“You Go First” 09: – {Don gets an after-school job.}

Jake caught me between classes at school and asked if I was “up for driving around” Friday night. Of course, I agreed. I love driving to a remote spot and sucking his fantastic cock until he feeds me his ejaculation.

Then he ducked out of class and phoned my mother.

Jake knew that my mother desperately wanted to keep him away from me. She hoped to prevent me from going totally gay; she hoped to keep me interested in pussy. In desperation, she had even given herself to me, although so far only for blowjobs and handjobs.

Jake knew that my mother had watched a video of the marathon gay sex encounter he and I had. She begged him to leave me alone and even gave Jake her ass cherry in exchange. Tough luck for my Mom, because Jake wanted both of us. Jake’s plan was to spend the foreseeable future plundering both of our assholes. His plan was working so far: I wouldn’t, and my mother seemingly couldn’t, keep his dick out of our bottoms.

So Friday afternoon Jake told Mom on the phone that he’d take me out that night, and there was nothing she could do about it. Jake told her to “think of it as a date. I’ll bet your sissy boy hasn’t gone out on many dates, has he, Mrs. T? This can be Donny’s first date. I won’t be bringing a bouquet, but you’ll invite me in, welcome me to your home, and send him off with his boyfriend with a smile and a wave goodbye. Got it?”

She got it.

When I mentioned at dinner Friday night that I’d be going out with Jake, my mother acted pleased. “It’s good that you get out, Don. A young guy your age ought to go out on weekends. Maybe you’ll meet someone special.” I was kind of baffled because my parents had never expressed any interest before in who I was friends with.

Underneath her act, Mom hated my being friends with Jake, but she never told me why – that she knew I was his go-to cum rag. Mom just couldn’t bring herself to tell me she’d watched Jake use my mouth and ass three weeks before. Neither could she tell me that Jake was extorting sex from her. Jake was using the both of us, but she was the only one with the whole picture. I knew all about Jake’s relationship with me, of course, but knew nothing about his with her. And my poor sissy Dad didn’t have a clue what either of us were up to. Or who was up us.

Maybe if she had made a different choice, maybe if she had confronted me about becoming so submissive to Jake, things would have turned out differently. But she didn’t. Instead, she acted happy Jake was taking me out, and everything that happened that weekend was her fault.


But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. It’s Friday night, and Jake is coming to take me for a ride in his car. As I said before, I always acted as if I was his wingman, one of two guys out looking for girls. But any objective observer could have told me I was his date, his gay date. The only scoring Jake would do tonight would be inside me. And I’d love it.

He came by to pick me up and, unusually, he parked and came into our house. Even though I was ready to go, he sat down and asked my Mom if he could have a soda or a glass of water.

Mom knew what Jake was doing, but I was oblivious. Jake was going to torment my Mom by treating me like a girl he was dating, coming inside to fetch her, chatting pleasantly with her parents, just to infuriate my mother. Dad had no idea there was any drama at all, and didn’t pick up on the slightly bizarre dialogue.

“We won’t be out too late, Mrs. T. I promise I’ll bring Don home before curfew. Do you guys have a curfew, or can Donny and I stay out as late as we want?” She noticed the “Donny” and worried that Jake was trying too hard to be clever.

Mom tried her hand at the double entendre game. “Oh, that’s OK Jake, we know you’re a responsible young man. If you’re old enough to vote, I guess we can trust you with Donny. You two kids run along and have a nice date, OK?” Mom then actually saw us to the door.

Smartass Jake got the last dig in when he opened the door, put his arm around my waist, hugged me close, marched both of us through the doorway, and said: “Come on, Donna, Mommy says we should have fun tonight.”

I was shocked that he used my girlfriend name and hoped Mom wouldn’t catch it. She did hear him though, and as the door closed she stood there for a moment. She was trying to decide whether she was angry or kind of turned on by the realization that she had just handed her panty-loving son over to his gay lover.

One thing she didn’t know was that I was, in fact, wearing my panties on our date. The silky red pair she gave me last week after masturbating me to climax inside them in her clenched hand. Tonight was going to be the first night I showed Jake my panties. I hoped he liked them. I had already decided that on our next date I’d try to wear one of Mom’s brassieres under my sweatshirt in addition to panties.

Everything went normally until we got to the burger place about 20 minutes later. As we got ready to get back into the car, Jake invited his friend Marlow to ride along with us. Except for when Jake’s cousin had been a houseguest at the holidays, we’d never had a third person along with us when we drove around.

Marlow played on the Intramural basketball team with Jake. Varsity or Junior Varsity sports teams competed for our school against other schools. The level of athleticism was pretty advanced. The IM athletes, on the other hand, only formed teams to play other IM teams in our school. Marlow and Jake were athletic, but not quite jocks.

