I should have held my tongue and not made a bad joke at your expense. But she’d already noticed your, uh, boner.”

I remained sullenly silent and my father tried to bring closure to the conversation. “Boners are normal,” Dad said. I mumbled something and hoped we could drop it. My Dad’s a nice guy, but I’m not going to calmly discuss what does or does not cause me to pop a woody.

I think one reason I was so conflicted is that I had really enjoyed my mother masturbating me yesterday while her hand held a pair of her panties wrapped around my cock. I’d reenacted the scene in the privacy of my bedroom last night. Mom had given me a pair of panties to keep for jerking off with, and I had pulled my dick for 20 minutes, edging frequently, before blowing a load. It was so satisfying that I didn’t clean up. I just held her cummy panties against my cock and balls, shoved the entire sticky mess between my thighs, and went to sleep.

When we got home from the mall Dad and I went our separate ways. Mom was taking a shower, which was kind of unusual for an afternoon. Maybe she’d been working out? (It would be many days later before I learned, from Jake, what she had been doing while Dad and I were out that day.)

After dinner, Dad playfully asked Mom when she would model her new lingerie purchases for him. Mom and I both acted embarrassed by his question, but we were each, unbeknownst to the other, excited by the thought. Neither Dad nor I had any idea that Mom had spent the day getting railed by one of my high school buddies. Tired and a little bit cranky, she wasn’t in the mood for any sexual innuendoes from my father; but he didn’t know that.

Mom played off her embarrassment smoothly, saying “Sorry Don, after being married so long, Dad and I sometimes talk about private stuff out loud.” I almost laughed; this from the woman who told me the day before that Dad liked her to whack him off using her lacy panties! There didn’t seem to be any “private stuff” when she told me that he had a small dick, a lot like mine.

I quickly let them off the hook; I announced I was going down to the den to enjoy my own new game purchases. As I left the room, I heard Mom’s voice as she led Dad down the hall to their bedroom, “You come with me, you dirty boy. How could you talk about this with our son right there?”

Dad didn’t suspect, as Mom led him into their bedroom for a “modeling session,” that she had an agenda. He just wanted some playful fun, and she wanted to forget the day’s activities and pretend everything was could still be normal.

Dad sat in the chair in the corner of their bedroom and Mom started opening and examining her new lingerie. With some effort, she pushed thoughts about Jake out of her mind. As she half-heartedly pretended to be thrilled by each naughty item, she slowly worked herself into the mood. Maybe things could return to normal? Normal being, of course, a husband with a weakness for ladies’ underwear.


Acting normal was no small accomplishment. She was still deeply unsettled and mentally exhausted by her long afternoon. My friend Jake had turned Mom into a three-hole fuck puppet. I guess it’s not fair to compare Dad and Jake as sexual performers. My father is an out-of-shape, middle-aged office worker with a modest penis. Jake is an 18-year old high school athlete more generously endowed, and with an overdose of hormones.

But Jake’s physical superiority over my father didn’t fully explain Mom’s conversion. Jake quite simply fucked better, and longer, than Dad ever had, ate my mother’s pussy better, and then introduced Mom to a pleasure she barely even knew existed – analingus. When Jake tossed my Mother’s salad a few hours earlier, eating out the cum drooling from her tired anus after fucking it into her, he had begun to rewire her libido.

Dad sat with a silly grin on his face as Mom played with her new brassieres and panties. He didn’t know that the staid woman he married 20 years ago no longer existed. A few days ago, she masturbated while viewing the nanny-cam video of Jake pounding her son’s ass. During our romp, I blew him while I wore her sexy brassiere and nightgown.

Yesterday, in a bid to keep me straight, she’d jerked me off and tasted my jizz. Mom had come to see me and spoke sternly to me about my misappropriating her underwear – and ejaculating on it. She didn’t tell me what she knew about my other activities, or how she knew it. She claimed to be upset that I had invaded her privacy (ironic, right?). She ordered me not to repeat my abuse of her underwear.

Yet Mom had then made a gift to me of a new pair of ladies panties! She told me it was OK if I used “my own panties” to pleasure myself, that male fascination with female lingerie is common. She wanted to nudge my crossdressing impulse into a heterosexual framework and told me that Dad sometimes jerked off into her panties, too! Before the day was over she had rubbed her gift across my chest, and then my groin, and held the panties tight around the shaft of my cock as my hot cum exploded all over the both of us.


I gave the video games only ten minutes and then crept quietly back upstairs. I knew Mom and Dad had gone into their bedroom with a bag full of nice new brassieres, panties, and nightgowns. I’d even helped make the selections, in the store with Dad. Curiosity and lust were killing me.