As we pulled away, I turned around in my seat to talk to Marlow. I didn’t know the guy very well; unlike Jake, I wasn’t at all interested in sports. Marlow was African-American, and he hung out in a different social group than I did at the school. Jake, because he was on some teams, had many black friends and acquaintances, but I didn’t get the chance very often. Naturally, they talked about their team and little else, so as we drove I was still a bit left out.

I became even less talkative when I realized Jake was now driving us towards the spot we always parked. Jake had given me no warning that he wanted Marlow to join us, and I had no idea what Marlow was expecting until we reached our spot. Jake put the car into park, shut off the engine, and spoke to Marlow.

“Mar, why don’t you get out and walk around outside for a few minutes? I need to talk to Donny about something really private. You don’t mind, Buddy, do you?”

Marlow was halfway out the door before Jake finished. I could tell they’d planned this sometime earlier. He walked into the trees and out of sight. Of course, black as he was, he didn’t have to go far to disappear.

“Jake? What the fuck, man?”

“It’s cool, Don. Marlow’s gonna give us some privacy. I asked him to leave us alone for fifteen minutes. Just pretend he’s not here.” Even as he was saying that he was opening his belt and lowering his zipper. In a few seconds, his pants and boxers were at his ankles, and that large dick I loved so much was pointed at me. I stared at it as Jake slowly moved it, hypnotizing me as he mumbled “We need some time with each other, Donny. It’s been such a long week. My cock misses you so much. I gotta dump a load tonight or my balls will explode.”

I stared at the precum at the tip and felt a craving that I couldn’t really control.

“Tell me you didn’t miss this all week, Donna. I missed my girlfriend so much, Donna, so much. Give your boyfriend a little kiss, a few little sucks for your big man.”

I thought it would be OK if I just licked the precum from the tip a little, but then I put that magic glans in my mouth and pursed my lips behind the head. Holding just the tip of Jake’s erection in my tight lips, I nursed and suckled before allowing the whole cockshaft into my mouth.

I was done for. I wouldn’t stop now until I’d been fed Jake’s cumload. Three or four minutes later I looked up at the window and saw Marlow’s face almost pressed against the glass. I spluttered and started to pull up, but Jake held my head firmly.

It’s OK, baby girl, Marlow just wanted to meet my girlfriend. I told him all about you and he wanted so bad to meet you himself. He didn’t believe I had a girl to love me like you do. Just keep feeding, baby girl. I’m so close. Marlow will wait until you’re finished.”

Wait for what, I thought, but I knew right away what Marlow was waiting for. He stared wide-eyed at my head bobbing up and down and smiled broadly.

Five minutes later he opened the door, leaned into the car, and reached across the front seat to touch my back. Marlow gently rubbed my back and stroked my ass while saying nasty, hurtful things about me. His tender caress contrasted so strangely with his nasty words. “Look at that faggot suck that cock, Jake. I should have believed you. You weren’t making this up. This little boy a cock eating monster, isn’t he?”

“Mar, you have no fucking idea what a great cock-sucker my girlfriend is. I love this part so much. And she fucking swallows. Cum is her favorite drink.”

Black hands moved around to my front and he unfastened my belt. Then he tugged at my zipper and soon, like Jake, my pants were at my ankles. Jake continued to hold my head in a firm grip and repeated “Don’t stop, Donna. Don’t stop. I’m so close, girlfriend.”

“Holy fuck, Jake, he’s wearing girl’s panties!”

“She, Marlow. Donna’s a beautiful girl, and she loves me so much, and she’s going to make both of us so happy tonight. She loves nice panties. Once she dressed up for me in her mother’s underwear and totally got into being a girl for me.”

Marlow slowly slid my beautiful red panties, the ones Mom gave me, over my hips and towards my knees. Then he reached up and began kneading my ass cheeks. “Your girl’s got a fine ass, Jake, fine. Such a sweet white ass.”

I guess Marlow had stripped before he opened the car door and climbed in. My head was in Jake’s crotch and I didn’t see him disrobe. But now I felt his tall naked body slide up the backs of my legs and his lips began kissing the cheeks of my ass.

Jake looked sideways and said “Check her hole, Mar. She’s almost a virgin back there and her hole is so tight.”

Marlow’s open hands grabbed my cheeks and peeled my ass open like opening a book. I felt his big thumbs rubbing me gently near my anus. Suddenly he plunged his face between my cheeks and licked the tight ring of my sphincter. Between licks, he mumbled “Fine white ass. Such a tasty hole you got, Donna.”

No one had ever licked my anus before, and the feeling was almost indescribable. My body reacted by trying to open my legs further and at the same time arch my hips up and back to increase the pressure. I couldn’t actually do both things at once, so my mind twitched between “get up on hands and knees” and “spread legs wide open.”

“Christ, Marlow, what are you doing to me?” I choked out around the penis in my mouth.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Jake said. I didn’t know what that meant, but I wasn’t thinking very straight at the moment.

“You said I could fuck her, Jake.”

I had been here all night and hadn’t heard Jake say any such thing. I realized this whole thing was pre-planned. They’d planned for us to meet Marlow and for him to come with us. For me to blow Jake in front of him, and for Marlow to plow my ass in front of Jake. Marlow was *always* going to fuck me, even before he got into the car with us back at the burger place. I was a bit player, and they had all the lines.

“Lube’s in the glove compartment, man. Use a lot. This isn’t her first time, but your cock is a lot bigger than what she’s used to.”

My head jerked around to try to see Marlow’s dick, but Jake was still locking me in position. I felt Marlow’s finger grease me up with Jake’s KY. One finger, then two, in and out, twist around. This wasn’t Marlow’s first time either, I could tell.

Then as he climbed over my torso his stiff cock slithered between my slippery cheeks and poised against my loosened butthole. I resisted and clenched my anus tightly, but Marlow balled up his right hand into a fist and punched my right side very hard. Pain exploded in my head but my anus unclenched with a spasm and Marlow’s long athlete’s dick thrust into my rectum.

“Damn Jake, this is some fine boy pussy you got.” His hands reached under my chest and he began to pull and twist on my nipples. He worked them over real good, causing me just enough pain that I tried to thrash my hips and escape the rock hard shaft probing my asshole.

I failed, but the thrashing and twisting helped Marlow breech my second sphincter. The head of his cock burst all the way through my rectum and into my colon. The feeling as he withdrew that enormous long tube of black cock out of my ass, then slid it back into place, was profoundly satisfying. When Jake and John had taken my ass, the sensations were focused on my anus opening and closing, and the impact with my prostate. But with Marlow getting fucked was more complex.

All of that, yes, but also with the pronounced feeling that a gigantic long probe was entering my body and then leaving, entering and leaving. Every time Marlow pulled that giant cock out I felt like I was having the world’s largest and most pleasant bowel movement.

Finally, the young athlete shuddered against me, his balls gave up their prize, and he inseminated me so deeply that nothing would leak out for 15 minutes afterward.

Five minutes later, exhausted and sweaty, having finally swallowed Jake’s week-long load, I was turned around by their four hands and forced to take Marlow’s half-hard cock into my mouth suck out the last drops of his cum. I didn’t have the strength to protest as Jake took a picture of the back of my head, mouth voraciously sucking Marlow clean. “For our scrapbook, Marlow,” Jake joked, and he sent the picture in a text message.

By the time Jake pulled the car into Marlow’s driveway a little later, his jizz finally had drooled out of my asshole and thoroughly drenched the crotch of my girly panties. Here I was, sitting with my own sad little balls basically soaking in Marlow’s semen. My scrotum felt like a well-basted turkey.

The three of us were silent in the car as I finished blowing Marlow to completion, his second nut of the night. I was still swallowing his cum as he zipped up and got out of the car. He handed a wad of bills to Jake and said, “Worth every penny, my man.”

My “boyfriend” had sold me. He’d turned me out to his friend from the basketball team like a whore, for money.

I screamed and shouted at Jake most of the way to my house. Jake was unapologetic. “Stop bitching, fag. You would have paid *me* money to get that fine black dick. You loved every minute of what we all did. That wet spot on my car seat came from your twinkie, not either of ours. You slurped up our sperm and thrashed your ass on Mar’s black dick like a crack whore. You got your nut all over my car seat hands-free, like a stone-cold faggot sissy. Don’t you fucking dare play the outraged victim with me, you pansy.”

I fumed silently. I couldn’t pretend that I hadn’t loved almost every minute of what had gone on tonight.

“What the hell is the harm in letting another guy pay for a first-class blow-bang? Fuck, you fool, he nutted *twice*. $25 to fuck a fine ass like yours and $25 more to have you suck yourself off of his dirty dick? Marlow got the bargain of the year. I bet lots of his friends are gonna want to make friends with you soon.”

I stared at him but felt my anger fading. Other than the gut punch, my evening had been pretty much all I could have hoped for. I wouldn’t ever want to do this again, but I guess I was OK with my first interracial sex experience.

In my driveway Jake pulled a sealed white envelope out of the glove compartment. “Listen, change of subject. Your mom asked my mom for a dessert recipe. Give this to her, OK? My mom told me three times, so don’t forget, OK? Must be important. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

It was almost midnight when I tiptoed in. Mom was sitting at the dining room table with a glass of wine. She gave me a stern look and asked “How was your date, Donny? Did you have fun with Jake?”

I kind of shivered a little, thinking that there was a naughty way to interpret Mom’s question. “Yeah Mom, we had a good time.” I started to turn to the bedroom and remembered the recipe. I held out the envelope but Mom didn’t even glance at it or reach for it. After holding it awkwardly for a few seconds I put it in front of her on the table and went to bed. I guess she hit the wine a bit hard tonight and was maybe a little zoned out.

A minute later, wearily, Mom picked up her phone and looked for the hundredth time at Jake’s text, and the attached photo of her darling boy swallowing a long black penis. She didn’t have to open the envelope. She knew Jake, the evil conniving bastard, had given her $25.