The door was unlocked and ajar. Dad had entered the room second and hadn’t planned anything that would need the door closed. From half-way down the hallway, I could hear them pretty clearly, and I could see most of what wasn’t directly ahead of me because it was reflected in the dressing mirror.

Mom, still dressed but with her blouse already unbuttoned, teased Dad playfully with one of the new panties, first holding it in front of her pelvis and swinging her hips. Then she approached his chair and rubbed the new panties gently on his cheeks. She murmured “Are you going to enjoy these as much as I do, stud?” I stifled a laugh; some stud. Short-dicked panty whacker, according to Mom!

She bent over him, rubbing her tits still in their brassiere across Dad’s face. As he mumbled something nonsensical, she opened Pandora’s Box.

“I found out yesterday that your son also likes to play with my sexy underthings. My bras and panties got all moved around last week when he explored my drawers. I wonder if he goes hamper-diving at night, looking for panties I wore that day. Like you do. Didn’t think I knew *that*, did you, stud? I guess it’s true that all little boys love Mommy’s underpants, huh? Especially when they’re still a little moist from Mommy’s pussy?”

She was smiling broadly and stood tall again to tenderly stroke his face and neck with a new pair of panties. But Dad now looked serious.

“I should have a word with him,” Dad said.

“I should be pissed. The little perv even squirted his goo all over my nightgown,” Mom said, while she tugged at Dad’s belt and zipper, opening his pants.

“You don’t sound pissed,” Dad said, smiling again and raising his hips to pull off his pants and his boxers. He tossed them aside and opened his legs wide.

“Oh, God,” Mom said, “I know I should be mad, but I’m not. It’s so hot that both my little men pull their cocks and sperm all over my underwear. You two make me feel like some kind of sex goddess. Lie down on the bed; I want to climb on and fuck.”

Dad got up from the chair and reclined on the bed. He was used to Mom ordering him around in their bedroom. “Bring all the new underwear over here, you dirty Mommy.”

My mother draped two brassieres on my father’s chest and began to stroke his cock while wrapping it in panties. He reached up and began to caress himself with the bras, rubbing them back and forth across his nipples.

In the hallway, I had taken my own new pair of panties out of my pocket and was using them in my right hand to jerk myself inside my sweatpants. Watching Mom and Dad play with her undies was the hottest thing I could imagine. Almost. It suddenly occurred to me that the three of us playing together would be even hotter. In my dreams, right? My cock was just drooling tons and tons of pre-cum as I rubbed it with those red panties.

“Here, you stroke yourself for a second while I let my girls out to play,” Mom said, and she removed her blouse. Then she removed her bra and shook her glorious breasts free. “Ah, geez, that’s better,” she moaned.

Mom leaned forward and dragged her nipples across Dad’s face. Like a baby bird being fed, he twisted his neck and moved his lips to snare Mom’s nipples into his mouth. As he caught one, he sucked hungrily, and then Mom would twist to pull that nipple away from Dad and tease him with the other breast. Dad’s cock looked hard, if not very big, and the nipples that had once fed me were themselves rigid and poking out from her aureoles.

Because of the angle of the mirror, I couldn’t see everything. I didn’t see Mom’s left hand gently cover Dad’s mouth as she leaned over him while continuing to work his cock with her right hand. She hissed in his ear “Don’t make a sound. I’m going to do something, and you don’t make a fucking sound. Got it?”

Then my mother shouted “Donny, we *know* you’re outside the door. Get in here right now!”

I pulled my hand from my sweats and stepped through the doorway. I thought I was going to get killed or something. I literally trembled and had a fleeting fear I would piss myself. Mom and Dad were going to be *so* furious with me for peeking.


Mom had known for a few minutes that I was lurking and jerking. People sometimes forget that mirrors work in both directions. She’d briefly pondered the situation, and concluded that bringing me in for another hetero-conversion session was the least-bad option. So she’d changed her plan to hope on top of Dad for a pony ride, and instead prolonged the panty play. Mom called me in to join their play, not to punish me for peeping.

Dad was slowly coming out of the ball he had quickly rolled his body into, attempting to conceal his junk when I walked in. I heard Mom say softly to him “Trust me, honey; I know what I’m doing. Donny needs this.”

As he relaxed back into the pillows and lowered his legs flat on the bed, his boner re-emerged into view. I had the fleeting and trite thought that I was looking at the hard dick that had delivered half of me into Mom’s vagina 18 years before. Cool. That kind of made it my dick, too right? Or if it wasn’t mine, then I was it’s something. Whatever, it was a dick with which I had a prior history.

My father had no pubic hair; I never knew that. His balls weren’t hairy, either. If all you saw of my father was his crotch, you’d think he was a 12-year-old.

“I’m glad you brought your own panties, Donny. Kick the sweats and come jerk over here,” Mom said. “Your father doesn’t know why we’re doing this together. I haven’t told your father that I know you jerk off into my undies and that I don’t mind. Men get turned on by women’s panties. Move closer. Come next to the bed.”

There was something in her voice I’d never heard before, not even when she was jerking me off in my room a few days ago. Mom sounded hungry, horny. Mom was calling me closer because she was getting hot and wanted something, wanted it badly. “You and your father are going to have a little contest, and if you’re both good boys, you’ll both win a prize.”

Soon she was jerking Dad’s dick in one hand and mine in the other. He continued to stroke his chest with a brassiere, and he was beginning to moan. My father and I kept locking eyes, then turning our eyes away. I had no idea what I was supposed to be thinking about him or him of me. I know what I thought about my mother: that she was the sexiest person on the planet. Her hands kept moving.

Our balls were churning in our scrota. His drew up high in their ball-sack before mine did, and my father lost the contest. He groaned that he was about to shoot.

I was stunned to see Mom swivel quickly, bend over, and plunge the dick that made me into her beautiful mouth. As hard as it might be for most children to picture their mother taking cock in her vagina, it’s just about impossible to imagine your mother sucking dick.

So I never imagined they would have oral sex right in front of me, despite all the sex that we *were* having. They both made disgusting, beautiful sounds as Dad unloaded several spurts into my mother’s mouth. I’ll spare you all the happy groans and satisfied moans, but for two people who didn’t say anything sure made noise.

Mom then half-rose from the bed, grabbed Dad’s head with two hands, and gave my father a big kiss. My suddenly neglected hard-on pulsed as I watched my parents. Mom used her tongue to snowball Dad’s cumload back into his mouth. I don’t think they’d ever done *that* before, because Dad twisted and jerked his body like he wanted to escape. He didn’t. Within seconds he was still, accepting, depleted, and defeated. My dirty mother had forced my submissive father to recycle his own cum.

As Mom lifted her head and licked her lips, she stared lovingly at my father. Neither one of them spoke, but something was communicated between them, and my father licked *his* lips said gently to her, “Go ahead, dear. It’s OK.”

I misunderstood him. I thought he was saying that he didn’t mind swallowing his own sperm. He actually meant, and my mother understood, that she had the green light to go a step further.

I looked down with lust at the woman who made me. She turned her head away from my father and his drooping deflated cock. My mother turned towards me, gently took my hand off of my erection, pulled her panties away from my stiff cock-shaft, and swallowed me to the root.

As I stared down at Mom’s head, bobbing on my modest boner, my heart… I’m sorry, it’s not an original phrase, but my heart swelled with love. I don’t know how else to say what I felt. She was taking me into her body, taking me back into the body I had come from 18 years before. I told you it wasn’t an original thought, but it was real.

Her left hand held my hips while her right hand gently tugged on my scrotum. She hummed with passion as she carefully rolled my modest testicles between her fingers. She made soft sucking noises on my dick. I felt like I was going to explode. Mom had my cock in her mouth. I’d often fantasized about seeing her naked. I’d beat my meat to images of Dad pounding her cunt. But I had never even dreamed of such a perverted thing as blowing a load of cum into my mother’s throat.

I rose up on the balls of my feet as if a force was pulling my upwards. My body actually trembled and jerked as my prostate clenched and I emptied my teenage balls into Mom’s mouth. The best ejaculation I had ever had before – when being taken anally by Jake – was the merest shadow of the orgasm I had now looking at the face of my middle-aged mother as she nursed on my dick-head.

Then, before she had time to swallow my jizz, I caressed her pale cheek and said: “You’re the best Mom ever; I love you so much.”

She smiled, twisted sideways, and snowballed my baby-makers into my surprised Dad’s mouth. She had to hold him still again with her hands on his ears to restrain him during the long kiss. He hadn’t invited *this* indignity, but once again he soon fell calm and accepting, and Mom raped his mouth with her cummy tongue.

I reached down with my hand and stroked my father’s re-erect penis with the pair of Mom’s panties that she’d used on him before. I mean, it was like the least I could do for him after he swallowed his own son’s ejaculation, right? Neither my mother nor I even noticed when, while still being Frenched by Mom, his hairless little cock squirted a tiny, tiny load in my hand.